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Default SBD Daily Chat: Wednesday, 27 April

Good morning, ladies!!! I'm about to head to bed but I thought I would come say hello real quick. I've been busy this week trying to sell tickets to our Autism Fundraiser Pancake Breakfast this weekend. We hit all the police stations and fire stations Monday and sold about 30 tickets...and I sold 5 more at the gym yesterday. So far we've sold about 150 tickets, I believe. That's scary considering I will be one of waitresses working the breakfast and I have NEVER waitressed before in my life...eek!!! It's all for a good cause, though. We're supposed to wear our team t-shirts to waitress so I have to take mine to work w/ me tonight and try to alter it so that it won't look like a nightgown on me, LOL

Anyway, I guess I should head to bed. I feel like I'm so far behind on everybody's recent goings-ons that I'll never catch up. Hope everybody is doing well. I miss you guys!!! Have a good one!!!
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Be happy.
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Hi Natasha. I hope the Autism benefit goes really well this weekend, I'm sure you'll take to waitressing like a fish to water. LOL I'm doing an autism walk on Saturday, easy for me since I enjoy walking so much.

More April showers here today, I'm sure looking forward to all the May flowers. I don't believe we'll get the kids outside this morning, but I've got my fingers crossed for lunchtime. I'd sure like to get them outside for a while.

Enjoy your Wednesday, friends!
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Hey everyone,
My boss picked a fight with me yesterday at work and I am not sure what today will be like. I have a mind to go to HR about this because even though they can do nothing, I feel like someone should know about it. Anyway, I'm a bit nervous about going into the office.

On a more positive note, today is the first day back at school and I've been on plan and met my goals for the last two days, so that's a step in the right direction for me. Let's see how April ends up weight wise. I don't know that I'll meet my goal, but I do hope for a loss.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Good morning all chicks!!

Natasha - weren't you switching to days with the promotion? Great job on the tickets, and good luck!!

Heidi - the kids do go a little bonkers without playtime!

MMCK - IMHO, sounds like something needs to be said. Good luck, and hope today is a better day!

Oh, DARNED, so far no work for me today!! Seems like I'll be able to go on a run (with the phone, on call!!) and no excuses for not cleaning. I think I might hand dig some of the garden to plant my turnips, etc, since the DH hasn't tilled it up yet. With my shoulder, I can't start that darned thing up!!!

Eating has been pretty good last couple days, although I'm sure I ate too many calories yesterday (stinkin' cashews!) even though it was all on plan foods.

Have a great day!
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Natasha, I hope the Autism Fundraiser is a huge success, and I'm sure you'll do just fine with your waitressing. How are you liking your new position at work?

Heidi, I hope the rains lets up so you can get the kiddos outside for a breath of fresh air!

Matilda, I'm hoping for a calmer day for you with no more confrontations! I think it's a good idea to let your supervisor know what's going on.

I'm enjoying a string of warm, sunny weather here. The ground is still spongy in spots, but it's finally starting to dry out and everything is lush and green. Just beatiful! The only bad thing is that weeds are running rampant and I've been spending a good deal of time yanking weeds from the flower beds. But at least it gets me outside.

Morning, Twynn!

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning from foggy, foggy Delta. I'm hoping it lifts soon because I plan on going to the gym.

Natasha, thanks for cranking us up and good luck in altering your t-shirt. I wouldn't know where to start and would probably just belt it.

Heidi, raising my coffee mug in a toast to an outside lunch day. It sure has been a wet spring. My sump pump is still going occasionally.

Mathilda, good idea to report the incident to HR. You always should cover your butt in these situations. I hope all is calm today.

Aside from the gym, there's not much happening today and I'm glad. We do pet therapy at the clinic at noon. We weren't able to do the nursing home yesterday as they are still in lockdown because of a bad flu outbreak. I hope things dry up enough for em to get out to the garden today. There are pools of water just lying there but I might be able to finally get some seeds into the raised bed. Of course, there's always quilting and some alterations if it ends up raining again. This is getting old.

I hope your day has sunshine of some sort, either inside or out.

Edited: at Twynn and Cottage. Hope your day is great too!
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Morning all! Sorry Mathilda about your job. I don't think I would go to HR. I'd pretend like nothing at all happened and just work. I never let anyone think they got to me. Even if they did. That's what husbands are for. Whatever you decide ...good luck!

I have a busy out in the morning, get 2 of 3 kids off to school, work 1 house , get my 3rd kid to a dr's appt at 10:30, MIL is having gall bladder surgery this morning so at some point, check in with her. Baseball pics this evening and soccer practice too! UGH! I hope I make it to everything on time!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Yesterday actually turned into a decent spring day around here. We didn't get the heat or heavy storms alot of people around us got, so a relatively nice afternoon for a walk. Now the birds need to get the message and start moving! I was looking back at pictures and our foliage is a good 2 weeks behind other years, so that explains a lot.

I've got another day on the phone from home. It's getting really old at this point. I'm looking forward to my long day on the road tomorrow.

I hope to get back on for personals later today. Have a good, and low stress, hump day!

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Good morning!

Debbie - Woo hoo!

TallandThing -

Teen has to go in early today. He is participating as a boy "dancer" with the school dance/drill team at their end of year performance and practices are before school. He did this last year too but it was off my radar - this time I am going to watch! Never did go for a bike ride yesterday since it didn't warm up like I thought it would and I am a wimp. I'm holding out hope for any day now.

Gotta run...
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I had to groom Bing this it's time to head out the door! Biking to the pool! working out, then swimming! Yay! for sunshine!

See ya'll later!
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Hi again, ladies.

Heidi - Thanks. I'm a little nervous about waitressing, but we'll see what happens. It's only 3 hours and I'm going to count it as exercise, so that's a plus. Let's hope not too many pancakes get dropped, LOL Yay for doing an Autism Walk...thanks for supporting Autism Research!!! Ours is May 22nd. Hope you were able to get the little ones outside for a little bit today.

Mmckellen - I'm sorry your boss did that...that sucks. Hope today went better for you.

Twynn - Actually, I lucked up and didn't have to go to dayshift. I got put on the opposite nightshift, thank God!!! Little I'll have Christmas off. Yay!!!

cottage - Thanks. So far I like the new position, but I'm trying to get accustomed to dealing w/ so many younguns on my shift. Seriously, there are people on my shift who aren't old enough to partake of alcohol legally yet.

Ruth - I think I'm going to split it up the side and then tie fringe up each side...then I'll widen out the neck so that it'll hang off my shoulders. I'll throw a colored tanktop'll be kinda 80s-ish. LOL

kmac - Hope your MIL's gallbladder surgery went well.

Cyndi - Looking forward to a long day on the road??? ARE getting tired on working from home, LOL Hope you enjoy it.

WaistingTime - I'll trade you some of our 91 degree weather for whatever you've got right now, LOL I swear, I took the dog for a walk the other day and I never could get cooled down the rest of the night!!!

Lexxiss - I assume Bing is a dog or that you're done w/ him or her, how about grooming mine??? LOL Shadow has been hiding under the bushes in the backyard and they are FULL of poison ivy. All my mom has to do is touch her and it jumps right on her, she's so allergic.

Alright, back to work for me. Just wanted to pop in again and say hi. Hope everyone's day is going well.
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