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Default Fancy-Free Friday!

Who's looking forward to the weekend?! I am doing good on SBD. I slept for 3-4hours yesterday and I feel great! I hope to see some exciting results when I weigh on 3/15. Take care all!
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Visualizing the Goal
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Good morning, Okie! I bet you are going to see a big drop on the fifteenth. You have a lot of willpower to wait that long! I weigh myself every morning.

It is definitely a fancy-free Friday here! We have nothing scheduled for this afternoon, so we don't have to rush around. I am looking forward to that. And then tomorrow there is NOTHING on the calendar, and I am SO sleeping in! If I have to put on the TV for the kids so I can get another couple minutes, I am not going to feel guilty about it.

Tom and I have a Skype date in an hour. I am looking forward to that.

Happy Friday!
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Morning all!

FO, glad sbd is making such a difference in your life!
Kara, have fun on your skype date and behave yourself (ok, you can be a little bad!)

Me...have to skip the gym this morning. Had a sub yesterday because I had to go to an autism workshop and I need to get to work early to get stuff together for next week and to fix whatever I know get messed up yesterday. I hate days when I can't go to the gym before work, so I'll make it up this evening.

My zumba videos came in yesterday. fun! Looks like it may take a while to "get" all the moves, but since I'm the only one looking at me, I don't care. I don't sweat much, but was pouring after the 20 minute workout. I like it!

Have a great Friday everyone!

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Latte? cappuccino? Anyone?

Happy Friday and TGIF! It won't be a Fancy-free Friday for me, but at least I have the day off so will be able to get a lot of little "niggles" done.

Okie, I hope you plan a nap some time today, since you had so little sleep last night! With you dedication to SBD, I know you'll see something nice on the scale on the 15th! Have a good day and a super weekend.

Kara, I'm guessing by now you are having your Skype date. We used to Skype with Caitlyn a lot while she was in Bar Harbor, and I was thankful we could keep in touch that way. Enjoy your fancy-free Friday!

Cat, sorry your day isn't starting with the gym, but I hope you are able to make it tonight. Hopefully, you'll find everything went well in the classroom while you were out yesterday, and there won't be too much to straighten out. Have fun Zumba-ing!

I have to hang around to wait for the dumpster delivery this morning, and I hope they're right on schedule. Then I have several errands to run, and a few groceries to pick up. I may as well clean the house while I'm waiting around this morning, right after my date with Wiii Fit.
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning!

It's just first light but you can tell it'll be another lovely spring-like day. You can see the snow shrinking down. I'm glad it'll be a slow melt because I don't want a flooded yard as I had last spring. The snow is nearly gone from the new part of the deck and the doggage and I will sit out there in the sun this morning for our mid-morning coffee.

Donna comes to clean this morning and some people are coming to check out my diningroom table and chairs. It's going to be replaced by the cherry one I bought before Christmas which is still sitting on the front porch covered with an old quilt. I really want it cleaned up and inside because the porch makes the house look like heck! All I need out there is a seat from a pick-up and a scruffy old hound dog.

Okie, I'm glad you still love SBD but wish you could get into a better sleep pattern. It helps with weightloss.

Cottage, I am so sorry you have to deal with dumpsters on your precious day off. At least it will feel good to get the clean-up started.

Cat, good luck putting things back in order in your classroom today. I'm sure the autism workshop was worth it.

Kara, I feel so inspired by your posts when I realize you have so much done already. Enjoy your date!

Just took a look around this room and see loads of dust! I had the windows open yesterday for a while and it drifted in. The neighbour's house that burned a month ago is a complete write-off and was torn down completely yesterday. I guess that put lots of dust in the air. Today they will haul away the pieces so I'd better keep the windows closed. I doubt that it will be rebuilt so I'll have an empty lot beside me for the summer. Maybe I can expand the garden....NOT!

Time for another coffee and to put together my seed order, keeping in mind that I am "cutting back" this summer. At least I won't be growing flowers for a wedding that didn't happen.

Hope your Friday is fancy-free.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning

Okie - Anything planned for your weekend?

Kara - Hope you are enjoying your Skype date

Cat - Zumba sounds like fun. I'll have to remember that next winter when I'm bored with my inside workouts. We just picked up Wii Active, both the old and new games. It's definitely a better workout and still fun.

Cottage - What I could do with a dumpster and a few hours of DW away from home There are days I think that's the only way I'll ever get all this clutter out of here.
Hope your work doesn't take up all your weekend and you get a chance to enjoy the sunshine.

Ruth - Good morning to you

It's a catch-up in the office kind of day for me. I've been out since Monday so lots of paperwork and some reporting to get done. Should make the day pass pretty well for a Friday. I'm definitely going to squeeze a walk in too.

