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Default Thursday Thoughts

I'm thinking about the beach right now, a real beach! How I'd love to be walking in the warm sand right now, watching the sunrise. I've got the mid-winter blues, can you tell?

Today is my Friday, my long weekend starts at 4pm today! I'll be helping Cindy get some last minute errands done and packing up her car. The girls are very excited for their big ski trip and seeing their Vermont cousins. I don't have any plans yet for my weekend except to enjoy the time off. It's supposed to start warming up and reach 55* by Sunday, so I'll enjoy the teaser of Spring while it lasts.
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Come on Spring!
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Cottage, I'll pick you up in a few hours and we'll head South. My friends in Sanibel will welcome us. You can cuddle a dog or two on the way down to keep warm.

It's deep freeze here again this morning and I have to take out the trash which I did not do last Thursday. I also need to load up the woodbox with firewood as I burned the last stick last night! Sometimes I really wish I had a man around - but the thought fizzles out quickly!

Donna comes today, I have a bank run, quilts to deliver for Victoria's Quilts and still have a bit of Christmas crud to stash away. (I've been procrastinating until the storage area is re-organized but have decided that can wait.)

See y'all later.
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Ruth, I'll be packed and waiting for you!
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My inspiration!
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Good morning ladies!

It is cold here too and I am soooo ready for spring!

I have a busy day and have been up since way too early! So, it is time to jump in the shower and get this day started! I am already done with my coffee! have a great Thursday everyone!

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morning ladies! (afternoon here...)

cottage: I too share your beachin dreams! I have been earthcamin it during my lunch time to see if the sun actually does shine somewhere!

ruth: count me along on your road trip?

natliesmom: good luck with all you have to do today!

As for moi: at work, busy counter, have boiled eggs and l/f mayo for lunch. I brought my pistachios in for late afternoon snack as I have a late doctor's appt which means dinner will be late. ho hum. FIL seems to be better today, but we're all still worried and the doc warns he's not out of the woods yet.

Ah well...Friday tomorrow!
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Good morning ladies,

I am up and moving early this morning. Walk is done, lunches are packed and the kids are just waking up!!

Ruth and Cottage, sending you warm wishes for the day. We had our touch of spring the last 2 days(low to mid 80's!!) and we are in for a cool down. So I guess breaking out the shorts will have to wait another week.

Natalies mom-

Everything is going good here kids and work are keeping me moving and tired.

Well now I have used up all my extra minutes and the kids are standing behind me to get onto the computer and the shower is calling my name so...

Everyone have a great day and a safe one!!
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Ruth, cottage, don't forget me!!!!! I promise I'll be quiet, nobody will even know I'm there. We should have a gorgeous weekend around here cottage.
Jenny, glad FIL is hanging in there, hope he is out of the woods soon. Have a great day Nat's mom.

Now I am getting excited because we have a lapse between our contract expiration and renewal so it is illegal for me to work on any of my projects, probably for all of next week. I've got some training and busy work that I can stretch out over a couple of days, but then I think I'll take a few days off. I've been making a list of stuff I'd like to get done, and it's already a mile long, but I included some fun stuff too. I'm going to try to set up a couple of lunches with friends, and some clothes shopping, maybe see a movie in the afternoon just because I can. If that contract gets awarded really fast then I am going to be totally depressed! It's government though, so it shouldn't happen that way. My company is not happy to have us all on overhead for a week it but I sure am, and I am a team player, using my leave so they don't have to pay me.

Have a good Thursday chicks.

ETA: Hi phx! When it gets to 80 around here, I am going to go lay down in my backyard for a while.

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My friends, I have bad news. It's cold at the beach, too. I'm about 5 hours from the Gulf of Mexico. It's 17 here. It's probably in the 20s there. It's been on the news that Florida has been in the freezing temps every night, and they are scared for their crops. But, I am ready for beach weather, too. My son asks me every day when we are going to our friend's condo in Panama City Beach.

Well, I'm off to get coffee and a shower. See you later!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Chicks

Cottage - The weekend does look glorious for Feb. Do you have plans to get outside and enjoy the sun?

Ruth - Sanibel is on top of my list for next winter birding trip. Take pictures

Natalie'sMom - Have a good day

Elusive - Sounds like you are doing some really good planning ahead for the day.

Phx - amazing how fast those "extra" minutes slip away, isn't it!

Schmoodle - hope the government works at its usual pace What a treat to have an unplanned week off.

Speaking of unplanned time off - I'm taking a personal day today. My friend is getting house crazy already so I promised to take her out "running the roads". (Elusive - is that a Scottish expression or just my friends?). We are going thrifting, not sure where yet but I have two google maps with lists of stores. We always have fun so I know I'll enjoy the day. I feel a little guilty, like I really should put a full week in at the office but this time of year I really start to drag so can't resist a day away. I also have about 50 personal days accumulated so might as well use 1!

Have a good day Chicks. I'm off in search of bargains!

ETA - Chelby! I guess we will have to go further south - how about the Dominican Republic?

