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Come on Spring!
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Default May Monday Coffee and Chat

Wakey! Wakey! A beautiful day is arriving in my little village and the loons have already done their morning commute.

Yesterday was pretty hectic but enjoyable. I didn't even mind all the driving because the countryside is so pretty this time of year, all green and brown velvet patchwork with the trees a haze of green. My knees managed to cope with 3Ĺ hours of standing at the Church supper and are no worse than usual this morning.

Today will be an "at home" day after I pick up my darlings at the kennel. (It was a good idea to plunk them there for such a busy weekend but the house is strangely silent without them.) I am hoping the township guys show to unplug the culvert so the flood drains from my side yards. Then I'll tackle fixing the gap under the fence to foil my little Houdini. I plan to dig a few plants for the Church sale in the 16th too. "No flies on me today!"

How is your Monday looking from this perspective?
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Default Monday Morning Chirpings

It's amazing how slow coffee drips throught the pot when you're waiting for it. It's raining, again, and I'm trying hard not to be annoyed with Jake for not having the coffee made, when he promised last night. He's has the day off to attend a funeral, and it's messing with my morning routine.

Since it's a soggy day, we'll be looking for something fun to do indoors. Rain is in the forecast for the entire week, so I'm going to have to search deep in my box of tricks for activities and lining up some playdates.

Yay! The coffee's finally done!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning

Ruth - Hope the black flies leave you alone! Good luck with the little escape artist.

Cottage - Rainy days are challenging once it gets nice and everyone wants to be outside. You really should get a coffee maker with a timer. Nothing like having a pot ready when you drag yourself out of bed.

I've got a busy-ish day on tap. Yesterday my tire went flat and apparently because it was on the passenger side I didn't notice it right away. So today it's off to buy a new tire. These tires are only a year old and just had the winter off so I am only buying one no matter what the tire guy says! Then it's off to work, which I'm dreading. The 4th person who got cut back meets with the boss today. It was really awkward the other day because we all knew she was on the list but she didn't know yet. I'd like to take a personal day but will drag myself in for the team. Then I have a meeting at 4:30 which will lead to speeding up the highway to make it to yoga. I hope to be falling down tired by tonight.

On the plus side today is our last sunny day of the week so I will get out for walks as needed. I might just spend most of the day walking the neighborhood.
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Good Morning!

My son wakey wakey-d me this morning at 4:15. He is not my favorite today.

Ruth, I'm glad you had a great weekend. Maybe you can plant a plant with briers in Houdini's favorite spot?

Cottage, We got out the puzzles yesterday. It was a rainy day, and they entertain Auston for hours.

Cyndi, I hope your day turns out better than expected. What do you do for a living?

Me: I've fixed my ticker. Up 3 pounds. The SBD wagon has been dragging me for the past month. I'm proud that I haven't completely let go, but it's time to get back on! It is so easy to say "YES" when someone in the office asks if I want fast food for lunch. I have my lunch and my resolve packed today. You guys have been such motivation for me. Thank you!

Hope your day is wonderful!
Victory (over donuts) is not being free of the desire...its having the ability to say NO!!!
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Morning chickies!

Ruth - sounds like a busy weekend. I'm loving our countryside now too, with the wisps of green peeking out in the mountains. .

Cottage - hmmmm...maybe Jake needs to pay you back for that one, huh? Good luck planning for the soggy week! I might bring mine to the indoor playground...we'll see how the week goes!

Cyndi - The walk sounds lovely. Once it finally stops raining, I want to go on my first hike of the season! Too slippery right now...

Chelby - we won't speak tickers, shall we??

Me- the weekend to the parents was pleasant. I am sooo glad I brought the DD, she was a SAINT. that's saying a lot for a 4 year old!! Things have been tense with mom and I for ... around 8 years now (when I got married!), so DD was a welcome distraction. It's pretty hard on mom though, with dad being an invalid. She needs to put him in a home, but she's too proud (never mind cost). I think she's in denial that he'll never be better.

I think I have a slow surgery day today, so I'm hoping to get lots of errands done. Doing the grocery store thing, four different places! But how can I pass up the cheaper pork tenderloins at wegman's, and the cheap organic greens at sam's??!! The scale wasn't very kind this morning (I'm sure hormones are playing a role as well), so I want to cut back on grains...but we have no food in the house since I was gone. I'm getting better at making running a priority, i'm sure that will help.

