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Default Thursday Thoughts

Good morning.

I'm braindead this morning, so no clever thread titles here.

Let me down a few cups of coffee to perk me up, and I'll be back.
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Be happy.
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Good morning strangers! I've been missing you.

My houseguests have headed home, I exchanged my broken netbook for a brand new one that seems to be working well and it's cool and dry here this morning, so I'm a very happy lady today. LOL My eating has been so - so while my company was here, but I kept up with my walking/wii fit and the scale stayed steady.

I'm headed to Houston in the morning (to visit my daughter) and I've got lots of last minute things to do today to get ready for the trip so I need to get cracking!

Enjoy your Thursday everyone!
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Come on Spring!
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Cottage, I thought you said "braided" which is a good description of how my brain feels this morning.

Lovely day with Ilene and her DH and friends yesterday. It felt like the weekend! It certainly was a sticky and hot day for walking the Village but we had a tour of the Mill and they got to peep into Bob's Diner. They were off to Kingston to see the Sunset Ceremony and it sure felt lonely after they left. It felt like the weekend!

Today is a less exciting day with Mary coming to do some computer snooping. When she transferred the Mill accounting to me, she creamed some of her other accounts. She's hoping her accounts are on my system but I know they are not. I think they're still on her wee "stick' which she brought to load the Mill $$$ for me. What the heck do you call that wee stick anyhow?

The weather has taken a turn for the better - humidity is down to 70% but it'll still be warmish. What a summer we are having! There's lots of crabbing and complaining in the village - from the same people who will crab about the cold in January!

Time to trundle the trash out to the curb and crank up the day.

I hope everyone gets their braided brains undone and gets on with the day. Mine still has a few kinks in it.

ETA: Heidi is off to Houston! You are a real travellin' woman. Enjoy!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning

Cottage - I've got a whole pot of Red Eye Express. I'll pour you a cup.

Heidi - It's good to see you! Sounds like you have a very full and fun last month of vacation. I used the Wii last night but not the fit. I just know it's going to pout when I finally start it up again.

Ruth - We refer to them as thumb drives or flash drives but not sure if that's the actual name? Nothing like a weekend day in the middle of the week to brighten things up

Suddenly my transition time is running out and I still have so many loose ends to tie up before the job change. I've spent the week cleaning the space and the space of my former co-worker (it's been empty since last September) and finishing last minute things. Next week will be all about learning the new job, then a long weekend with my parents. The week after I will discover how juggling two PT jobs will work

On the home front boy cat is really mad at me. He is having urinary problems again and the vet says he absolutely has to switch over to dry food. He so does not want to and I'm feeling very guilty about letting him be hungry

At least my eating has been nearly POP and I'm back to daily exercise. Taking care of me is going to be very important with everything pulling at my attention.

We are on the final slide into the weekend. How is your Thursday shaping up?
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Heidi, I've missed you, too! It sounds like you've been making the most of your summer vacation and have been pretty busy. Have a great time in Houston! Isn't that where your DD lives? Can I hitch a ride with you to Texas? My granddaughter is in Corpus Christi, and I'm missing her a lot already.

Ruth, it's human nature to gripe about the weather. It's supposed to be cooler and rain is on the way here, thank goodness. What did Ilene think of Bob's Diner? It sure is an interesting place, LOL! BTW, what's happening with The Longhorn? Didn't someone buy it?

I have no idea what we're doing today. Since it's supposed to rain, maybe we'll go school shopping.

Red Eye Express is just the ticket, Cyndi. Thanks! I don't know why I'm dragging this morning. I got a good night's sleep. I hope it's a smooth transition into your new job, but it sounds like you're going to be pretty busy for a while. Poor boy-kitty! Who wants dry food when everyone else is enjoying the good stuff? I hope he starts feeling better soon!

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Good morning everyone! I am off to school today for a meeting with the fourth grade team. Yesterday I felt a little icky...headache and sluggish...but feel fine this morning so I'm not sure what that was about??
Have a safe trip Heidi!
Cottage I know what you mean about feeling braindead...I still need my coffee!!
Ruth- I am so looking forward to fall and the cool weather, too!
Cyndi- Good luck with your new sounds exciting!
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Working on healthy
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Guess I need more coffee too! He needs to switch to canned food, which he hates! I have weird cats.

good morning Lisa
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Good Morning

Thanks for starting us up Linda. I've been sleeping a little more lately but do miss my early morning opportunities for clever titles. lol. I hope you come up with a fun idea for today.

