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Default Merry Marvy Monday

Come pour yourself a nice hot cup of brew, it's only 28* here right now.

We had fun in the city yesterday, but it was bitter, bone-chilling cold, which made it almost unbearable walking around the Christmas market. I couldn't believe the prices they wanted for the little hand-carved wooden ornaments, I have a big shoebox full of them from when we lived in Germany, and I sure didn't pay that much for them. I'm sitting on a small fortune here! I actually had more fun shopping in LUSH, where I "gifted" myself with several foaming bath bombs and some lushious homemade soap.

I'm being a domestic diva this morning before I head over to the farm. Jake did a wonderful job putting up the outside lights and little trees, but I do want to go out and make sure everything is up to my standards while he's not here. The girls have piano lessons after school, so I probably won't get home until around 7 tonight.
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Come on Spring!
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Default Monday Chat On The Beach

Here we go again with another week! Maybe Delta will get some snow - we've only had a few flakes lately and I'm ready for White Christmas stuff.

This morning is supposed to be the elusive tub renovation day. I usually go to the gym at 7:30 but will have to go in the afternoon today. I hope I make it. The lads are to arrive around nine and I also have my Victoria's Quilts meeting, luncheon and gift exchange. I need to get to the bank in there somewhere too. I'd really rather stay home to decorate, wrap gifts and bake! (I paid for this new tub and surround plus installation way back in June. For various reasons, installation has been delayed. I'll be ecstatic to get it over and done with! )

Just realized the water will probably get turned off sometime today so need to throw in some laundry, start the dishwasher and take another farewell tubby. I'll be using the new downstairs shower for a few days and will certainly miss my luxurious soaks.

How does the start of your week look? Be sure to "take a moment".

ETA: I just knew Cottage would beat me to it! I bet your house looks lovely, Cottage, especially now that the frassing tree is outta there. Kudos to Jake!
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Good freezing cold morning I definitely need a few cups of coffee to convince me to go out there this morning. It's only 21 and looks like winter is really here this week. Gotta get those snows on ASAP.

Cottage - DD and I walked in Boston yesterday An hour was all I could manage.
I'd love to see your tree with those ornaments. Any pics?
Have a good day and stay war!

Ruth - Enjoy that last soak. Will you get any snow out of that storm that's moving across the US? Looks like it's got a bit. I would love to send you ours but I can't figure out how to package it
Have a lovey luncheon.

Heidi thinking of you. Drive safe

Just another Monday around these parts. I've still got some office work to finish and I'm going to try to schedule a couple of visits for the month. December isn't the best month for visits because kids are wired and schedules are flexible but I'll try for a couple.

Apparently the paper recycling box next to my desk is now a cat bed. Great. Good thing they tire of these things quickly.

I managed to get a good amount of exercise in while visiting DD and my eating wasn't awful. Even dinner Saturday wasn't off plan though I suspect far more oil than I would use. The scale moved a little this morning. Let's hope that holds!

Have a good Monday gals
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Good morning chickie friends!

A quick note to say....I hauled my arse out of bed this morning and went on the treadmill. It wasn't a pretty site, but it's done!! I'm hovering around the same weight, but it's all CHANGING, since I haven't been doing my 10-20 miles a week. So, the only time to guarantee it will get done, is in the morning. It's a love/hate relationship....the one I have with the treadmill.

Running off to get kids ready!! Had to check in here to remind myself that [email protected] At least the way I feel when I eat them!!
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Well off to a bad start this morning. I overslept. Brad woke me this morning at 5:00 so I could make his lunch and after I finished I got back in the bed to get warm. Next thing I knew it was 7:30. So sadly, only had time for some toast with RF cream cheese and to run. I should be on later. Bye ladies.
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Monday, ugh! Only two more of these before Christmas.
Thanks for the reminder Twynn, and kudos on the treadmill. I'm off to walk soon, and I really don't wanna - it's cold! I have a treadmill - buried in the back of the garage. I need to find a place for it inside somewhere.
cottage, my niece is a lush addict, but I haven't ever bought any. Glad you treated yourself! I do the same thing with DH - like reloading the dishwasher after he's gone to bed. I actually like the dishes to get clean. The lights are all up to him because I don't want to get up on the ladder. I don't like the way he does them, but I keep my mouth shut.
Ruth, I hope your tub reno gets off the ground today. We had some snow over the weekend - very festive!
Cyndi, hope you had a lovely time with DD. Was the nutcracker good? I had a glass baking pan of my mother's set on the kitchen table to return to her, and it quickly became the cat's favorite place to sit. They were devastated when I returned it (I did wash it with bleach first), so DH put one of MY pans out for them, and now I guess I have a permanent pan on my table with a cat in it.
Sorry you are off to a rocky start, Fluff! Hope your day gets better!

I've got a meeting for DS's IEP this morning (wish it was with you, Heather), then tons of work to get to. More test driving cars to look forward to (gak) this week, and I've set a hall-decking project for each day (banister, upstairs tree, finish the porch, etc), then we'll get the tree this weekend. I went through my gifts and list this weekend and have just a couple more things to pick up. No ideas for my grandma - any suggestions for a 94YO single lady who has never thrown away a single thing in her life and gets lots of food and nightie gifts from her children, grandchildren, and 20 great-grandchildren? When she moved, my mother found a stack of robes still in boxes in her closet! I think we'll try to get over there this weekend and see if she wants any decorating help.
Hope your weeks are off to a great start!

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Good Monday morning!

Linda, have fun with your decorating/fixing! Sorry it was so cold for your trip.

Ruth, good luck with the tub work! I hope it's quick and easy.