Hope everyone has a great start to the week!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Morning chicks! A weekend with no plans turned into something very busy. We went out and took some pictures of DD & neice for there graduation and ended up with some very nice shots. Makes me cringe that I spent so much on senior pics now when we could have used these which I almost like better.

Yard work at the in-laws since we are having the open house there. There was ALOT of work to do and it looks like next weekend will be much of the same. Eating wasn't the best as we were very busy and food prep was left to my MIL. Oh well, today was going to be back to P1 for me anyway.

Sounds like everyone had a good weekend, hope the week starts out well for all. Work calls, gotta run!

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Good morning,

Ruth- sounds like you have another busy day planned for yourself. Hopefully those flies will stay away. I remember them from when we lived in Maine.

Cottage- Hopefully you will be able to think of solutions for indoor activities.

Cyndi- Hope you get your walk in- hopefully the ackwardness will ease at work.

Chelby- Good for you for making your lunch. I pack mine the night before so no excuses, just get it out of the fridge n go.

Twynn- Glad to hear that you had a nice visit with your parents.

Stephanie- When you get a chance you will have to post a picture. DS will be a Senior next year so I know we will be forking over some money for pictures.

As for me- Today is 10 day of Phase 1 and made it through another weekend eating great. My clothes fit better again so that is motivation in itself. Today is at work day and then have my annual physical at the Doctors- Not looking forward to it but needs to be done- then I will get scheduled for annual mammo as well. Have a great day ladies
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Good morning all!!! Happy Monday!
Ruth - Glad to hear that you had a good time yesterday. Glad to know that your knee is in better shape than you gave it credit for!

Cottage - Don't you just hate that! Have a good time in the wet weather today!

Cyndi - Good luck at the job today. I hope things will settle now that everything will be out in the open. Good luck getting to yoga!

Chelby - Good for you for jumping back when you are. Good luck getting back on track.

Twynn - Good to hear that the weekend went well. Hope your day is as productive as you hope it is.

Stephanie - Have a good day at work.

Me - So I chose this morning to sleep rather than exercise. I then jumped on the scale after taking the dogs down. Let's just say I chose poorly!!! I also chose poorly this weekend. You know how your body is supposed to have muscle memory and things are supposed to "just come back to you"? Well why doesn't that work with eating right??? It's so hard to resist sometimes. And with the stress of my Father in law's surgery I'm having a hard time! He'll go in tomorrow morning (hopefully) and then he'll be up in recovery and rehab for 7 - 10 more days. And unfortunately, the hospital is in the heart of Los Angeles (a good hour plus drive during the week). AND we've got a busy week to start will. AND it's teacher appreciation week which means there'll be food all over campus. Can you tell I'm kind of dreading this whole week.......is it Friday yet?????
Hope you all have a good one!!!
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Good morning all, another wonderful week of May.

Ruth - Glad you had a good time and hope that drainage problem is solved soon.

Cottage - I know you will make the best of the rainy weather. Bad Jake no coffee.

Cyndi - I hope the new work situation isn't too stressful. Hope everyone that got laid off is in a better place soon.

Chelby - Any change in situation is hard on us, our bad eating habits come back to quickly. Good you are handling it early.

Tywnn - 4 year olds are so nice to be around. Glad you had a good visit.

Stephanie - Graduation is go important to girls, isn't it. Have a good day.

Pearlrose - I hate annuals but am due to. Good for you for keeping your health checkups up to date.

Heather - you have a tough week ahead. Take it one step at a time.

Me - Going for a walk this morning and then just doing some routine cleanup around the house.

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Good Monday morning, chicks!

Ruth: I'm glad you had such a great weekend in spite of all that driving. Sounds like the countryside is beautiful! We're still brown and ugly here, so I'm praying for lots of rain in the next few weeks. Good luck foiling Houdini!

Cottage: Sorry about the dripping of the coffee taking so long. What a pain! Good luck finding enough to do with the girls. I'll gladly take your rain if you can send it our way!

Cyndi: Phew! Sounds like a busy day for you. I'm glad everyone was safe in spite of the unknown flat tire. I'll be thinking about you and all of those at the office...hope the awkwardness subsides soon.

Chelby: I'm with you! I need to get back on track. I've been holding steady for a few weeks too many and need to get on the losing team again!! We can do this!

