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Come on Spring!
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Default Monday Beach Chat

Yesterday was a lovely day. I went to the Pypers farm for a "family" dinner - they are my extra family. We sat outside and watched the three dogs be silly. Margo had a great turkey dinner and a decadent trifle dessert that it was worth every calorie. The drive home (90 minutes) was great with a glorious sunset. Some days are just perfect!

Looks like our mini-summer is over for a while and temps are going back to just above normal. We also have rainy days predicted for the next week so perhaps I'll get things done inside - maybe taxes and the rest of the Fair stuff. This morning I am off to Victoria's Quilts for a while to drop off two finished quilts. Then the afternoon is all mine! I need to pick out fabric for some new wicker porch furniture but the store is closed today. (I just typed "perch forniture" which is fishy intimate relationships!)

How does your Monday look?
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I'm hoping my Monday is bright. I had a rough weekend with my parents and also went off plan (hmmm, any connection?). I'm going back on Phase 1 for the week in an effort to detox a little and get my focus back. Here's to a great week for everyone.
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Happy Monday morning!

I'm glad you had a pleasurable Easter day with your 2nd family, Ruth.

We had a great day yesterday, too, and I fared pretty well, food-wise. There sure were plenty of temptations, though!
I'm heading over to the farm this morning to get some groceries in and do some dusting and vacuuming for my 2nd family's Homecoming this evening. They won't be getting home until around 7 or so, so I'm not going to hang around until then. I'm sure they'll be exhausted after the long plane trip, anyway, so I'll see them tomorrow.

For now, though, I'm going to enjoy my coffee and chat with you all before doing my exercise routine.

I hope you all have a great week ahead of you!


Morning, Mmc. I'm sorry you had a tough weekend and hope today looks brighter for you.

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Be happy.
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Good morning Ruth! I'm glad you had a nice day yesterday.

Hi Mmc I went off plan too - but it was planned. I've known for about 2 weeks that I was going to enjoy potato salad and ham basted with brown sugar. I never feel guilty when I've planned it and I seem to control my portion sizes better when it's planned in advance and there's no guilt involved. Now the jelly beans I got into on the ride home... that's a different story.

Hi Linda! I wondered when your 2nd family was going to be home again. I'm sure they'll be happy to sleep in their own beds tonight! And even happier to tell you all about their adventures tomorrow.

My weekend wasn't at all what I expected. My dad was doing well last Saturday when I was there, but what a difference a week makes. He's fought so hard and so long and rallied so many times when we didn't think it was possible that I guess I was kind of in denial. He had a very difficult and painful weekend. I'm thankful that Fergie and I were able to be there. My mom is exhausted, and my sister's pretty worn out, too.

On a brighter note, my daughter Elisabeth is at the Kennedy Space Center this morning to watch the shuttle launch. (She's there with good friends who work at the Houston Space Center.) She's been so excited about it. I can't wait to talk to her later today and find out what it was like to be right there.

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Working on healthy
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Good morning looks like another nice day until late afternoon. I'm meeting a friend for lunch and a walk. Have to take advantage of the weather while I can

Ruth - I was thinking about you and the dogs and hoping your visit was fun. Enjoy your afternoon!

MMc - Hope today is a better day all around. Sorry the weekend was stressful.

Cottage - you are such a gift to all your families Glad you had such a lovely day yesterday

It's a normal Monday around here. Still trying to get that darned newsletter done at work. My best shot will be working at home Wed. afternoon.

The scale is finally starting to eek down a little. Clearly I need to keep on a strict planned eating routine, no extra grazing! Maybe I'll remember this time

Hope your Monday glides by with minimal unplanned craziness

ETA - Heidi you popped in while I was posting. so sorry to hear about your dad. It's good that you are so close and able to be there often.

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Heidi, I'm sorry about your dad and the struggle he's going through. I know it's stressful for all of you, and it's nice that you live close enough to visit as often as you can.

Cyndi, Yay for the scale finally moving in the right direction for you! I hope it's a stress-free week for you!
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Be happy.
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Thank you both.
The space shuttle went up on time and without a hitch!

Will someone please unstick the Spring Challenge thread and stick the April-May Challenge thread, please?
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Good Monday morning beautiful chicks.

Ruth - You said that horrible word - taxes. DH does ours and has not started yet and it will be horribly stressful here until he finishes. He trades a lot of stock for us and our boys' college funds so it quite complicated. And I am sure he still needs to do his mother's. Thanks for the little chuckle to get my mind off *****.

