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Come on Spring!
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Default Hump Day Chatter

Good hot morning! we are going to 90F this morning so I am quickly grabbing coffee and breakfast and heading outside to water my planters plus the wee flowers that got put in yesterday morning. There are still some in flats, I'm afraid.

After that I need to make the devilled eggs for today's Quilting Biddies Lunch -I remembered to cook the eggs yesterday but forgot the rest of the process. I have allergy shot #4 at 8:30 followed by pet therapy so there just won't be time to make the eggs before I leave for lunch. By three this afternoon, I'll be melted around the edges but will check in again.

If it's hot where you are, remember to drink your water! For now, coffee will suffice.
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Good mornng! It's not going to be nearly as hot here, only in the low 80s. The hot stuff is heading our way tomorrow and will be in full force for the weekend. It's a good thing that Jake finally has the pool ready!

It's another packed day for you, eh Ruth? You certainly don't give grass a chance to grow under your feet! I hope you get to put your feet up later this afternoon.

It worked out well yesterday, the girls went riding while I cleaned my friend's house, and after lunch I took them swimming. We may do the same again today, depending on the weather. Showers are predicted for this afternoon, so we'll just play it by ear. If it rains, we'll bake and freeze banana bread for them to take along on their vacation.

Speaking of food, I was fighting the munchies all day yesterday, but managed to stay completely OP. I think it was due to poor planning, I only had a salad for lunch. Today I will be better prepared!
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Good Morning

High 80's here. I just had to re-look at the thread title to find out what day it is. Obviously, I am needing some .

I'll be happy when my schedule returns to normal next week and I can get back to my pool. I'm missing it today. I did go Monday night, but it just isn't the same as the morning.

Not much new to report; Mom is leaving later today and I have a chiropractor appt.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning Coffee Crew

Ruth - Another busy day for you! We aren't getting the major heat here luckily. It's so humid I'm sure it would be unpleasant. Might be time to switch to iced coffee

Cottage - way to go staying OP yesterday! Those munchie days are challenging.

Today is an all office day again. I was going to wfh but have an all day meeting up north tomorrow and am off Friday so figured I should spend some time in the office. Hopefully I'll be able to get the newsletter done even with office distractions.

So I went to the Dr. with my Medline article in hand. Luckily they don't mind my assistance I'm sure it saved time because he could just check for that. Turns out I was right on. Sadly I don't know anymore than I did. I'm off to the neurologist again who might have more answers. In the meantime the Dr. (not either of my regulars) thinks I can keep walking as long as I'm careful. Apparently the biggest risk is falling (like I couldn't do that perfectly well before!). It's probably a good time to shake up my exercise routines though because exercise walking really makes my hip ache. It's that everything off balance thing. What kind of cardio does everyone do when the weather heats up? The most annoying thing is that this may be caused indirectly by weight loss and losing the fat pad on my knee. How unfair is that?!

I'm trying a crockpot black bean stuffed pepper recipe for dinner. It sounds good, I just hope it is Today is probably the last day for an inside cooked warm meal, at least for a few days. Time to throw some bean salads together.

Hope it's pleasant and sunny where you are today.

ETA - we were simulposting Debbie Have a good day!

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Good Morning Ladies! Its a sunny one here and 4 days till vaca for me! I am counting down!

Ruth- It drives me nuts when I get plants and they don't make it into the garden! GL on getting them put in soon!

Debbie- Hope you have a great day!

Cyndi- Totally unfair! Who would've thought weighloss would have an effect on your joints in a bad way?! geez. those stuffed peppers sound great!

Barb- Hope you guys make it to the pool store earlier today and you get your fridge taken care of Have a good day!

As for me, I have a few things left to take care of on my to-do list.... but I got most of it done! I never left the house so one night this week I will be stopping to try top find a few new tops before our trip... Eating wise wasn't great for me yesterday, I ate everything OP but tooooooo much of it! ugh. well, I will do better today! Hope you ladies have a great one!!!
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Morning all!
I am at my sister's house in North Carolina and popped in to see what is going on. She and my brother in law are having a few days of getaway time and my husband and I are staying with my Mother and enjoying being with her. Been having fun cooking etc. The weather here is nice. I just read online from my hometown newspaper that interstates are buckling back home due to the intense heat and no rain. I am praying my gardens are not ruined before I get home. My older son is staying at my house and taking care of the dogs (which I'm sure he hates) so I doubt he waters anything.

