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Come on Spring!
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Default TGIFriday Chat - August 17

Big Easy coffee in the Keurig this morning and am reminded of Hurricane Katrina. It was August 25 in 2005 and I often think about my Disney's poor owners who had to leave her behind.

Off to the gym for 7:30 and then on to Brockville for a haircut and no food shopping! My fridge is loaded with leftovers and I'm going away for the weekend. This afternoon will be a freeze or pitch afternoon. My DD, her DH and son Matthew will be here a week from now and I need an organized fridge since I'll be feeding three extra people and one is a male teen!

I'm off to Montreal for the weekend tomorrow - seeing "Wicked" with my cousin Cathie. I'm going by train rather than driving and will do some menu planning during the trip. I'll train back by early afternoon on Sunday and then will jump in to prep for the Mill Fish Fry. Another food challenge!

How does your weekend look? Any fun plans?
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I'm starting my day with Wolfgang's Sorrento. It's become my top favorite, with Paul moving into a close 2nd.

Your weekend sounds fabulous, Ruth, and traveling by train is my favorite way to go. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the show!

It's my favorite day of the week and I only have to work til noon. Then, Jake wants to attempt to go to Ephrata to The Green Dragon since the weather thwarted our plans to go last week. I don't have any particular plans for the weekend, just taking it as it comes.
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Ruth - sounds like a fabulous weekend!

My brother gets here early this afternoon. We've seen each other...once in 20 years? We're going to have a bit o' closure for dad's passing, and just in general have a relaxing weekend. I'm hoping he doesn't influence DS too much!!!

Thanks all for the support on my Reesie pup. I gave her as a last ditch effort another different chemo yesterday - in the expectations to buy her some quality, not quantity. So far, it's barely touched it...but we can hope.
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Good morning!

My post yesterday was prophetic - my son and his traveling companions did pack up to leave while I was at work. But DH called and my manager happened to answer the phone and she sent me home So I got to hug my son good bye. My nest is momentarily empty again.

Cleaning has commenced. Four beds remade. Towels washed. Houseguests arrive this evening - 3 adult nieces/nephews, 2 spouses, and one baby. It will be fun but crazy. And there will be lots of off plan food in the house all weekend.

Off to the gym with my mom and trainer then more cleaning then baking cookies and a Costco run.

Happy Friday!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's a relaxing start today because I'm in the part of my turf closest to home. Don't need to leave until 8:45 so time to relax this morning. I'm working Sat. & Sun. at the video store this weekend. It's my friends' anniversary and they want to go away and I am glad I can do something for them even if I am giving up a chunk of my weekend. This afternoon it's farmers market and tiny gallery walk before a relaxing evening at home. I'm loading the crockpot with stuffed peppers right now

Ruth - So many fun things on your calendar this week. Can't wait to hear about Wicked.

Cottage - I'm very curious about the Green Dragon.

Twynn - Hope you have the weekend you need with your brother. You and Reesie are in my thoughts.

Karen - enjoy the brief quiet time and the company

Okay, laundry in, beans in the crockpot, time for breakfast before inventing a stuffed pepper recipe Happy Friday friends!
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Good morning, late night yesterday. My friend Meredith stopped by and wanted me to review some paperwork. I kindly kicked her out at 10:30 as I get up at 3:45 for work. I need my sleep lol. Now I am certain she is trying to sleep so maybe I should stop by he house.

Otherwise uneventful day. Hopefully the same today.
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Coffee on the deck this nice cool morning in Kansas City. Going in for a job interview at 10:30 and am nervous as all heck! Been out of work for the last year and a half, so I really want this! Think happy thoughts for me!!
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Good Morning

I slept in this morning because I could. I like when my body cooperates. I'm passing on the Denver trip with mom today because she found out her meeting was 10-3 instead of 12-3. I could really use a day at home and that won't be an option once the roads are slick. I have going to go with the flow.

Oops just got a call from mom, can I come over right away? She needs some help. I asked if she could explain....somehow she got a jelly jar stuck in the garbage disposal.

I guess coffee will have to wait.

Have a great day everyone!
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Thinking happy thoughts for you, cjcampo!
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Relaxing day off so far here...took the dogs to the puppy park and they ran like the wind - they are now both tuckered out for the day. Now I'm just sitting out on our porch working on some school stuff. Wish I didn't have to, but it won't do itself, that's for sure!

Food's been good...scale isn't moving much, but I suppose I was eating decently clean beforehand and close to my goal, so maybe I should expect anything too spectacular.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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