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Default Emergency "convenience" meals P1

My day went different than planned, and I couldn't cook my planned meal for dinner. I was sooo hungry and out and about. I had already had a nuts serving today and also had cheese, so didn't feel like a cheese stick.

I was so hungry I felt like cheating. I was having cravings and my blood sugar was bonkers.

It was the matter of my day going off plan.

what to do in situations like this? I just wish there was a protein bar, or something besides cheese and nuts that is easy.
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I have been horrendously busy for the past two weeks. I had some events this weekend which threw me for a loop, too, because I had not planned ahead.
Today I went and stocked up all my salad stuff and made a salad which will last several days. I love my salads-mostly great veggies, but on an evening like this I find it hard to make my salad. Thank goodness it is ready. I got too busy to stick with my original plan for today.
I had my salad with nuts and crab on it for lunch. This afternoon when I got hungry I had yogurt and made a protein/greens drink. My drink had protein, half an apple, some ginger root and spinach. I have leftovers for my hubby tonight and I'm going to saute some tofu to put on my salad...and maybe have another yogurt serving tonight.
Alot of times I do what is called automating. I have certain things I like and I stick with them day after day. When I was new to SBD I always had cooked chicken pieces handy-for a salad or just for a snack. I find I don't eat too much cheese anymore...just personal preference....hummus...I love hummus with veggies. I make it now, and have some in the fridge all the time. I'll probably put a blurp of that on my salad tonight, too.
Reading through the on plan thread helps me to see what others are eating on a regular basis and might help you to pick out some items to stock up on.
Planning is the key for me, too.

Best wishes!

PS The longer I stayed OP, the less my blood sugar had such radical ups and downs. Hang in there!
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For the future, I suggest you make some meals to keep in the freezer. I made the taco back tonight and will freeze most of it in individual portions. Soup is great like that too.

For something quick I often go with canned tuna. I mix it with a bit of mayo, put lf cheese on top and heat it in the oven to make a breadless tuna melt. You can add chopped celery or peppers too for some veggie. Canned salmon would work and I have never had it but try canned chicken.

Also, if you like eggs, they are a good standby. I actually have been keeping hard boiled eggs in the fridge lately, they are a great snack alternative to cheese.
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When I'm running late and just can't get home for a meal I always head to the grocery store. Here are a few of my "quick saves".

- bean or edamame salads from the deli, (the dressing may not be SBD friendly but I risk it in a pinch) I ask for "just under half a pound" and it's a perfect size serving for me.

- a small container of hummus and a red pepper or other raw veggies

- 2 slices of deli roasted turkey and 2 slices of Alpine Lace or other RF cheese. I get a small bag of cut veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots) and munch that with my roll ups.

After getting 'stuck' a few times last fall, I started keeping snacks/quick meals in my car and in my desk at school. I've always got a can of v8, little baggies of nuts and a foil pack of tuna fish.
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Thank you ladies This is really helpful I'm compiling ideas.

I forgot about hummus, I used to make it all of the time, I always have the ingredients handy, and it is easy to find in any grocery store.

Also, the deli bean salad might have worked yesterday.

Of course, the plan is to be prepared, but when I am not it is better to have a plan B rather than go off plan.
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If I'm out and need to grab dinner, I sometimes get a salad from a fast food restaurant. They usually have the bad stuff like croutons on the side in little bags, and the dressing is in those squeezey packets so I can control the amount. I know that they might not be 100% on plan, but they are so much better than going 100% off plan!

I have a soft sided cooler and some ice packs in the freezer ready to go, so I can toss a water bottle and veggies, fruit, or cheese, etc. in and leave it in the car, then I can have a snack when I am ready for it. For longer trips, my hubby just bought me a little cooler that plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car. It is mainly to keep my meds cold while on road trips, but I can also fit in some eggs, cheese sticks, water bottles, fruit, etc .
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