We are going to the coast again. The weather is perfect and the birds are just starting to move. It will be a great weekend to be at our favorite birding spot. I so love that DW has increased her fitness level. We will walk and walk both days. Makes a very nice weekend

For now it's time to feed the cats (they are staring at me. I am not supposed to post before I feed them ). Then off to do some yoga. Here's to a pleasant and drama free Friday!
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I've been waiting for Friday alllll week! Morning
Okie - I don't know how you do it on such little sleep. Do you nap?

Kara - Hope your skype date went well. When will Tom be back?

Cat - Zumba sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe i'll look into it when my slim in 6 videos start getting boring.

Cottage - Hope you had a nice date with wii fit. I feel like i'm the only one that doesn't have one. I know it yells at you if you miss a day or two.

Morning Ruth. Hope you're feeling well today.

Cyndi - hope you have lovely walking weather all weekend. What birds are out around this time of year? All I know about are the chickadees.

This weekend my main goal is starting/finishing report cards for my 24 kindergarteners. Parent teacher conferences is approaching and the report cards are due to our supervisor on Monday. By this time, I'm fairly good at turning the comment "your child talks constantly" into "needs to realize when it's a talking time and when it's a listening time".

I am looking forward to coming home from school and napping. Yay Friday! Hope everyone enjoys their day
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Visualizing the Goal
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Cat, he's living in a tent with about fifty Army guys, so there won't be any misbehaving. I'm interested to hear your review of the Zumba workout. My aerobics teacher just went to a class and said it wasn't a very difficult workout at all. She said she didn't sweat the whole time. I wonder if the teacher she had kept the intensity very low or something.

Linda, are you still liking the step riser? I'm thinking about ordering one.

Ruth, I'm so sorry to hear about that house fire for your neighbors. What a tragedy! I'd definitely keep the windows closed today. Hope the folks looking at the table go off with it so you can put up your pretty new one. I love cherry wood. Our bedroom set is cherry.

Cyndi, did you ever make that trip out to Sacramento?

Lauren, your creative report card writing is funny! Tom has to do that, too, for his airmen that he supervises. They have to have all their lines justified, though, so we're always looking through the thesaurus for words that are specific lengths. Sometimes the military is very silly. Tom gets home on the 20th and we can't wait!

Connor came home with another SUPER smiley face today! AND his teacher wrote a note that he's going to be spending the math hour in the fourth grade classroom from now on (he's in second grade) because he's so far ahead of his class. Yay Connor!!!
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Hi everyone! Okie, I'll chime in with the others. You need more sleep! Good for the mind, body and soul and weightloss.

Although I would usually weigh today, I'm not doing it. Between the stomach virus earlier in the week which caused no eating one day/very little the next and AF, who brought with her tons of retained water, whatever I weigh today is definitely not accurate, whether it is low or high. So, I'm just going to wait until next Friday. I might measure then too, just for kicks. It is the day before we leave for Florida so hopefully there will be some good news.

We're going to New Hope, PA for the weekend, and then I'll spend the week getting ready for our Florida trip. I'm also toying with the idea of consulting a holistic nutritionist about my perimenopause issues. I'm totally supportive of alternative medicine, but I've had some odd experiences with herbs lately and think I'd rather go the nutritional route for a change. I'll keep everyone posted.
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Be happy.
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Good morning ladies!

Okie, I asked the other day but either missed your answer or you didn't see my post - have you started dancing yet? I'm glad you're so happy on SBD. I feel so much better, too and that makes it so much easier to say no thanks to the junk food that seems to be everywhere in my world! lol

Kara, I was going to tell you to enjoy your Skype date - but I'm sure you will so I'll just send you a . Oh I just saw your update - Way to go Connor!

Good morning Cat, I always have to go in early the day after a sub too - I'm never sure exactly what will be waiting for me.... . I hope you're pleasantly surprised this morning.

Good luck getting all the little things on your list taken care of today Linda. I hope they'll be time for some relaxation too.

Hey Ruth - are you making fun of my porch?
I hope the people love your dining room set and you can get the new one inside very, very soon.

Cyndi, I had to LOL at your comment about the dumpster and some time at home alone. My DH is heading to Pennsylvania on Tuesday and I've been jokingly threatening to weed out his 'corner' of the living room while he's gone..... I wouldn't really do that to him but he's a horrible pack rat. The thought of renting a dumpster while he's away is a very, very fun thought...

Hi Lauren, I'm working on report cards this weekend, too. Wednesday was the first day since I got it that I didn't use my wii fit plus. I wondered/worried what the little balance board would say when I turned it on last night, but all I got was a mild, "Too busy to work out yesterday, Heidi?" I have to admit I am kind of sad though. I had been getting compliments every day - "every day for 21 days" etc. Ah well.

