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Default Thursday Coffee & Chick Chat

Wakey, wakey, dawn is a'breakie!

I have to have my car at the dealership by 7:30 for an oil change, then I'm going straight over to my friend's to make sure her house is all in order since she's being released from the hospital today. I'm meeting Dustin and Amber for lunch, then Dustin is picking up another load of mulch for me and is going to help me finish up that job. I'm so glad the weather has been cooperating so I can get this project out of the way! That will clear me for tomorrow, when I'm looking forward to (hopefully!) spending the day with Schmoodle.

So who needs coffee?
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Come on Spring!
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Cottage, I'm off to the service station for 7:30 too! My new tires are in and the lads will be waiting for me. Too bad we can't have coffee together while they do the work.

Yesterday was hectic as expected and was topped off by an old friend dropping in. Cheryl used to be my neighbour and was in town doing some decorating at Bob's house. (She's an interior designer.) We sat and sipped chai and got nearly caught up until after 11 so I'm a bit dozy this morning.

So....out goes the garbage and then off I go. I have lots to do around here afterwards and then am outta here again for my afternoon doctor appointment and a minor shop for the things I forgot yesterday. The stores are closed for Good Friday tomorrow and Shirleyanne and her DD are coming for lunch on Saturday so....... I think I may skip Church tonight, Maundy Thursday or not!

Hey....sunshine in the forecast until at least next Tuesday. Yippee! Bring it on!
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Ruth, I'm debating whether I want to go next door to Cracker Barrel for breakfast while I'm waiting for my car. Hmmm? Enjoy your sunshine, we have rain again for the next few days, but I don't believe the weatherman anymore. It was supposed to rain every day this week, but so far it's been just mostly cloudy. Not that I'm complaining!
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Weatherman sometimes are wrong.
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morning all...i'm sore today (i'm sure from yesterdays fall) just my back and neck but neck was sore enough i had to roll over to push myself out of bed. might be taking it easy today. anyways, i found some ww frozen bread dough yesterday so am baking bread as we speak. anyone want a slice?
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Good morning all!

One child off to school, second is awake eating breakfast (and stealing my yogurt with all bran and berries!), and since lunches are packed and everything cleaned up, I have a few minutes!!

Cottage- Way. Too. Chipper. Today!!! Apparently I need more coffee?!? The weather hasn't been horrible, but Sunday was certainly a teaser, wasn't it!?!?

Ruth - I LOVE cracker barrel!! My friend and I used to go for "dessert night out". Alas, I have not done that in a LONG time!! Maybe that's why I've been crabby?

me4life - ohhhh, take care of yourself!! Take a couple days off so you don't make it worse!

Me - LONG day at work today. Matt is leaving in 4 weeks, it's going to be horrible!!

It's been 4 1/2 weeks since they learned of the bankruptcy, and STILL haven't filed the paperwork. We're about at our wit's end. The problem is we're on a pretty limited budget, and there's no other houses even close to being the deal this one is. So, we wait. Maybe we'll hear something today?!? Thank goodness I run now, went on a 5 miler yesterday and felt much better. Sigh.

Hope y'all have a great day!!
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I can do this!
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Oh, have fun with Schmoodle, Cottage! What a fun day! I'm so glad your weather has been cooperating. If my cold wasn't in the way, the weather up here would be prohibiting my's been in the 30s and snowing. Today is sunny, though, and it's supposed to be in the 40s, maybe 50s. DH and I are planning a lot of gardening this weekend!

Ruth, hope your day goes well. Glad the weather finally caught up to your tire appt! Hope Dr. Jack has some good news for you.

Hope you Me4!

Twynn, hope the running continues to ease the stress. Sounds like you have a lot of it in your life right now! Hope you can badger them into filing the paperwork!

I'm still sick. Stayed home from work yesterday and doing it again today in hopes that I can beat this thing. Still need to go to choir--we only have four members since we lost our director a year ago and a lot of people jumped ship. Should be a funny time tonight--apparently the churches in New York (at least) are set to wash everyone's feet tonight. I'm thinking comedy of errors...or a lot of people saying no. Not sure how they'll manage it, especially since it's hardly flip-flop weather in our area...well, it'll be interesting at least!