Mmc - Sorry you had a bad weekend. What you said to me about my willpower was so sweet - I would say the same here to you. We are both learning and growing and hanging in

Linda - I think you will have an interesting day tomorrow, filled with stories and jet lag.

Heidi - I am so sorry about your dad I am sure that your family was glad to have you there. I was just thinking about your mom the other day and wondering if she would pop back on here sometime.

Cyndi - Glad the scale is moving down. I am learning that I have to be strict too. I guess we should not be surprised. I am hoping to learn to maintain from you (and others)... no pressure though

I just realized I forgot to say any thing about my own day! So am back just with a quickie for now. I made an interesting discover - wearing a sports bra hurts my shoulder more than the exercise itself! I guess I can be grateful I have such tiny boobs: yesterday I both ellipticalled and walked without a bra (and with my arm held to my chest) and it was not nearly as painful. But I guess that means I won't try cycling at the gym for a while... just not ready to go braless in public. Okay... that is wrong... I go braless in public most days; but not at the gym and under workout clothes.

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Good morning everyone! I also went off plan yesterday for a big family meal. I had planned to...but I still feel some guilt about it. Not sure why- I have stayed on plan since Jan. Anyway I am going to do a few days of Phase I to make sure I get back on track!

Ruth- glad you enjoyed your get together

Heidi- glad you enjoyed your time with family, exciting that your daughter got to see the space shuttle launch today

MMC- looks like we are both back on Phase I....

Cyndi- congratulations on the scale moving...its amazing how motivating that can be

Everyone else
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Good Morning Everyone

I slept 8 hrs last night! I miss my early morning here, though.

Ruth, your new avatar is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your special Sunay. Enjoy your day.

Mmc, I hope your Monday is bright, too. Sorry about the rough weekend. Take care today!

Linda, the 2 weeks just flew by. I'll bet there will be great tales to tell of Tasmania.

Heidi, So sorry to hear your Dad didn't do so well this weekend. I'm glad you were there.

Cyndi, for scale movement! I hope Julie is feeling better.

Karen, I got a chuckle about your sports bra, etc....I have the other problem...finding one big enough to fit...I eagerly await the day I'm a little bit littler there. have a good day!

Lisa, give yourself a pat on the back today. You planned to go off plan and you did...and are hopping back on...guilt not allowed...Not sure why you've stayed OP since Jan-it's because you have worked very hard to do that. Congratulations on both!

Me, doing my Beck homework, then heading to Denver to meet DD's. They want to go to the museum and I think I'll take my bike and get some exercise. I'm trying to pick a restaurant which is cheap and satisfies everyone. Dim Sum was discussed but it's so hard to get something OP. The lawn is greening and the birds are happy here today.

Best wishes everyone!
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In Pursuit of Divatude!
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Hi Ladies BBL Ready for the challenge!
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Good morning everyone,

Hopped on the scale this morning and hadn't lost more than 2/10ths of a pound - not enough to even note it on the tracker. I was totally OP all week, but I honestly think I wasn't eating enough - I was 1200-1300 all week. So, this time, I'm eating 1600-1700 on my weight training days, and 1400-1500 on days when I'm not. I'm still in Phase 1.5, and I'm reluctant to add in grains - sweet potatoes is as far as I've taken it, but I know I need more fiber.

In other news, I sliced my finger this weekend while cutting onions on the mandolin slicer. OUCH. You know how they tell you to use the safety guard on those things? It is a good idea!
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Good afternoon, everyone! I just got back from a delivery and really enjoyed the sunshine and warmer temperatures while I was out. I hope to finish reading the SB book today so that I feel like I know more what I'm supposed to be doing, but so far, so good I think!
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Good Morning

MMC Good luck with a clean phase 1.

Litar Don't feel guilty. Just move right back into being on plan.

Karen LOL about the Bra. I can't go without a bra. I was thinking this morning that I needed a new bra.

Cottage and Ruth Have a great day

Debbie Good Luck finding a restraunt.

Jenny OUCH!!!

Heide Sorry about your dad, but glad you were there to help.

Me work work and more work today!!!

Funny story DH turned the sprinkler on yesterday and our black lab had a field day with it. She would jump up and try to catch the water. She would also try and "bite" the water to catch all of it. She spent a good 30 minutes playing with the sprinkler. I do have a video and when I get a chance I will try and put it on my facebook.

My other dog the jack russel we have video of him trying to "climb" the fence. He is such a stubborn dog. He HATES being fenced in.

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Happy Monday and to all!
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