Have a great trip Mmck! I'm not sure where New Hope is, but I hope your weather is great.

Things are kind of rough around here right now. My Dad is back in the hospital and my mother in law is not doing well either. My husband is flying to PA on Tuesday to spend some time with his family and I'll head to MA this evening or tomorrow morning depending on what I hear later today. They've both been ill for a long time now, so none of this is a surprise, it's just hard. And up til now we've been blessed to have them going through bad spells in turns - not both at the same time - so Fergie and I are feeling kind of shell shocked these days.

Well, on that gloomy note, I'll sign off and head to school. The good news is once I get there I have no time to think of anything else. Enjoy your Friday friends!
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Working on healthy
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Heidi good luck this weekend.
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Good morning chickies!!

Okie - I agree on the sleep thing too...but did you say you had depression (or similar) issues? I know depression can really interfere with sleeping too (at night anyway!), and I'm hoping this means SBD is helping you with your sleeping? How can you wait til the 15th?!?!? I'm excited for you!

Kara- Hmmm...these ladies gave me ideas about having a skype date with myDH though . Enjoy your time!

Cat - hope the day goes well and you don't have a mess to clean up! Keep us posted on the ZUmba!

Cottage - enjoy your niggle day

Ruth - I'm still just in awe that you had your window open. Awe.

Cyndi - Enjoy your weekend!! (sounds more relaxing than my vacation!)

Lauren - you must be a saint for being a kindergarten teacher. I was very proud of my 5 yr old (preK) report card recently .

MMCK - probably wise choice on the scale thing! Let us know if you get any info from a nutrionist. My grandma hit menopause at 38 (!) so it could any time for me. I hope not, just hearing of all the weight gain, etc.! (where's new hope? We're flying out of Harrisburg)

Me - FIRST DAY OF VACATION!! First cup of coffee! Isn't life great? (and my little boy sitting next to me reading everything....giggling....he loves those dancing carrots....)

I took today off too, which is to myself! I haven't checked the weather yet, but I'm hoping to go on a long run outside. No plans for Saturday yet, but Sunday we'll go to Harrisburg to make our flight out Monday easier. The hotel has a water slide and indoor mini golf course, so that should be lots of fun. Then we fly to Orlando to visit my parents. THAT is a bit stressful. Not as bad as originally thought, since we got a rental car and will go off on our own a few days (my dad is a stroke victim and is unable to get out long). My parents haven't seen DS in 2 years, DD in one year. Pathetic, huh?

I told my mom I don't want to eat TOO crazy, but I do plan on some good seafood! (NSV: I was going to grab something on the way home, since everyone else did, but couldn't think of something healthy that sounded, I made the crack slaw last night when I got home!! YUM!)

Have a great Friday ladies!

Heidi - sorry about your parents, I know how hard that is. I hope you get a bit of time to relax this weekend.

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Mmckellen, have fun in New Hope! We used to go up there every year with my grandmother. She always let us wear her lip stick and eat Rollos. Isn't it funny that's what I remember?

Heidi, I'm sorry to hear about your dad and mother-in-law. I hope your visits mean a lot to them and that you can feel good about seeing them.

Tammy, enjoy your vacation! It sounds like you've got a good idea with that rental car. Yay for your NSV!!!
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Happy Happy Friday! I get off work early today too because I had to work late last night. Yay!

I can't stay long this morning. Auston got in trouble at school yesterday, acting the fool. He pulled a Yellow Apple, which means he also got in trouble at home. This morning, "we" must go to the school to apologize to the teacher.

Ruth, One of our local communities had to pass an ordinance that it was illegal to keep a sofa on the front porch. Crazy!


Everyone else -- I hope it's a sunny, fast day for you! Bring on Happy Hour!
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Heidi, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I hope the weekend goes well.

Mmc, have fun in New Hope! Ruth and I had plans to meet a friend there, but had to cancel at the last minute. I plan to take her there, though, when she comes to visit me again. I hope you find a good nutritionist to help you deal with perimenopause! I swear that lots of green tea helped me sail through with very minimal problems.

Twynn, I could not wait for menopause to happen, and never had any side effects from it, except for minor hot flashes. I refused to go on HRT, and pretty much sailed through effortlessly.

Kara, congratulations to Connor! Math seems to be his forte!

Twynn, happy 1st day of vacation!

Hi to Ruth, Cyndi, and anyone else who's reading this.

Well, it's almost 8, the morning is half over! I'd better get off the computer and do something productive. See you all later!
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