Twynn: I'm glad you had a great time with your family this weekend. It's sad to hear about the situation with your dad, but I'm sure there will come a point when reason takes over and your mom will make the necessary changes.

Stephanie: Oh my, yard work at the in-laws would turn into a very tense situation for us! Sounds like it went okay for you. Senior pics are expensive, but I still have fond memories when I see mine.

Pearl: WTG getting through to Day 10 on track! It's hard, but worth every minute! Don't you hate those yearlies? A necessary evil, though.

Heather: My thoughts and prayers are headed out to you and the family this week. I know it will be a stressful time for everyone. Just think happy thoughts and rely on your loved ones rather than food. It's easier said than done, but worth it.

Sophie: Enjoy your walk!

After a rather disappointing weigh-in yesterday, I've decided to get back on P1. DH isn't too excited about it since my workouts tend to be so intense, but I promised him I'd track cals closely to make sure I'm getting enough to survive. I'm hoping for at least 7 full days of P1, but would gladly welcome 2 full weeks. We'll just have to see how my workouts go.

This weekend was busy with most of our time spent out in the garden. We got the veggie seeds in the ground and now just have to wait. DH liked my suggestion of adding an additional 100 sq. ft. garden, so we'll be doing that in the near future so that it will be well-prepped for the fall planting. I've decided that I really need to step it up and help him out more, so I'm going to be in charge of the weeding. He'll help pull, but he asked me to keep an eye on everything and make sure to schedule a weeding evening before it gets too bad. Shouldn't be too hard, right?

Well, we're well into the printing of our 17,500+ appraisal notices that need to be folded, stuffed & mailed. They're going out at least a week late, which really stinks, but it's better late than the never that would land us in HOT water.
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Good Morning! Its raining on my beach again this morning... the past 4-5 days rain rain rain!!!! its supposed to clear up this afternoon but only for a day or two the storms again! I really thought it was APRIL SHOWERS??? the season is as far behind as I am it seems!

Ruth- we have a couple digger escape artists and we ended up putting the concrete garden fencing around the sides of the yard... that is because we have a privacy fence now, when we had a chain link fence we used foot-long metal rods to push down every foot or so- like they use for building with concrete... the nice guys at lowes cut them for us...

Cyndi- love the new avatar! Hope your day goes smoothly and you make it to yoga!

Cottage- glad you got some coffee! I woke up to none even in the house- I fogot it yesterday at the store! see, yours doesn't seem so bad anymore, right?! LOL

Chelby- oh lordy with the tickers- I am right there with ya sister!!!!

Twynn- glad your visit was pleasant! hope you have a good day!


Pearl- wtg on p1!!! you're dong great!

Heather- I chose sleep too- but will try to get to the gym later! Hope you have a chance to get some exercise in today! sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you!

Sophie- enjoy your walk!

Kim- here is some for you!!! and wow- adding a hundered more square feet! I bet your garden is huge! We just tilled ours up but its been sooo rainy we haven't had a chance to plant anything!!! GL with those letters!

SO, plan for today is routine cleaning/laundry, gym, MORE TILE, grocery.
Hope all you ladies have a great day!

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I can do this!
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Wow, Ruth, you kill me! I can't believe all you do!

Uggh, Cottage...that's not a fun way to wake up!

Gotta go...students are flooding in!
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Hi Here but swamped Typical Monday!
Making a commitment to myself
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Finding success on beach
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Happy Monday. Long weekend, we were non-stop with the chores and catching up. No time for anything anymore it seems! If I can make it thru this month, I'll be OK. I told myself, get thru May and then treat yourself to a massage!
My new appliances came last week. Now DH thinks we need new counters. Nothing fancy, just come updated laminate. Hate to tell him, but if that happens a new sink and faucet is in the works too! :-) One thing always leads to another. Week 2 of the job. SO far I like it, I was told that I need to work more than 8 hours... what?!? This is my first week!!! I am just getting in 40, now you want more?!? Woke up at 4:45am for the 5 mile run today. It has been a while, but did better than I thought.
Great day here today, sun is shining and going to be a comfortable 70*. Not too many of those days, need to enjoy them while I can.

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I don't need tootsie rolls!!! Sheesh!

Victory (over donuts) is not being free of the desire...its having the ability to say NO!!!
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