Have a great day, chicks!
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Ruth and Cottage - enjoy your quiet moment while car maintenance is being done.

Sindy - hope your weatherman is wrong today.

me4life - be careful with that ww bread. I would probably lose control.

TwynnB - you certainly are patient about that house. Sounds like too many lawyers involved.

Beachgal - hope the long weekend will help your cold. You sound busy with church services this weekend too.

me - a dear friend lost her husband on tuesday night, so we will be going to visitation and funeral this weekend. I also have family over for supper on sunday. It is busy.
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Cottage: I'm sure your vehicle is done being serviced, but I would never pass up the chance for breakfast at Cracker Barrel! Enjoy your lunch and the mulching!

Ruth: Mmmmmmm; there's nothing like chai and good chatter to keep you up late at night! I hope you have a chance for some rest today!


me4life: Sorry your back and neck are hurting. After that fall you took, I'm not surprised! Take it easy and I hope you get to feeling better.

Twynn: What a HUGE bummer that things still aren't getting done on the house! I hope they get their act together and get papers filed soon; the waiting must be so stressful! Sending good thoughts your way!

Laurie: I'm sorry you're sick. I hope you get to feeling better soon! You'll have to give us a report on tonight's events at the church. Washing feet is such great symbolism, but also seems a bit icky!!

sophie: I'm sorry to hear about your friend's husband. What a hard loss to take. I hope that you enjoy your Sunday meal with the family!

Me: I seem to be bouncing back fairly well today. I couldn't sleep last night, so only 4 hours to go on, but the illness seems to be 100% over. I'm hoping to get back to my normal exercise routine today, but we'll see. Last night I took it easy and just took the dogs out walking.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow off and DH and I are planning on getting the "chores" done so that we can really enjoy Saturday and Sunday. I've still got to get some things together for SS and clean the house, but that's it. The long weekend looks very promising.

I'm also planning on rereading the SB Supercharged book this weekend and getting back to P2 on Monday. My hopes to start a strict P2 this past Monday was thwarted by that darn stomach bug!!!

Ok, off to work! Have a great day, everyone!
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Hi Friends,

I'm am enjoying my vacation days. I do love to sleep late and the 8 hours of sleep each night definitely makes me feel mentally and physically strong. Lesson here.....must get more sleep during the work week! I've not really done much yet. Yesterday, I went for a hair trim (I can see again!) and grocery shopping. Today, I will do some housecleaning then I have a jewerly party to attend this evening. I'm already psyching myself up to stay on-plan. The hostess is an amazing cook and always has such delicious treats at her parties.

Me - So sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you start feeling better quickly. Pamper yourself today. And, I'd love a piece of bread, but I'm on P1.
Tywnn - Hope you hear great news today.
Laurie - Foot washing would not be for me! I'm funny about the feet. I've never even had a pedicure.
Sophie - So sorry to hear about your friend's husband. I'll be thinking good thoughts for both her and you today.

Yesterday, I made hummus for the first time. I've tried store bought hummus many times and never like it. Friends encouraged me to try making my own and I'm so glad I did. It was delicious! I added some cumin, red pepper and sun-dried tomatoes to the basic recipe. My 13 and 9 year old daughters were extremely hesistant to try it, but they loved it too.

Have a great on-plan day.

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Tonight is Roundtable which is always lots of fun. Hopefully I'll see Don. He's been very busy working this week so I haven't seen him but he's going to try to be there. I better see if I need to make any more printouts.

Brian is off school tomorrow. We were going to go to the Renaissance Festival on Easter but it looks like rain so we may go on Saturday instead.
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Robert wants to take Brian from Sat morning until Sunday night so we'll postpone the renaissance festival and hope we make it later.

There are fires all over north Texas tonight and it is hard to breathe. I don't think I can remember an ozone purple day before. I hope it clears up tomorrow. It's a school holiday so Brian has two brothers coming over to spend the afternoon and evening. I have to work but hopefully it won't be too busy.
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