South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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S/C/G: maintaining

Default Viactiv anyone?

I was wondering if any of you take Viactiv while OP and if it causes any cravings. It has sugar in it so I have not had any while I am on Phase I. I had hoped to take them again on Phase II along with my chewable vitamins that also have a little sugar.

I really, really don't like swallowing pills so that is not a good alternative for me And I don't get enough calcium in my diet per my doctor.
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For me, they would be a huge trigger. Everyone is different. If I were you I would try taking them BEFORE a large meal so that the taste doesn't remain in your mail and tempt you.
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I used to take Viactive years ago and I remember they were as sweet as eating fudge. I've tried to google it to check out the nutritional info on them, but couldn't find anything.

Check the label on your package for the amount of sugar in each serving. I'd imagine it's pretty high, and if it is, I'd advise not taking them anymore, as the sugar will trigger cravings, and that's what Phase 1 is all about eliminating to make this plan successful. Do they make a sugar-free version?
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I googled and found two SF calcium chews, one avaliable at Costco and the other availiable at WalMart I know the Kirkland link isn't for Costco, but Kirkland is their brand.

I didn't do any further research as to ingredients, but it seems like there are other possibilities. There are also articles about Viactiv which discuss sugar content, but I didn't have the time to really look through them.

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I used to take all my vitamins and pills at night -- especially Birth Control as it made me eat. So my dr. pointed out that unless I sleep walk, I can't eat while asleep! It was a voila moment and I was a-ok by the time I woke up.

If you have talked to your dr. (did s/he recommend anything knowing you were on the Beach? Maybe ask? I am sure diabetics need to take something too)about it and need to take a chewy, here is a link to some Sugar Free options (I haven't looked at ingredients though):

(note that a few listed are for dogs )

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S/C/G: maintaining


Thanks for the advice gals. Jenn - that dog part cracked me up. And I had no idea they sold Costco brand thru Amazon. I will definitely try some sf chews. I doubt they will taste as good, but that's life. The Viactiv has 3 grams of sugar per chew. (My vitamins have the same but taste like chalk.) Mmckellen - your suggestion makes a lot of sense because I used to take these after lunch to get a chocolate fix. Red flag, I guess. But I will certainly give myself a bit of time into Phase 2 before I add any back in or try the sf ones.
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