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Default Toasty Tuesday

Good Tuesday morning on this steamy, sizzling day. It's supposed to feel like 105* by noon around here today. That's hot! I'm enjoying my coffee while it's still tolerable enough to drink it, but will wanting lots of cold drinks later.

I ended up not having to work yesterday, but did have Audrey & Maggie over for swimming. They really enjoy getting together with Amber & Carley, and they all had a blast in the pool. It was a crazy weekend with lots of partying and a houseful of people running in and out, but it was fun. We have one more celebration tomorrow, Jake's birthday, but that will be very low key compared to the weekend's festivities.

Today should be a day for just taking it easy and recuperating. I have a hair dresser appointment this afternoon, and Audrey & Maggie enjoy playing with Melinda's dogs while I'm getting my hair done. I may see if Melinda can give the girls a trim while we're there, too. If Cindy has polo this evening, I'll bring the girls back here for swimming, but I think polo will probably be canceled because of the heat.

What's everyone have planned for today?
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Come on Spring!
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It certainly is "toasty"! I think I am going to melt today. Not only is it going up to about 95 plus a high humidex but all the things I need to do are in places with no AC! The morning will be spent upstairs in the Fair Hall, we do pet therapy at the nursing home and tonight I work the car Bingo. It'll sure be great to hit home and the AC around nine tonight! Today is waaaay overbooked. I must speak to my scheduler.

I have to be at the Hall for 8 and want to water my planters before then so had better run.

Stay as cool as possible under the circumstances. Some parts of Ontario have lost power because of so many ACs running - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our power stays on.
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Good morning chicks!

Cottage - sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Hope you enjoy Jake's celebration too! Wish I could visit your pool

Ruth - I think you need to fire your scheduler .

I had a friend from HS that I hadn't seen in 16 years over this weekend, we had a fantastic time!! His wife was great to talk to, and his kids got along great with mine. His 6 year old daughter does not. stay. quiet. . WHEW!! It was really great seeing him and his family after all these years, and that we get along better now than we probably ever did. What was great too, is that he is a commander in the Navy, and spent the fourth with us. I was fattening up a soldier .

Now, back to reality though. I *almost* turned my alarm off, but thought better of it, and of course I'm glad the work out is over. 3.5 miles, and it felt pretty good.

The only good thing about this heat is that my appetite goes away!!

Have a great day!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Just a quick fly by now that I've wasted an hour getting my computer functioning again. I think my motherboard is getting ready to croak.

It's going to be a sizzler here too and unfortunately the office AC will be freezing. Can't win in this weather when you work in an ancient building.

I'll try to stop by from the office
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Be happy.
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Good morning friends!

Linda, I'm glad you had such a great holiday weekend. It sounds like your pool got quite a workout! Try to stay cool today.

Ruth, I hope you enjoy your busy day. We're in the same boat here - other than stores most places here don't have air conditioning. My schedule's not as tight as yours today,but I've got things to do at the church and school and both places are sure to be sizzling. I'm thinking I'll spend a little time at the grocery store in between, just to cool off.

Twynn, your description of your friend's 6 year old daughter made me smile. That's a pretty common trait in 6 and 7 year old girls. lol How great that your families got along so well, and thank you for 'fattening up a soldier!"

Good morning Cyndi. Sorry to read about your computer problems.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning all!

I am back from my long lake weekend. I am very happy to report that I did not venture from my goals and did not eat any of the many, many (and I mean many) sweets and crap that were there to tempt me. I will admit that I did eat more than I should have eaten, and when I was not hungry, but it was all fruit and low-fat cheese, in an attempt to avoid the other stuff. So I am calling that a qualified success for myself considering what I have eaten every other trip to the lake house in the past.

We had major family drama this weekend with brother and SIL, thing that have been building a long time. It was very draining and I am still thinking about it all. But no emotional eating for me

Today is my workout with my mom and I am going to try adding back in strength training with my upper body!!!!! And the physical therapist gave me some basic yoga moves to try. Yay.

Stay cool ladies. Catch you later.
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Good Morning!!!!
Had a fantastic time in North Carolina. The weather was perfect. Came home to storms.I was a "good girl" food wise for the whole trip and glad I brought my own food on the train both ways. The dining car was disconnected from the train on the way there because of some problem and they brought food on the train for everyone. Breakfast: krispy kream donuts and "breakfast sandiwiches" lunch was a smushed ham sandwich on white bread with processed cheese, dinner was fried chicken and potato chips.
There was a dining car on the way home with not one healthy option...whew on bringing my own food. If you look at the pics, the only one with me is the second to last one. I'm at the end of the table.
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Good Morning

Wow! Toasty day for everyone! It's still very cool here and our days have actually been relatively mild (mid 80's), which is helpful for both Mom and Rudi. The patients haven't been up yet but I'm about to go check on Mom. Kirk and I have decided to alternate days so I get to go to the pool this AM but I'm feeling a bit guilty right now. Food has been pretty darn good with only a small detour last night. I'm grateful for that.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning,

Very toasty here too.
Yesterday I went to pick cherries (black sweet cherries) what is the saying
englishmen and mad dogs in the midnight sun. Anyways, came home and processed 10 one litre jars of cherries. My DH has an allergy to fresh fruits and can only eat them when they are processed. He even got swollen hands picking the cherries and we were told that the only thing they use to spray them with is salt. Now I also have to deal with 11 lbs of sour cherries but I won't mention what I am doing with those.

Cottage - enjoy your swimming pool.

Ruth - yikes, a day without ac. No power loss here yesterday.

Twynn - sounds like your weekend was perfect.

Cyndi, Heidi - stay cool.

Karen - what a great accomplishment staying away from all that junk.

Femme - sounds like you had a good time and great you had your own food.

Debbie - Glad you are finding the time for yourself and staying on plan

take care
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Back to work today! I really enjoyed the 3 day weekend with my little man. I think he enjoyed it too, he didn't want me to leave this morning

Lost another 2 lbs at my weigh in this morning (Yay!) Only 8 more to go to my initial goal of 30 pounds. Hope to reach this by July 31st. Then I would like to maintain for 2 months and start back hard core on October 1st to lose an additional 20# by New Years. I have not been excersising (just chasing a 1 year old) so I would like to get back in to Jazzercise in October.

I could not tell you the last time i weighed 140 lbs. I hovered around 200 in HS. So maybe 5t or 6th grade? (that makes me sad.)

I need to think of a really awesome treat for myself when I reach my goal. I was thinking this morning of getting some sexy pics done for my hubby. hmm..
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Hey Beach Chicks
it's not official Day 1 Ph 1 for me since I have to go to the grocery to make that happen. but aside from my atkins shake so far so beach. I'm going to marinate and stove top grill some chicken tonight for the week. and hopefully get a workout in before it's too dark and ppl can see into our livignroom no blinds up in the new casa yet
Last night we took our cat to the Animal ER his new name is Dare Devil he jumped onto a closet door then fell on his side. . .everythings is ok but a long night!

Going to start a new thread for a quick Q
It feels so good to not eat crap!
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It is hot here too (27C) but I haven't left the house. I got 6 hours of straight sleep last night which is a great improvement I feel fantastic today. I am also on day 5 of phase 1 and look forward to adding in my grains in phase 2. I do not have a lot of weight to lose and was quite in shape before packing on my pregnancy pounds, so I am not sure of my weigh in
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