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Default Yikes! Cravings!

I just started Phase 2 yesterday, I eased into it with a few Triscuit crackers and a small serving of strawberries. Today I am starving, and having so many cravings! Which is so weird to me because I didn't have any cravings during Phase 1 after the first couple of days, and I never felt hungry. Did anyone else experience this when starting Phase 2? Does this mean I should keep doing Phase 1 for a while longer?
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Sorry you're having such a challenging day. The main reason to start with just one addition at a time is to help narrow reactions down. Some things to consider - when did you eat the additions, what else did you eat with them? Personally I'd wait a couple of days until you are craving free, then introduce just one food for a few days to one week, maybe a fruit. If all goes well you can add another food the next week, maybe a grain. If you hit another bump it's easier to ask the time and circumstances question and narrow down the problem. This process really gives you a chance to fine tune your diet for your body and is really worth it in the long run.
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I am not laughing at you, but with you... see my recent thread wondering where my willpower went! I avoided Triscuits for weeks and still have trouble with them! Right now they are living in my car so I don't eat more.

For me, the best thing to add on PH 2 is not something I really want. I really wanted crackers or cereal so put of adding that because I worried about cravings. I added fruit first - blueberries. And I added in after dinner since I thought that would give me less time if I did start craving, rather than a whole day to get through.

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Hi Chelsea

What a crummy way to ease into P2. Both Cyndi and Karen have given some really good suggestions.

I'm permanently off the Triscuits. They cause major cravings for me when a similar baked cracker from Whole Foods does not. It was mentioned to me at a swim class that many of the Triscuits have MSG added. Here is an interesting link http://www.carbohydrateaddicts.com/msg.html . Below the list of foods to which MSG is commonly added is a description of many of the side effects of MSG; one being that it seems to stimulate intense cravings in certain people when ingested. It does for me and may for you, too.

My first fruit was apple, then blueberries. My next additon was Ezekial bread. I don't have problems with the fruits and continue to favor the Ezekial bread to this day because it's made from sprouted grains instead of refined flours.

Best wishes!
Debbie R

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Hi Chelsea! I second all the suggestions to introduce one thing at a time, and will add that you should always eat a fruit or a grain with protein and some fat. It will slow your digestion and prevent that blood sugar spike which causes cravings and hunger. So why not try adding a fruit to your breakfast or dinner for a couple of days and see how that goes, then add a grain. I'll also agree that Triscuits are the devil incarnate! I can't have them in the house. Don't ever eat fruit or a grain as a snack alone.

ETA: I just saw your food log on the on plan thread and saw that you are eating the Dannon Light and Fit yogurt. Does that contain artificial sweeteners? That together with the strawberries might be too much. For some people, artificial sweeteners can trigger the same cravings as eating sugar and, to be honest with you, they are not that great for you.

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OK, it's clear to me now that I should have come here first before just doing what the book said to do in Phase 2.

Monday for my afternoon snack I had Triscuits (original flavor) and strawberries along with the Dannon Light n Fit yogurt so maybe that's where I went wrong. I actually don't even like the yogurt, it's much too sweet for me, so that won't be a problem to get rid of. Yesterday I had Triscuits again with Greek yogurt and a slice of cantaloupe and felt much better in the evening, so maybe it was the combo of the Dannon and the strawberries?

That is so funny that there was just a thread about Triscuits, at least it's not just me. I don't actually crave the Triscuits and I'm fine just eating 3 of them, but they totally could be setting off other cravings. Monday night I was craving all kinds of stuff, ice cream, chocolate, french fries - and it was so bizarre because I haven't even thought about that stuff in weeks, much less wanted to actually eat it.

I'm going to pull back and just do one fruit today and no grains and see how it goes. Thanks so much for all the advice! You ladies are the best!

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I am not sure as far as Triscuits go. They are tasty indeed. I am not sure if they could be the cause for cravings but since they have caused a lot of cravings for some, perhaps they should be avoided. But, I have an idea to try. Healthy fats combined with a carb are supposed to slow down the absorption of the carbs, therefore reducing the impact on blood sugar and therefore lessening cravings. Experiment with that. Try having your serving of triscuits with something like yummy garlic hummus (the kind made with olive oil, not the fat free kind.) Or even having your triscuits plain, but drizzled with a flavored olive oil? Could be tasty. And may not trigger the cravings as badly.
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