We brought 2 of the dogs with that my sister wanted and the other one is my "allergy" guy. I figured if I left him at home, he'd look like a raw roast when I got home. Both dogs did great in the car for 15 hours straight. We only stopped for potty breaks. The first couple of days were tentative as to whether or not NOLA (the dog my sister wanted) would stay...she was very scared of my sis's dogs, but things look ok now and she is settling in.

She had some bananas here that were going kind of overripe, so I made a great muffun recipe yesterday I used whole grain pastry flour , splenda brown sugar mix and added a cap full of vanilla and some pecans and used mini muffin tins. (phase 3 or special treat obviously because of the brown sugar) I had 2 bannanas left over, so I melted some splenda brown sugar and a little smart balance together, then added the sliced bannanas for a kind of bannans foster and instead of serving over ice cream, put it on top of fresh fruit...also a treat, but something good if you are having company.

My sister is coming home this evening so I am cooking shrimp Creole with brown rice and a big salad. Yesterday I roasted some asparagus and will put the leftovers in the salad. Also smothered down a huge pot of fresh green beans with turkey bacon and vidalia onions and salt free creole seasoning (my Mom can't have salt) and we have lots left over for tonite..then more fruit for dessert. I love the grocery stores much neat stuff. I've gone a little overboard on the dates, but never see dates in big old boxes at home, so I've been stuffing them with pecans and they taste like candy to me

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Wow, Cyndi, I've never heard of anyone having more trouble with their joints after losing weight. Yikes! Just think how bad it would be if you were still putting all that pressure on your joints from extra weight, though. Hope you get some answers! When it's hot, I love going for bike rides. The extra air whooshing by cools me down. I also love going to the gym to work out--and when it's hot, the fact that they have A/C and we don't is an extra motivator.

Can't believe that it's getting hot in other places. We've been holding steady in the 70s, and I guess our forecasted high for today is 83, but it's really mild, with lots of breezes. Hope everyone gets through the day okay and drinks lots of water.

I've got a huge to-do list to conquer, and am not sure what I'll do next! I think I may concentrate on cleaning the bathroom when I get home, then working in the yard--hopefully putting in the little seedlings that are getting leggy in my window--and then off to the gym. Hopefully, DH is going to make dinner tonight while I shower, and then I may try to paint my toenails, depending on how much time they'll have to dry...

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Hi Friends!

It's been a scorcher here -- around 95 degrees, but feels like 105. Sheesh! There hasn't been rain in over a week. Today, I'm taking off at noon and going swimming with my sweet 5 year old. We are both excited.

Femme -- I had bananas foster the first time when I was a senior in high school. My date took me to a fancy restaurant and the chef cooked in front of us, flames and all! It is a fun memory.

I hope you all have a great day. Happy Wednesday!
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Hey everyone. Gonna be a slow day around here. My daughter Sarah had a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy on Monday, so she's still recovering. She seems to be doing really well so far. It's also her 8th birthday today!
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Laurie - the worst part is the cause could actually be from crossing my legs without a fat pad, so no problem if I hadn't lost the weight That's only if they can't find another cause though, which I'm kind of hoping they don't. Ah well. Today I'm thinking I missed my calling as a side show act but that will pass (just a little whiny I am)

It hasn't hit 70 here but is very humid. Didn't get the peppers done this morning because I had no black beans! Not sure how that happened but I will remedy the situation tonight Friday's To Do list will include pressure cooking and freezing a few varieties of beans for summer dinners.

Rikki - How many days now? When do you start counting hours

Cat - I could read your descriptions of meals all day

Chelby - hope you are staying comfortable in that heat.

Ang - What a way to spend a birthday! Hope she's back up and around asap.

Okay, back to looking like I'm working
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