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Good afternoon everyone

cottage, I wouldn't worry about that little bit of chocolate, I had a dog one devour my birthday chocolate decadence pie (I was soo upset, I hadn't even had a piece) and threw up and that was all. Of course it wasn't fun to clean up, the tiny bit of chocolate in the mints will be no problem.

Rikki, I wish I knew, I might see a good DR if it happened too often. It sounds a bit like food allergy/sensitivity (I have a friend who had the same symptoms and I think it was gluten?)

Everyone else

I had to come home (in a little pain) I took something again. I guess I'll still go with hubby to a movie if he really wants to. I guess it's not too taxing.

I usually don't work out during my period (the bad days) and I hope that by the time I am over this month, I will be ok to do more than walking. I used to work out early every morning, hard. I love my AM workouts.

Have a nice evening everyone
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I did my hair & made a new friend.
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Oh chubby spaghetti sqaush is SO easy!! I used to cook it in the oven, until I tried the microwave version and it tastes just as good. Just cut it in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds, put in a microwave safe plate/dish with a little bit of water....then nuke for ten to twelve minutes. I use a big serving fork to scoop out the spaghetti "noodles" ) Toss some pasta sauce and parmesan on top and you're good to go! Delish!!
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I know this is late and nobody will probably read it, but I don't have time to start a new thread right now b/c I've got to head back to work. Hope everybody had a good Friday.

Cottage - I hope your puppies are okay!!! My bestfriend had one of her dogs get into an entire box of Valentines chocolates and he was fine. A few months later, though, he got into a large package of raw ground beef and ate it and the styrofoam packaging around it and nearly died. They can't leave ANYthing out, even if it's pushed all the way back on the counter, b/c Angus will get right into it. I think your pups will be okay, though, espcially the larger ones. I'd just keep an eye on them and make sure they act okay.

Karen - I haven't had found money in a LONG was a nice surprise!!! I don't recommend the ferris wheel...there was way too much swinging off the bucket going on for my tastes. The 4-wheeler, though, now THAT was fun!!!
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