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Default Question about rapid weight loss

Hi chicks,

I began the SBD this past Wednesday, August 18. I'm doing really well thus far and haven't slipped up once; it helps that my live-in boyfriend, who really doesn't need to lose any weight, has decided to do it with me. I weigh myself at the same time every morning, and while I usually take the number with a grain of salt (since I know how much it can fluctuate day-to-day), I've already lost nearly ten pounds (I started at 247, I'm now down to 237.2). Of course I'm excited, but I'm also a little stunned. I didn't think I'd be losing so much so quickly. Now I know that this isn't pure fat I'm losing, so my question is this: provided I continue to follow the diet closely, when I get to Phase II, will some of the weight come back? Or is it gone forever? What have your experiences been?

Also, as an aside, I'd like to say that sugar free Jolly Ranchers have become my best friends. I used to eat a ton of fruit, and it's surprising how some artificially flavored hard candies can fill the void.
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strangerthanfiction! Wow, 10 lbs is a LOT to lose in just a few days! Is it possible that you had a lot excess bloating or water weight before starting on this plan, and that you were several pounds up from your usual weight because of that? Then again, you may be one of those people that lose a lot of weight initially, then it tapers off to a slower pace. You may go up a couple of pounds, but then you should start losing at a steady pace.

On Phase 2, most people lose at a rate of 1/2 - 1 lb a week, but it varies according to your lifestyle.
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Congratulations on your WL so far! P1 results differ from person to person, and a certain amount of water weight will come of as you make the transition to healthier eating. As far as I'm concerned, weight is weight. I personally, have followed SBD pretty consistently since I started in May of 09 and the weight has not come back. From what I surmise from spending alot of time reading posts is that if you go back to the white sugar/flour combo that is so common these days is that the weight will most certainly come back.

Although I eat a little "looser" than I did a year ago, I am maintaining my losses and still stay away from the foods which I consider to be off limits in P2; white rice, white flour/sugar, pineapple, potatoes and corn products.

Best wishes!
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I lost 8# in Phase I, but did gain back a pound or so in my first week of Phase II. I had only added oatmeal at breakfast that week. I then dropped 3 more after the second week of Phase II. So while the weight loss can be a lot at first, it definitely slows down and sometimes even stalls for a while.
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You'll be up and down on SB, but overall in the course of a month you will lose. Be careful of those sugar free snacks; they are filled with additives, and your body can react as if they were sugar. You want to try to reduce your sweet tooth and eat more whole foods and veggies. Your tastebuds will change as you make this transition.
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Be happy.
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Hello, it's nice to meet you!
Congratulations on your loss so far - you must be so encouraged!

I lost quickly in phase 1 too, and that really motivated me and made me want to stay EXACTLY on plan. I didn't gain any weight back the first week of phase 2, but I didn't loose either. After the excitement of loosing so quickly in phase 1 I found that discouraging. I stayed on plan though, kept walking and sure enough the scale started moving again after about 10 days.

I guess I'll never know for sure, but I've always assumed my big loss on phase 1 was due to my lousy eating habits just before I started SBD this time. DH and I were snacking on chips and diet soda most evenings and my husband was doing a lot of the cooking. He puts soy sauce and/or Worcestershire sauce in just about everything he fixes....

Keep up the good work!
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