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Come on Spring!
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Default SBD Chat - Friday, June 1

Good morning and have a mug of Tully's Italian Roast. Paul seems to have left the building but I may be able to track him down when I go to town tomorrow for a haircut.

Not sure of my plans for today except gym is first at 7:30. I had hoped to do a bit more of my own planting after that but it looks like rain is on the menu so I just might have to catch up on accounting postings!

My sister and I are getting together for lunch at one. It's so lame that we live 20 minutes apart in summer and are too darned busy to get together more often! Cherish your sister if you have one.

Did another two Village planters yesterday and tiddled up the signs at the village entries. I thought I'd have to go to town to buy more flowers to finish up but the camping park manager has given me several flats which will be more than enough to finish up. When I checked my garden diary yesterday, I found that I am finished very early this year. Last year I was still doing planting June 28!

So off to the shower and then into gym duds and we'll see what the day brings.

How does your TGIF look? Any weekend plans?
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's my day off but no point sleeping in when I have to open all weekend so I'm off birding. A friend of ours has been offering to go any time I want and i decided to take him up on it. I love Don, he is a great guy. Haven't done much birding for awhile. Hope it was a good choice.

I have a long list of things to do once I get home. Hoping to cross a lot off the list today. Of course it was dreams + insomnia + cat oympics last night, so guess I'll just see how the day goes

Happy Friday!
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Mornin' chicks!

Ruth - this spring was so early and crazy this year, it's not too big of a surprise you're a month ahead!

Cyndi - Enjoy your birding. Hope Don is a good friend, it might be a bit tough today ?

I dont work until 2 today, but have a PTF meeting this am. Darned, I was looking forward to lounging and not getting dressed while cleaning and piddling a few hours. The rain is a comin', and I about wore myself out, so no run today, but I may do bike inside. Hmmmm, I wonder if there are any indoor garage sales today?!!?
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Good morning girls, Ruth enjoy your lunch. My sisters and I usually get together for family dinner once a month. We have a lot of lost time to make up for. My family tree reads like a Lifetime movie of the week. We have only known each other for a few years, but seems like forever. We, plus my brother George, share the same father. Ironically I am closer to them then I am with my brother (same mom and father). He lives in England. My other siblings live within an hour from me which is great.

No big plans, just working all weekend. Sunday is overtime which makes more palatable. Mybfruendbis going away for the week, so I will tend to his garden and care for the dog, chickens and turkeys. A little nervous about the birds. Now that they are in the pen/coop I wonder if they will peck at me!

We had a visit from one of the Chief's yesterday so my ride had to wait until I got home. Today however I should be able to ride on my lunch break. Helps break up the day.

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Good morning.

Today is a bigggg packing day here. DH and DS1 are leaving in the minivan tomorrow morning and it will be filled to the brim! I'm sending my luggage; I'm flying out to meet them on Monday so I can supervise DS2 over the weekend. (Thanks to my mom for frequent flyer miles!!) So today I need to figure out my clothes for next week; I hate planning clothes to pack. As of now it looks like it might be quite cool so I need to put away my capris and get back to long pants. Doing laundry even as I type.

I'm getting my hair cut and colored this afternoon and I work the evening shift. DS2 found a used car yesterday that he likes so he is hoping he and his dad can get a better deal and maybe pick that up today, after his second day at his new job, before DH leaves town for the week. It will be busy here.

Catch ya later...
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Yes, Ruth, I noticed my supply of Newman's is getting low, too, and my next order isn't due in until next week. I'd better take care of that this weekend.

Looks like we all have a busy day ahead of us. I'm leaving later this morning to spend the weekend babysitting my GD, Carley, while Monica goes off for a girlfriend's weekend, and won't be back until Sunday night. Usually Carley would spend the weekend out here, but she has her class Splash Party this afternoon, swim team tomorrow, and dance class on Sunday. The kid has a busier social life than I do!
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Good Morning

We have a long day ahead....crappy details, but I always check in. Kirk tore his quadracep muscle totally yesterday at the pool. We spent 1/2 day in ER and the other half at Orth. Dr. He has surgery this afternoon to repair and it's going to be several very miserable days. I'll try to check in tomorrow afternoon but I have to be to work tomorrow at 530. We did have a rational conversation yesterday and agreed this would not be better if I lost my we go.

Cyndi, I hope you have a good birding day.

everyone else!

I did quite well with food choices yesterday and am grateful for that.
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Good morning, all -

Absolutely beautiful day again today - looking forward to the afternoon. With every member of the family playing sports this spring/early summer, there is a sporting event every night!!

This weekend brings the end of the high school Ultimate coaching for the season, so although I will miss it, I will have my afternoons back come Monday.

The pool is ALMOST ready, although the bottom cleaner (aquabot) seems to have died an early death. Sadness!

Almost done with a virtually clean Phase 1 - looking forward to an apple and some grapes, and a toasted whole wheat pita . . . YUM!

Be well -
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Good morning everyone! So glad it's finally Friday - this has felt like the longest week ever! Just have to get through 8 hours at the office and then I'm freeee for the weekend - woohoo I hear we're in for a few days of rain (which is fine, we really need it) so hopefully that will translate into getting lots done around the house. Hubby just got back from a business trip so we have a movie date planned for tomorrow afternoon, which I'm really looking forward to. I also need to spend a little time planning how I'm going to tackle phase 2! I start on Tuesday so I want to throw together a few ideas for how I'm going to start adding in grains & fruits. I'm very excited to eat fruit again - you wouldn't believe how much I ooh'd and ahh'd over the cherries in a grocery flyer yesterday, lol. Anyway, time for one more cup of coffee (Green Mountain Nantucket blend for me! Gotta love Keurig!) and then it's off to work. Hope you all have a fabulous Friday
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Good morning!

Participating here for the first time...It's a beautiful morning where I am! Work today, i'm helping a friend move, hopefully I will go horseback riding tonight. I've been riding a friend's horse and now she just got a new one, the one i'll be riding from now on. I'm just starting to get into Parelli, it's natural horsemanship, quite interesting!

Anyhow, today in the rush of things I totally forgot to eat breakfast! Luckily I had a boiled egg at my office, and I munched on some of my snacks for later, so that has me satisfied! 6 days to go and I can have berries with my yoghurt again!

Cyndi: What do you mean by birding? Is it something like from the movie the big year?

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Good morning everyone,

Quick flyby for me to those that sound like they need one today.

It is only getting to the early 60's here today, crazy weather.

Have a great day everyone
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Default Still technically morning

Good morning, SBDers! I'm new here (junior member and no photo yet are dead giveaways, I guess

Did the SBD a few years ago and it worked well. No support then, really, but this time I could use some chick support!

This is day one--been playing around for a couple of weeks, usually messing up in the evening. No messing up tonight!

Good to know y'all are here, and have a great day!
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Hi everyone! Sneaking a post in @ work because I don't think I'll get a chance this evening. I'm still holding steady with P2. I was going to try a week of P1 after a family get together this weekend but I'm not sure. It's so hard to find filling snacks without dairy. I've been loading up with good fats and beans and that helps a bit but it's still not the same. On the upside, I made another smoothie with the hemp protein powder this morning and it came out alright

Hope everyone had a fabulous rest of the day!
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