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Come on Spring!
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Default SBD Chat - Monday, May 7th

Good morning! Serving Newman's and French Vanilla SF creamer on the deck this morning. It's going to be a gloriously sunny morning after the clear Big Moon last night but you'll need a sweater. Grab one of the quilts that are ready for me to take to my Victoria's Quilts meeting and sit and sip a bit.

We got lots of stuff sorted for the Church yard sale yesterday - and lots bagged to go to the dump. I wish people would not use yard sale donation requests to ditch their garbage! Anyhow, we got things sorted and fished out some treasures for ourselves. Susan bought a brand new room size rug and I got one dozen brand new champagne flutes. John and Rob went home with several things that I had donated. Now I need to focus on digging and potting plants for that part of the sale. I have two weeks and am hoping to get it done a bit at a time every day.

Off to the gym and then to the quilting group with two completed quilts and three pieced tops for batting and backing. I am planning to take a wee sabbatical from Victorias Quilts until fall, I think. We have two dozen quilts on hand for distribution which should see us through the summer. I need to concentrate on my garden, the Village plantings, the Mill and the Fair for the next three months and will try to shut off the part of my brain that is addicted to designing quilts.

Drove through the Village late yesterday afternoon and see that the Centennial crab trees are all in blossom, huge splashes of deep rose from the free trees that my Uncle Bob got from Ottawa in Canada's centennial year of 1967. Bob drove the Ottawa and brought back bundles of "twigs" for the village. He got teased a lot for giving everyone "kindling" but it sure looks pretty around here in May.

On with the day and looking forward to some garden time this afternoon. I also look forward to sitting in the sun and hemming two pair of pants for Karen - I'm still not sure how I ended up doing this. Guess I forgot how to say no.

Happy Monday!
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Gosh Ruth, what are you going to do with all your free time? Glad you get your morning coffee to get you going!

I'm sitting here enjoying my coffee, hearing my DD's nasty beeping alarm go off (I don't think it worked, she's still in bed). Once again, I don't have any surgeries scheduled to day, but last week was called in for most of my shift to see appts since the boss was overwhelmed. I fully expect that to happen today.

If I am lucky enough to stay home, I have a long list of things to do including scrubbing the floor (that was supposed to be last week!) and buying and sending some gifts. I'm actually wondering if I'll have enough time to get everything done!

But for now, time to get the kiddos ready!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning Ruth and all the chicks! That was interesting to learn about the crab trees. Glad to hear things are going well . Your community is lucky to have someone as devoted as you.

Justba quick stop here then off to my friend's property. Apple, pear, peach and cherry trees to be planted. Weed the asparagus and finish planting the raspberries. Maunual labor will be my workout today lol.

i am so excited! introducing cereal back in to my life. I am having Special K protein cereal with one very large strawberry and skim milk. I think I am happier about this than my coffee today!
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Thanks for the Newman's, Ruth, but I have regular skim milk in mine. I'd love to join you for a cup on the deck this morning. It's sunny, but chilly here, too. It sounds like there were some great finds at the sale yesterday.

I had a great time at my DD's yesterday, with lots of laughs. We also celebrated my SIL, Gina's, birthday and Monica had a Cinco de Mayo theme for the food, so most of it was very SBD friendly and healthy. Too bad I couldn't say the same for the Blood Orange Margaritas.

It should be a quiet, easy day at the farm today, and I should be able to make it home by 5:30.
Live simply
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Wine alot
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Looks like another beautiful day on tap around here. Now I just need to top this coffee!
Maintaining 78 lb loss since 2008 thanks to South Beach and the tips, support, and tricks I learned here.
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Good morning!

We had some wild storms last night and actually spent some time in the basement during a tornado warning. I haven't watched the news yet today but I'm pretty sure there was no damage anywhere. 'Tis the season.

I'm off the gym with my mom today then for my annual exam with the gyno. Joys.

Happy Monday, all.

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Good Morning

A flyby...we returned in a blizzard last night and it's been raining steadily here...probably the kind of weather we'll have in Alaska. Kirk is making our smoothie and then I'm off to work. I make the guys a long list.

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Wow - Interesting weather out there! I'm so jealous that you all are doing things like planting trees, cleaning, etc. Okay, Karen, yours isn't necessarily what I'd put on the FUN list - haha. I'm headed for a day sitting at my computer calling customers and getting back on track after the 2 unexpected days out of the office last week getting my FIL settled in assisted living. I'm going to need a second cup before I face that!
Twynn - Loved the alarm reference. My soon to be 20 year old sleeps through every alarm known to man. I suspect that's part of the reason she's back home, planning a "do-over" on college.
Ruth - I'm gathering that Victoria's quilts is a quilt ministry? We have a shawl ministry at our church, but then we do an annual sewing event on Good Friday (actually, it's a church-wide community day of service, but I'm always on the sewing team).
And may I say that the Blood Orange Margaritas were probably worth it? Ah to be in maintenance!
Everyone have a great day! I've got a weight question/whine that I'll post separately.
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Good morning everyone.

Wish me some luck today I am adding in a fruit this week. A bit frustrated since the scale seems to have stalled now for two and a half weeks. At least I'm not gaining though. I am sure I am eating on plan though, I seem to be at a loss for an explanation. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

Had a great weekend. Took my youngest daughter fishing. She was just a hoot to watch. Learning how to cast all by herself was such a big accomplishment. Now she can even take her own fish off the hook. The smile on her face warmed my heart.

Anyway back to work for now. Hope everyones day is good.
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Mysh, I can totally understand your frustration. The scale went up about 2 lbs today so I was totally discouraged.

The only thing I do to get out of a rut is change the foods I am eating. Sometimes it is just easier to eat the same things, but thats when the weight loss gets harder for me.

That's cute about your daughter, I was supposed to go camping this past weekend, but my plans changed, bummer.
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