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Come on Spring!
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Default Monday Musings

Good morning from cold Delta.

Tonight's forecast calls for "widespread frost" so I guess today is not the day I pick up my outside planters at the greenhouse. My car is still full of leftover plants from the sale anyhow. They'll spend the next few nights in the barn and the day in sheltered sun.

Aside from plant herding, I hope to get some real gardening done today. I do have some new hardy perennials that must go into the ground. I also need to take Disney out for a good walk. She really has plumped up over the winter and I know why. She's been gobbling up Jazz's food when I'm not nearby. Brat!

I suppose I should run through with the vacuum too as I have a meeting of the Village Beautification Committee here tonight.

Doesn't that sound like an exciting day? I hope yours can beat that.

Come and chat a bit.
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Good Morning

Hi, Ruth! Brrr....we are also in the land of drastically fluxuating temps right now. All we can do is take it a day at a time and do what we can do with what we've got. We're doing some shuffling, too. I watered and boxed all the tomato plants this AM for their trip over the hill this afternoon. We've been filling our barrels with last years compostable stuff to drag over to Moms this AM and recycle is boxed for it's trip, too. No boring meetings on our agenda but house cleaning before departure is on the list. Exciting?? Probably not, but stuff is getting done. The pups have been out and it looks like it's shaping up to be a nice day. I hope you get Disney out for her fitness walk. Have a great day!
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Good morning from cold Thorndale! At least we didn't dip into the 30s overnight, so the garden will be fine.

We got a lot of gardening done over the weekend, and everything is planted in the right place with the new raised bed in place.
Ruth, I planted several new perennials in the backyard shade garden, too. I added a few new hostas to the bed, and we replaced a red rhododendron that didn't survive the winter.

I'm expecting today to be a rather uneventful day, and there's no piano lessons after school, so I should be home around 5. I still need to recoup from the weekend.
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I've lost over 15 pounds!
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Good morning from sunny, sunny, hot, dry Florida!! We had no rain at all this weekend and the highs were in the 90's.

I had a great, mostly on program Mother's day, but today I had to change the battery in the scale and now it says I'm up 1.5 pounds from yesterday. I can guess what some of you may say about the daily weighing, but I need to keep myself accountable and studies show that people who weigh themselves daily do better at keeping weight off. (I can't tell you what studies, I read it about a million years ago!)

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a great Monday.

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Working on healthy
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Good morning early risers It's very cold here, cold enough for a frost but not a hard freeze. Tonight is supposed to be even colder before it starts warming up. It's not that I don't expect it to still get this cold in early May, it's just that it was so hot a week ago. It's impossible to adjust to the changing temperatures. Ah well, at least it didn't do here what it did at my Mom's and Ruth's.

Ruth - I so wish I could take some of those leftover perennials off your hands Disney sounds like Luna, the minute my back is turned she's in the other cat's food. Enjoy your walk.

Debbie - Happy travels today

Cottage - Sounds like you need a day off to recover from your weekend off Hope today is mellow

Frances - My DD is in Florida and loving the warm weather. Apparently she went swimming yesterday.
I weigh every day and after almost 3 years I know to use it as a trend but don't get too stressed about the day to day fluctuations. Have a relaxing Monday!

Today is an office paperwork kind of day - reports and other fun stuff. I'm officially counting down to vacation. I think I really need a few days away.

Hope your Monday is calm and predictable
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Frances - I weigh myself nearly every day too. It's because I fluctuate so much, the high days aren't as "scary".

Good morning chicks!

It's only 37 degrees out here (BRRRRRR), but it's beautiful none the less. Ruth, I've got ya beat on the exciting, then speech for DD, then dentist appointments for both. Exciting, huh? If I get out of work on time I'll try to get a work out in, if not...oh well.

I have some leftover black beans from the batch I made last week....esp with this cold weather, I'm looking forward to some black bean soup!!

Have a good one!
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Linda, an uneventful day sounds just right! lol on needing to recover from the weekend.

Frances, my bro says Florida has been very hot. We're still waiting! I step on the scale every day and use it for information. I don't get emotional about fluxuations-they are normal. I'm wondering how long you have till school is out.

Cyndi, happy counting down! Calm and predictable, too, i hope.

Twynn, yeah...I think you've got both Ruth and I beat today. Black bean soup sounds good! I've been taking advantage of the cool evenings to enjoy my warm soups while I still can.

Ok, off to the next project...
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Good morning lovely ladies. We are supposed to get rain most of the week. It is much cooler than usual here but I am not complaining. (Yet.) Yesterday I pretty much ignored the computer in my laziness and realize that is not good for my willpower and eating. I am actually hoping my son's track picnic gets canceled due to weather today because DH can't go as planned and all that is served is pizza. Sigh.

Frances - There seems to be such disagreement about how often to weigh. I have always been a daily weigher. But I know lots of chicks have success doing it less often because of that exact fluctuation you mention.

Ruth, Debbie, Linda,Cyndi, Twynn. I can beat anyone in that exciting day challenge... any day of the week!
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South Beacher
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LOL to the contest for the most boring day!!!

Debbie Have safe trip over the mountain!!

Ick to all the cold weather!! It has been sunny and warm. I think in the 80's. Suppose to be in the 80's all week with some rain here and there.