Heidi, great to hear you've been having so much fun! Enjoy getting ready for visiting with Beth.

Ruth, Glad to hear you had a fun visit with Ilene and co. I'm wondering if you made the rum cake.

Cyndi, I hope the Red Eye Express is helping. I hope you can just push through your projects and cross them off your list.

Lisa, I hope you feel better today!

Me, water aerobics early then we're meeting Kirk's geology professer and DW for chokecherry picking...and talking about rocks, I'm sure. I'll have the day to catch up before heading out to my recovering friend's house so her DH can go to our club for a workout.

Have a great OP day, everyone!

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Hey all, I'm a bit late to the party today. We had no internet at home this morning (still can't figure out why) which was a disappointment because I usually check email and come to this site while I'm drinking my morning I came into work a little early to do my surfing.

We got our electric bill for last month - all I can say is, OMG. $271! THe a/c's were running practically around the clock so I'm not surprised, but it won't be a fun bill to pay when the time comes.

Hope everyone has a great day...pretty quiet here.
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Morning all! I've got blueberry herb tea in my cup this morning, continuing on with my new no-caffeine lifestyle. It's not shabby. : )

Ruth, I just took an online "tour" of the Mill. Beautiful!

I always miss the back-to-school excitement ever since my kids grew up and moved on and I quit teaching. I may break down and go buy some new pens and spirals and folders anyway.

Made some "sliders" yesterday that were pretty good. I'm heading over to Recipes right now to post the bun recipe.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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Good morning chicks. We were up very early, had a severe thunderstorm roll through here at 5:30 - I guess you didn't get it cottage?
Today I plan to resign. I can't get hold of my manager though, so I am on pins and needles until I get it done. Then everyone that will be upset with me can call and yell, and we can all move on. I'll start the new job Aug 30, so I need to enjoy my last couple of weeks at home, as those days will soon be over. It may not sound like it but I am excited about the new job - it's a great opportunity.
My brother is divorced. His psycho (now) ex-wife brought my nephew to court yesterday on his 18th birthday to see his parents finalize their divorce. I am so glad she's out of the family!

Heidi - I hope you have a great visit with your DD.
Ruth, my brain is also braided this morning.
Cyndi - my cats eat only dry and wont touch wet. They don't like people food either. Good luck with your transitions and thanks for the reminder. I've been so worried about working things out for the kids when I go back to commuting and DH goes back to sea in September, I'll need to fit me in there somewhere too.
Lisa, hope you feel better.
Debbie, your day sounds fun and useful.
Hey Matilda, hope your internet is back on at home.

ETA: Good Morning Sally!

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In Pursuit of Divatude!
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Hi Ladies
I forgot my password and was too stubborn to change it. So I finally bit the bullet and changed it.
I'd really like to have a calm month where nothing happens. DH had a heart thing 2 weeks ago (he's fine it was brought on by activity + Stress) It made us realize that we need to take a vacation (yay) and it made me realize that b/c he didnt want to to take care of himself I wasn't taking care of myself at all.
and now I want to drop the 20 pounds I've gained over the last year. I'm not buying fat girl clothes I literally have 3 drawers and 2 giant bags full of my regular clothes.
But really I need to commit to feeling good and doing what's healthy and not giving in to peer pressure even when it comes from a Reeses big cup.
This weekend we have hubbys fam reunion. I'm going to make the best choices I can then get down to business next week with clean eating.

I missed the heck out of you guys!
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Mmc, I wondered where you were this am. Ouch on the elec. bill-looks like my winter ones. Glad to hear it's quiet on your end!

Sally, lol on buying school supplies. Here you can take them to a drop off and donate them. Thanks for the new recipe! I like it!

Schmoodle, Congrats! on the new job! This has sure been a long time coming! Enjoy your home days while you still can!

Kierie, I've been missing you here! Write that new password down! I'm glad to hear you're hoppin' on the bus! Me, too!

Pool was nice this AM and I rode my bike home...I'll sneak a few chores in before heading to Starbucks and the berry patch!
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Rikki's thought for Thursday:

It's soooo WRONG for Dominoes to have an ad at the top of our page!!! Oy.
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September has always been New Years for me, even before I started teaching. Three of us are starting new jobs; something must be in the air. I've been knocked off base this week because my job change was unexpected and I'm getting hit with problems and situations that are new to me. Really came close to falling into bad old habits today, but didn't.

Hope everyone had a good day!
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