Cyndi, glad you had a nice weekend! Maybe if you put the paper ON the cats, they'll decide they don't like the recycling box so much after all?

Twynn, my body has been reminding me of the same thing. Saturday was Tom's work Christmas party and I didn't think I ate too awfully, but Sunday I woke up with the worst headache. I hardly ever get headaches. Good motivation to stay on plan!

Silly, hope the rest of the day calms down. Maybe Brad needs lessons in making his own lunch?

Schmoodle, we were simulposting. Does your grandmother drink tea? You could get her some nice loose teas. Or what about a book of photos? I've done them through Snapfish and they always turn out so nicely.

We've got another busy day on the calendar. I went to MOPS this morning (I do volunteer childcare during the meetings) and then hit the commissary for a couple things and the BX (girls need white clothes for their sheep costumes for the Christmas program on Sunday) before coming home to get Connor from school. The girls have a special day at the Kindergarten this morning. They're going on a walk through the woods to find St. Nikolaus. They brought oranges for him. Kadyn did her violin and reading before school, so she will only have to do her math when she gets home this afternoon. Usually I pick them up at 2:00, but today they get to have lunch at school and come home at 4:00. Connor's done his homework and only had to do his violin and math for homeschool and then work on his T&T verses for AWANA. Tonight, he and Tom are making a cake for the Boy Scout pack meeting cake auction on Wednesday. They won't have time to do it tomorrow because of Connor's martial arts so they're going to have to do it tonight. Come to think of it, they're really not going to have time to bake AND decorate a cake, so I'd better bake it with Connor this afternoon so it's cooled and they can decorate it after dinner. They want to make a castle.

I'm back on track after my body freaked out about off-plan eating on Saturday. Nothing like a massive headache to remind you that eating crud makes you feel like crud!

I still have to dust, sweep, and vacuum the third floor, do my exercise, and practice my music for Christmas Eve so I'd better be off. How did it get to be 2:00 already???

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Good Monday Morning! I can see what people are always complaining about on Mondays- well, I was doing the same on Wednesdays but this week I will be doing both! Not a whole lot going on other than work and the gym after. Just waiting on my clothes to dry and I will be off and running!

Hope you guys have a great day!

OH- I finally got to play dress up with it was fun but it cost a lot more than I would have imagined. The dern designer stuff we bought him cost more than any clothes I ever had! BUT, I will be taking extra special care of them and he will be able to use them when he plays out- and that should be starting at the beginning of the year so I see more big spending in our future! I told him he better start making some extra money or we're going to go broke! And I am definitely treating myself when I get to goal! Right now everything in the store is too small for me ;0( but I am determined to get to goal this time!

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Come on Spring!
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The tub guys are coming tomorrow now. "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow". I'd cancel the whole thing if I hadn't already paid and been waiting since June.

The good news is that it frees up a bit of time this morning and I can still use it as an excuse to go late to the quilting biddies festivities. I could get on the treadmill but I think I'll sip coffee and do some cards instead. It's snowing and looking Christmassy. We are supposed to get 8" on Wednesday!
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Oh, Ruth. What a mess! Hopefully they come before the big snow!!!
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Good morning! Nothing special to report -- it's sunny, no reminders of the quasi-snow storm over the weekend. This week I have to give five end-of-term finals (and grade them, which is, of course 5 times the work of making them up). I'll also see two or three ballet performances -- the New York City Ballet is in town, and I'm going Wednesday and over the weekend. So a good week, but a busy one.

Kudos to those who are getting up early to exercise (and doing so well). I know that's an important thing for me to add, but I'm still struggling with meal planning, remembering to bring snacks -- the basics!

Have a great day!
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Good Morning Monday yall! I am excited as well as nervous today I move into phase 2. I am gonna take it really slow and start out with bowl of oatmeal like every other day for a while. I don't know why im scared but let me tell you I am looking forward to that oatmeal! I am sick as a dog though I have been trying to shake off this chest cold or whatever it is for weeks. now. Thought it was going away and it came back full force Saturday! My chest hurts and I dont want to go to the Gym and over do it ugh I have been going three times per weeks for months now unless there is illness!. Even my toddler has a barking cough that will not go away! Oh well I have an apt tomorrow with the Dr anyway so tough it out I shall. I hope we all have a great beachy week
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Good Morning Everyone

Snowing here, and I feel like crap. Don't know what's going on, I have a smashing headache and feel all achy. I slept 15 hrs which is so not me. I'm trying to move a bit and I guess I'll stay home and try to get a bit done here.

Sorry no personals, the head just doesn't feel like that yet.

Have a great day everyone!
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good morning,
Ruth, too bad about the bath. You are very patient up to now but I guess you have to be to get the job well done finally.
Cottage - I too go around fixing things that DH has done when he catches me he calls me Hyacinth from keeping up appearances.
Cyndi - glad you enjoyed Boston and have a good day.
Xan and Gumby have a wonderful day.
SillyFluff - hope you made it on time.
Schmoodles - Tea sounds like a good suggestion. How about taking her out to dinner someplace.
Kara - all I can say is whew. You are amazing.Got to dig out all the long underwear here to go walking. House is decked out and some cookies in the freezer. So DH cooked yesterday and he always makes a mess and sticks to a recipe religiously. It called for peanut oil and we had canola and olive oil so had to go out and get peanut oil. I never tell him how I change my recipes around. I guess some gift wrapping is on the agenda today.
Debbie hope you feel better quickly.
take care

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Flying by to say HI! I had a tough weekend but back on plan today. I will try to catch up later this afternoon.!
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