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Girls....It is 29 degrees down here. dream away but Florida is cold right now and no one owns long johns.....Karen3
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Cottage much like you we are freezing today, well zero to be exact and looking at 50's this weekend, hot dog!

Ruth spent many a summer in Sanible with my grandparents growing up, ah memories!

Schmoodle I too hope they take their own sweet time renewing that contract.

Cyndi have a great time today!

Everyone else Hello and have a wonderful day!

Me Well I have heard many of you chicks talking about the FlyLady, so I decided to check it out and jump on board! I don't have clutter so much as just don't ever seem to find the time to do those corners, lights etc..... Maybe this new motivation will help in the weight loss area too!

Hope you all have a great day!
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Well, it is bright and "sunshiny" here in Dallas as the radio was talking about this morning. Looks like the next couple of days will all be highs in the upper 60's and low 70's so not bad for this time of year. I hate the cold and can't wait for it to be warm enough to swim.

Zeff - Don is a very good friend right now. Once my divorce is final we'll see if there is more there than that. I hope so.

Tonight is our Roundtable staff planning meeting at the local pizza restaurant. They have the best grilled veggie pizza. I wish they had a whole wheat crust so it would truly be legal but at least it is a thin crust. In addition to work, I need to complete the missing information in the divorce decree and email that to Robert, type up the minutes of the Troop Committee meeting and work on the Twilight Camp budget. I also have laundry to put in the dryer now and need to get to WalMart and the bank after work. I'll get done what I can and not worry about the rest. Right now I have 10 guys to train at work so I should get started on that.
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I can do this!
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Oh, Cottage, I'm with you! I've been using the image of waves lapping on the shore for my morning meditations. It was 6* this morning when I left. Oy!!! I'm so ready for spring...but I love the stillness of winter. And I need some time to get into my seed catalogs! I can definitely look forward to 55!!! I'm so glad you're getting a break--hope DH lets you relax and enjoy!!!

about a man, Ruth. You do twice as much as any man would! Hope you get a lazy afternoon near the fire after all your labor! I'd join you on the Sanibel trip. Just swing this way and I'll bring along some doggage to share. Angel makes a great snuggler.

Love your new avatar, Jenny! Hope FIL feels much better very soon!

Sounds like a well-deserved rest, Schmoo!

Chelby, just like that "5 o'clock somewhere" song, there has to be a warm beach somewhere, right? Let's go to the Bahamas...

Cyndi! Use those personal days free of guilt, girl! You can't take 'em with you when you go!

Stephanie, do you think Flylady would work if you have clutter up to your nose and no where to put it? I'm a mess here and ready to call clean sweep!

Started the day by spilling my tea (which was boiling) on my shoes while filling my gym bag. Not my favorite way to start the day. Trying to figure out how to delicately take off my shoes and apply aloe vera to my burnt feet (is anyone thinking of the Office episode with the Foreman grill? If only I had some bubble wrap...) without bothering my male coworker!

Quiet night tonight. Off to the gym after work, then making dinner (it sounds amazing...chicken soft tacos (WW, of course) with fruit salsa (mango and kiwi) and avocado cream, along with some frozen veggies. Then it's off to a couples core group meeting. Definitely looking forward to tomorrow. I'm going to help stimulate the economy by buying cards and gifts for DH's birthday.

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My inspiration!
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Quick question: sweet potatoes for phase 1 or phase 2? I checked the food lists and I didn't see it for either?? I am so sleep deprived though, I could've missed it.

My friend gave me a great looking peanut butter soup recipe and this was the only questionable ingredient.


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Good morning all!!! Happy Thursday!
Cottage - I'd say come out my way but the rain is supposed to hit this afternoon. I won't share how beautiful it's been lately. :wink:

Ruth - Try to stay warm today as you're out and about. And get those Christmas decorations put away. It's almost Valentine's Day!!!

Nat's Mom - Hope your early morning doesn't slow you down this evening.

Jenny - Glad to hear that they figured out what was going on with your FIL. Hope things continue to get better.

Phxsunflower - I bet you're going to get the rain that's headed our way today. Have a good one.

Schmoodle - Good for your volunteering to take a few days off. I hope you're able to get everything done you want to next week.

Chelby - 20 degrees at the beach....I can't begin to imagine!

Cyndi - You are too good of a friend. I hope you find some wonderful treasures while thrifting!!!

Karen - Mornin'

Stephanie - Flylady is good. Good luck with getting your routines in order.

Barb - Have a good meeting. Just a thought, have you ever asked if you could bring in your own dough for one pizza. Since you have a regular meeting there, they might actually accommodate you? It might be worth a shot?

Laurie - That's a sucky way to start the day. I hope your feet aren't too badly burned!!

me - Dinner last night was SO YUMMY!!!! I was really pleased with my pork loin steaks w/ mushroom sauce. I think I might actually post the recipe. Today as school should be fairly quiet. I'm working on a Legislative Open House that the school will host next month. We want our state legislators to know what a "non-public" school is so they have better understanding when a bill comes up that includes that terminology. I'm hoping to get a decent response. Should be a quiet night at home. Not much more to report.

Have a great day, ladies....try to stay warm! BLESSINGS!!!
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