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Come on Spring!
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Default Friday Fly-By Chat

24 or -4, depending on what side of the border you are on! At least we have a string of sunny days predicted.

I'm off to the gym to work out the little bit of stiffness from yesterday's marathon gardening effort. I'm actually amazed at how well my body coped. I guess the gym sessions are paying off. When I come home, I have a load of super-soil arriving and Ed will dump it right on the bed that is beautifully prepped with layers of newspapers, manure and leaves. Wendy and I will smooth it out and than start moving plants in. Tomorrow the plan is to plant bulbs, water everything well, cover with more newspapers and then with mulch. Whew! Then I wait for spring.

So...hope your Friday is as productive! Stay warm if it's cold where you are. I wore a hat, gloves and a winter jacket yesterday.

Do any of you Southern chicks have a spare bed? The dogs and I are interested.
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Good Morning Ruth

Brrr......not freezing here this AM but we're certainly not immune. I hope the gym works out your kinks, it sure helps me to keep moving.

I'm still figuring out my Friday but know I'll get to the pool for sure. I'm meeting the rescue lady to give her our "donation" and she'd like to see Bing since he's gotten his spiff up. I'm trying to start planning for dinners early, Cottage style, but so far I'm not too inspired today. I found a screamin' deal on Gardenburgers yesterday. Any SB opinions?

I hear the coffee pot. I think I'll have a cup and listen to the news.

Have a great day everyone!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning

Ruth - I don't think the dogs would think it's much of an improvement here, other than the cats to play with Sounds like the gym is really helping in ways you didn't expect. That's great news.

Debbie - good morning I've never been good at the whole planning thing. I'll have the whole week worked out and then get a craving in the middle of the afternoon. If I ever get a job that doesn't take me past the Co-op every day I'm going to have to learn to plan and stick to it!

I'm off to get this day done and get the weekend started. Should be an interesting day. Sometimes friends cause more trouble than anyone else for us Ah well. Looking forward to lunch with a coworker from way back and a program visit this morning. I'm not going to worry about the afternoon until it's the afternoon

Have a smooth and easy Friday. Me, I'm counting down to Happy Hour!
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YEAH!! It's Friday!

Ruth - you've been a workout demon lately! I'm jealous of your dedication.

Debbie - I'm glad Bing is working out so well for you! I never figure out why some animals are given away. Lucky you!

Cyndi - didn't you have Thursday Thirsty last night? And I agree, friends sometimes DO cause trouble!

Isn't it a FABULOUS day?! We have probably 3 inches of snow out there. I glanced outside in the dark (it's just starting to brighten up now) and the buck and his girlfriends were right behind our yard in the field digging in the snow. Beautiful!

Today (after my son's school delay!) I go to work for a short day, then off to get the puppy!! Yippeee!! Can you tell I'm excited? Hopefully, I'll be getting sleep in the next couple nights!!

Have a great day!

(My son just came downstairs..."whooooaaa, look how white it is out there!!)
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It's pouring rain, windy, and a cold 39* here this morning. I was awake at 5, but snuggled down under the warm covers until 6.

I have the day off, and the only thing I have to do is go to the bank, but other than that, I think I'll just stay in today and see what I can get into. It's a soup-in-the-crockpot kind of day, and I may even bake a loaf of bread to go with it. Monica and Carley may be out later this afternoon, so that would make for a nice supper for them.

Ruth, I wish I could guarantee you some warm weather when you come for Thanksgiving, but I can't promise. The weather has been insane, and a lot of places near us have snow already.

Debbie, I'm glad you are liking my idea of prepping supper in the morning. It makes my life so much easier! Have a great day!

Cyndi, I hope your day goes well, and I'll be waiting to uncork a bottle for you tonight.

Twynn, Yikes! THREE inches of snow?!!! I'm sure it looks pretty, but I'm glad it didn't come this way! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your new puppy!

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Today is gonna be another stressful day at work. I have an 8am meeting with the principal and then I'll be stuck in the front office with our new imcompetent hire. Thats not even my job. I'm not supposed to be in the front office...I am supposed to be in my little cubby hole doing what I was hired to do. We'll see if I get there before the end of the month.
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Good Morning, everyone!

Ruth, You would have to share a bathroom with Auston, but we have a great guest room! Dogs are welcome!

Debbie, I love planning and making dinner in the morning, but it rarely happens. Oh, well. I'll send the recipe today.

Cyndi, Hope today goes quickly! Lunch with a friend is one of my favorite things.

Twynn, Snow! Brrr! Auston would love it.

Cottage, What kind of soup are you making? I bought fixings for 15 bean soup. Yum!

Silly, I hope your incompetent co-worker is at least friendly and entertaining.

Me: Can you believe that there is nothing going on today? I may even get to watch Oprah this afternoon! Love it!

Hope you all have a great day. Stay warm, you Northern Chickies.
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I can do this!
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Holy s-word, Batman! We're covered in the white stuff, literally. Ugh! Loved the title and had to post, because it's definitely a fly-by for me.

Hope everyone who, like me, is affected by gloomy winter weather, is asiduously using their sunlamps and dreaming of brighter times so we don't let our seratonin needs drive us to a crazy carb-fest.

Have a fantastic Friday!
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Ruth - You're always welcome here too. Rex loves all other dogs although some of the smaller ones seem scared of him because of his size. Which is funny because he isn't the least bit aggressive. It is a bit nippy this morning but I know you wouldn't think 50 was nippy (and we're supposed to get to 69 later).

