South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default Is this your first time on South Beach?

If not, what did you learn about the previous times on the Beach that will make you successful this go around? This is my second true time on the Beach, because I never lasted past three weeks the other times except the first time I ever tried to diet correctly! I'm gearing up for week 7 next Monday! I've learned so much about taking care of my body mentally and physically! I am determined to succeed at all my goals not just weight loss! Getting healthy is a mind, body, spirit, thing and I have finally realized this!
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This is my first time. I have tried Carb Addicts Diet, and Weight Watchers in the past, both with some success followed by a swan dive off plan.

I feel like this is finally it, and am looking forward to getting down to a healthy weight finally!
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OMW to a brand new me!
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This is my first time on SB. But i have done everything else in the past. What made it stick this time? I was ready and it works for my family and our lifestyle. On other plans before it was just too much work or not fitting in with the family. On SB, I can cook and make the same things for everyone.
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no. heck no. i can't even count the number of times i started before it actually sunk in that i would have to stick with it for it to do anything. i've been on it since march, and this time, it has worked tremendously and i've learned so very much about my body and nutrition that i could never go back.
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This is my 1st time on South Beach and it's the ONLY thing I've found that works for me. I tried it on the recommendation of my doctor and I'm SO glad I did. I love this way of life!!!
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This is my second time on South Beach.

I lost 40 pounds quickly and easily on SBD several years ago. I was committed to the program while I was using it, but I thought of it as a diet not a lifestyle change. I used a lot of the SB snack bars and frozen meals and once I was happy with my weight I went back to my old eating habits. I depended on exercise to maintain my weight and did OK for close to a year but then health problems and medications made it tough to exercise and easy to comfort myself with food. I slowly but surely ate my way back into plus size clothing.

I'm doing things differently this time - I've learned to shop, cook and eat differently rather than depending on convenience foods. I lost 50 pounds and then focused on maintaining that loss for 6 months - not just by exercising this time, but by making good food choices and going back to Ph 2 when I noticed my weight going up. Now I'm working on getting down to a normal BMI and I'm confident that I'll get there. I know I can stay there for the rest of my life if I stay committed to the SBD lifestyle. I also know I can easily gain all the weight back if I let myself go back to my old ways.....
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I guess this is the third time if you count serious attempts that completed PH1 and went well into PH2. I reached goal each of those times and then started regaining. (There were some half-hearted stabs in between. )

What I learned is that I do best if I don't go to PH3. Certain foods just seem to set me on a binge that grows and grows and derails me. I am kicking myself even now. I struggle with social eating and can't figure out how to eat things in moderation.

Last week I did another 9 days on PH1 while DH was out of town. It was easy and I felt great. The last two days I went totally off. Not sure why. I feel like crap because I have been eating crap.

When I get to my goal weight this time, I need to stick with PH1.5 or PH2 and figure out how to allow for social eating in moderation. I need to have redline that sends me immediately back on PH1 for some period of time. I think!
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Default this is my 2nd try...

I lost 15 lbs on this diet last spring, but derailed myself after a series of family wedding weekends. In my opinion, there are three keys to succeeding on this diet. The first is preparation (shopping, planning meals in advance, keeping healthy snacks handy), the second is exercise (even a 10 minute walk a day will make you feel great, and keep you from cheating, ) and the third is being part of a weight loss community (like these boards.) You need feedback for recipes, tips and you also need people to prop you up when you need an extra boost! Good Luck to you all! I can honestly say that I never felt healthier than when I was doing this plan before, and can't wait to feel that way again. This is day one for me but I'm feeling good!
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Technically, I guess this will be my third time. The first time was about 18 months ago and very successful. Then I got pg and had a baby.
I tried restarting the beach a few months ago, but I only lasted a week. I was breastfeeding so it was just too hard to cut back.
Since DS has weaned I am hoping this time will be easy like the first round.
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It will be MY turn too!
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Red face

Hi all, this is my first time on SB, but I am no stranger to low-carbing, so this almost feels like old hat to me. Like a friend

I'm glad I found this board and people who are on the same weight loss voyage. I just started Phase 2 and for once in my life I honestly feel like this is something I could do forever!

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This is my first time on South Beach. Since I was already calorie counting I didn't get the big numbers during Phase 1, but I have been losing steadily since I started in the middle of August. I feel like it's been pretty easy to stick to since I no longer really want a lot of the things that the plan doesn't allow.
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Not my first time either. I lost weight before my wedding 4 years ago with SB. Then, got married and fell into all sorts of bad food habits. Bad, bad food habits. I tried again last year and then the beginning of this year, but never got out of phase 1.

This time I think my head is finally on straight. I did phase 1 much longer than before and it killed my cravings for good this time. Unfortunately, I'm still having trouble transitioning into a real 1.5 or 2 and still losing weight, but I'm not giving up on it this time. This is the first "diet" I've done where I'm researching on plan options for things like my birthday and Thanksgiving. Things like that used to always be a reason to dive face first into a vat of sugary food.
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This is my second time on SB, first time staying on plan well past p1. I have tried other things in the past, but this seems the best fit for me.

Why will I be successful this time? I am so sick of being the fat mom, of feeling bad about myself. I want to avoid the diabetes that runs rampant in my family. Two of my children were adopted. They have already lost one set of parents, I don't want them to lose another parent for many, many years. I just feel different about it this time.

I have a silly dream about participating (walking) in a 7 mile race that starts at the bottom of a big hill in the city I used to live in. Right now I wouldn't even be able to make it up the hill. If I lose 20-30 pounds in enough time, I want to register for the July 2011 race.

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Moki, I've lost 26lbs in less than 2mths, so u can drop the weight by July next year.
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This isn't my first time, far from it, and I'm still finding the way to work it.
I'm the same as Karen(Waisting Time). I am incredibly sensitive to many carbs (especially sugar) and I will probably never be able to move fully to P3. There are certain foods I just can't eat. The first few times I did SBD I didn't accept this.
I'm not a complete SBD success yet...I still have the weight to lose but I've learned so much about how my body wants me to eat, and what it wants me to avoid.
I've tried all the other plans and the fact is that for me NOTHING works like SBD.
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