South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default gained 4 pounds in 2 days!

I didnt exactly binge but I did have a ton of carbs over the course of 2 days at a family reunion. Besides pasta salad, I also had dessert both days and 2 beers on one day. I felt sooo bloated and knew I was probably going to have a gain but 4 pounds??? How come it has been taking me a whole week to drop a half pound but I can put on 4 pounds when I eat too many carbs? There's no way I ate an extra 14,000 calories in those 2 days! I dont get where the weight came from...could some of it be water weight?
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ABSOLUTELY - and as much as everyone will say, "Don't Stress" - it's hard not to. Maybe just extra water retention not related to the food, but to travel, sitting in the sun (you'd think you'd LOSE because of sweating, but I rarely do!), etc. So many reasons.

You're doing GREAT - don't let it get in your head too much and enjoy the last day of the holiday weekend!
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You may have gained a little, but surely not 4 pounds in that short a period. Your body is probably still processing the foods you ate. It's best to give yourself a few days before you step on the scale to get a more accurate accounting of any damage you've done. In the meantime, try drinking a lot of plain water to help flush your system out.
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I learned a great tip from when I went to a local weight loss clinic .
if you are going to have a "cheat meal" or be off-plan, wait at LEAST 3 days before weighing in. The numbers before then just are not accurate, so why put yourself through the turmoil?

When your body gets more carbs, my understanding is that you hold onto a lot more water. Thats why you get a good wl the first week watching your carbs. So, don't fret, it'll be gone in no time!
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Natalia, that is such good advice. I wish I would have known that earlier. thanks you for sharing this.
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I am right there with you! Gained 3.5 pounds in the last two days. And I know I did not really gain that. Sigh. Now I suspect it will take a week for it to come off but it will. You probably will see a quick drop. Hang in there!
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Natalia, I think that is a great suggestion. I "intuitively" do that now, but have never actually thought about it. For me, it seems really important after a splurge to have those 3 days really be by the book. That helps my head get back in the right place.
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thanks for the advice and encouragement, ladies! I'm back on track and have lost 2 of what I gained so I am confident that the rest will come off soon. It doesnt help that TOM is due to visit soon...hopefully I will lose the rest in the next week or so!
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I bet a lot of it is because of your TOM coming. It's pretty normal for me to go up as much as 3 lbs right before mine shows up. You're doing great!
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I sometimes don't weigh for a week after going off plan like that. I know I will be up at least 3-4# so I don't see any point in weighing myself anytime so soon after. I can tell by the puffiness in my fingers and the bloating in my waistline. After a week of OP eating I usually go back to where I was before.
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