I got in a good workout last night for shoulders, chest and back and I'm a bit sore but not too bad. Brian goes to spend the weekend with Robert at 6:30 tonight and I have nothing planned for the weekend other than a visit from my insurance agent to talk about my coverage. I want to know what I can do about my homeowner's insurance going up over 10%. That is ridiculous!

Is that the sun I see outside? I can't remember when I last saw it!!
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Live, Laugh, Love
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Hellooooooooooooo. Anyone miss me?

Just popping in because I feel totally guilty because it's Food Day at work. I won't bombard you with the food porn details, but let's just say that there are SB-friendly things on the menu: Cyndi's Black Bean and Tomatillo Soup, and my Simple Crockpot (Vegetarian) Chili that I conned a co-worker into making so I'd have plenty of veg-head food to eat.

Ruthie: COLD!!!!! That is all.

Debbie: I looooove Gardenburgers but I don't think they're SB-friendly. Nom nom nom.

Cyndi: HAPPY HOUR! Abdul's home so we're hittin' Happy Hour after I get off work, too!

Twynn: Yeah. Cold. Snow. Yuck. That is all.

Cottage: Crockpot soup AND homemade bread? Can I come over?

Fluff: At least it's Friday, right? Positive thinking!!!!

Chelb: Let me know how Oprah is!

Laurie: S-word..... OH! Snow. You and I were thinking of different s-words. Is it Key West Time yet?

Barb: Enjoy the sunshine!

I really need a different avatar. I'm not feeling the sombrero lately. I'll have to see what I can come up with.

So lots of nonsense going on with my health but no need to get into all the details (also, not a whole lot of time to.) Was supposed to have tests done at the hospital this morning but the nurse gave me the wrong date so I missed it. I thought today was the 16th? She thought Wednesday was the 16th. Dang.

So I'm rescheduled for Monday. Then, following my testing, I have an appointment with a specialist. AND, gosh darnit, I'm going to be good starting next week. I keep saying that and people keep making fun of me because I cave so easily but I'm turning into a moo and I'm over it. I'm updating my tickie and going hardcore strict SB starting next week.

Anyhoozle, break time's over. Have a fabulous weekend girlies!!!!


ETA: That avatar is much better. Me with Abdul's son (my "nephew") Gene at Abdul's wedding.

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good afternoon beachers!

I'm getting a slow start today. I've been up a couple hours but wow did they fly by!

I'm feeling much better even after my poo poor weigh in this week. Still on plan and looking forward to a possible better weigh in next week after my TOM is done. I can't be too worried about the scale... just gotta keep pluggin away because this isn't just about the scale, it's about healthy eating. Which I LOVE.

Getting stuff done today... feelin productive and looking forward to bowling tonight with friends! We're takin' a night off from karaoke and doin something different. Now if I can keep my arm from falling off and my inner thigh muscle from straining, it will all be good! LOL

It's a beautiful day here. Finally. The weather for October here has been CRAP! But today it is sunny and "normal" mid October weather and I'm LOVIN it.

Have a wonderful, on plan day!
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Hello quick fly by for me, I was here early trying to post and it didn't happen

So Hello to everyone I was trying to post to.

Weezle like the new avatar, keep us posted on health when you have time.

OP eating all this week so we shall see what the scale says tomorrow. I feel skinner so that is a plus.

Tonite DS football game.

Have a great day everyone
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Good afternoon chickies
Have been busy fridge shopping. Sears had a great sale with $1,000. off, yes you are reading it correctly. We checked them out this morning and then decided to see what they were priced at other places. Went out this afternoon and while the saleslady was making our bill the last three sold so quickly she put a SOLD on the floor model and we got an additional 10% off and delivery is free this weekend so I am happy. Its a stainless steel one with french doors and will look nice in the kitchen. I have an old Amana in the basement that has been running for 37 years its not energy efficient but doesn't get opened very often.
Weekend is going to be a busy one but I hope to pop in.
Have a jambalaya in the crockpot for supper and there will be enough left over for tomorrow and oh yes, yesterday I baked my brown rice and it was so delicious, its the first time I was successful in cooking brown rice.
take care
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Hi everyone

Sorry I didn't get back for personals today. I planned to but.... Geez it's Friday night already-it truly did Fly By. I had a few bumps in my road and am trying to stay OP-it's quite frankly been a less than exciting day for me.

Hope everyone has great plans for the weekend. See you all tomorrow!
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Working on healthy
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Hey Debbie - Sorry you're having a bumpy day. Here's to a smoother tomorrow

Sophie - isn't that oven brown rice the best? I was so impressed after months of soupy rice.

Gothik - In my experience the weight hangs on for awhile then drops off suddenly, so don't let it get to you too much. Sounds like some serous aerobic bowling

Lisa - Just do it girl!

Laurie - do not even mention that word. It was flying around this morning and I am not paying attention! Are you in the warning area for tomorrow night? My Mom is a little worried about that.

Cottage - missed you tonight Hope you're having a good and relaxing evening.

to everyone I missed. I am way too tired and lazy tonight. In fact, it's time to curl up with my heating pad and a good book (okay, and my iPod, just in case something interesting happens on facebook. I am so sick). 'night Chicks
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