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Default Help! New to SB

I am on my 2nd week of Phase one and am happy with my progress so far. I am going on a field trip with my daughter on Thursday (day 11 on Phase 1) and I have to pack a lunch. All I can think to pack is a sandwich and some fruit. I don't know what else to back for this sort of thing. Is packing a sandwich with friut (whole wheat bread and berries) going to mess up my progress? I have to be able to throw everything away when I am done because we will not be able to carry anything when we are done eating.

Thanks for your help!
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I would stick with phase 1 food only.Boiled eggs, cheese,veggies.Then you can have a more substantial supper.I think SB works best if you follow Phase 1 for entire 14 days.Just my opinion.
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You could take nuts, mozzarella cheese sticks, hardboiled eggs, raw veggies and hummus dip, lunchmeat wraps (with cheese and wrapped in a lettuce leaf), roasted chick peas.
It's best to start out Ph2 slowly, adding back one thing at a time. A two-slice sandwich would be two grains plus a fruit, and it's possible it might set off some cravings.
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You might be able to pack tuna salad or chicken salad (without bread of course) if you wrapped it in a few layers of foil and brought a plastic fork. That might make it feel like a more substantial lunch than just veggies and cheese.
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All of these are great ideas! I would do the lunchmeat wraps with cheese, raw veggies or can of v8 juice. take along a cheese stick,nuts or sunflower kernels to munch. Tuna salad on celery sticks is also a good lunch. I have also taken salad in a sandwich baggie, dressing in a snack baggie and when ready to eat combine the 2 and eat out of the bag with a plastic fork or you could even take a small plastic or paper plate or even foil to eat if on.
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One of my DH's favorite lunches when he was following this plan with me was to wrap a slice of deli luncheon meat and LF cheese around celery sticks. He would also take a deviled egg (put the halves together and wrap it) and some nuts. He's a big eater, and it filled him up and satisfied him until suppertime.
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