I have finals this week so I iwll be spening my extra time studying. What fun!

Have a good day!
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Be happy.
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Good morning!

It's cooler here too, but the rain has stopped and the wind seems to have died down some so I'm very happy. I thought my mom and I were going to be blown down the road on our last walk.

I've got a long list of things to do today. None of them are big tasks or particularly difficult, but several are emotional and a few are going to involve muzak and waiting on hold for way too long. *sigh* But on the fun side of the list, I'm going to take my niece's senior portraits this afternoon. I've done that for several of the youth group teens over the years so I'm pretty confident of my ability, but I'm nervous, too. I love her so much and want her to be happy with the pictures. Update to come on that one.

I'm still losing weight, even though I'd be ashamed to tell you what I've been eating. My mom's weight is down too, I guess we're not eating as badly as I think - I'm just used to staying pretty close to OP. I think I will change my ticker this morning - even if my mom's scale doesn't match up with mine I've lost 4 lbs on hers and I'm going to be here for another week.

Well, enough of my babbling. I hope you chilly ladies warm up, and I hope boring days become interesting. Tammie, good luck on your finals!

Have a great Monday friends.
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Good morning everyone,

Brrr it's cold up North, we are in the 50's, the house was a bit chilly last night so I broke down and turned the heater on for a bit to warm up the house.

Yesterday was not a good day eating wise for me but today is a new day.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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Mornin' all!
I went off plan for one splurge yesterday, but it was a great one. My older D bought me a true belgian waffle with whipped cream and strawberries for Mother's day. I've decided that whenever I let myself splurge - the quality should be what counts. My Husband wanted pizza last night, so we did it with a whole wheat crust and part skim cheese - tons of veggies, so it wasn't bad.

Staying OP today, since I have two graduation meals this week! Busy, busy time~ I probably won't post again until Thursday, so have a great week everyone!
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Good morning everyone!

I've been catching up on sleep and boy is it wonderful. Its nice not having a roommate who wakes up at 5:30 for crew practice and makes a little too much noise. -shudder- Love her, not her extracurriculars.

Today I'm going to start my now-daily Wii Fit routine and then spend most of the day cleaning out all the things in my room I haven't used since I left and unpack all the things I brought home with me. My dad has been looking at the boxes and I can tell they are giving him a twitch, even though I only got home Saturday afternoon.

Here's hoping that the weather gets warmer soon!
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Motivated for Success!!
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Good Morning!

Ruth, I have the same problem with my dog!! He's such a piggy. I have to watch him wherever we go to make sure he's not eating other dogs' food, cat food, or people food on the ground.

Debbie, sounds like a busy day or back and forth for you... I hope you get everything on your list checked off (and stay warm while doing it!).

Cottage, Hostas are my all time favorite foliage plant! (I found a website that sells them pretty cheap and have a bazillion varieties. Its, and they employ people with special needs who aren't able to do any other type of job, which makes me happy.) My dad has a ton of hostas because I can never pass them up in the nursery, but I live in an apartment with minimal porch space and I run out of room!! lol!

Frances, Sounds like perfect beach weather where you are!! I'm a bit jealous as I look out my window at the cloud cover! As far as everyday weighing goes, that would drive me crazy. I weigh myself once every 2 weeks, but most people think that's weird too. I think if you feel like you're being held accountable when you weigh-in every day then there's nothing wrong with that. I wouldn't stress on that 1.5 because EVERYONE fluctuates a pound or two during the day!

Cyndi, office work day huh? I hope it passes by quickly... Bring on the vacation!!!

Twynn, BRRRRR!!! That's just too cold. Enjoy your "exhilarating" day!

Karen, If the track picnic doesn't get rained out and you have to go, stop and pick up a salad or something for yourself. Then you can still munch along with everyone and not feel deprived... That's what I usually do, even when I go to friends houses for bbqs.

Tammie, good luck with your finals!! What are you studying? I won't have finals until the first week in June, but I wish they'd hurry up and come already so I could get them over with!! In the meantime I have 2 research papers I've been putting off that I need to do!!

Heidi, sounds like you have a lot going on. I'm sure your mom really appreciates having you there! Don't get blown away on your walks!!

Pearl, I hope today is a more successful OP day than yesterday. Love the positive attitude!

CatMat, I love making w/w pizza for dinner! I use my dad's homemade pesto sauce instead of tomato sauce. Yum yum yum!!

Katie, I'm glad you are enjoying being back home! Enjoy your new exercise routine (doesn't the wii rock?!?)!

It's pretty cloudy here but not really too cold, which is nice. My friend who's visiting from over the hill wants to do some beach combing today so I'll probably take her up to Davenport and get as close as possible to "glass beach". There used to be an old glass factory that would dump all their leftover stained-glass into the ocean (Treasure Hunters on the Travel channel did an episode here). Unfortunately, the only way to get there is to swim there or repel down a cliff... I'll just take my chances on a nearby beach and hope that some of the sanded glass has drifted down there! It should be a fun day!!

I hope you all stay warm today (or cool for those of you with HOT weather)! Have a lovely OP day!
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We made it over the snowed twice! 65 degrees here, though. I just lost my post with personals and it's dinnertime so I'll see ya'll tomorrow!
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