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Unhappy Really wanting to eat today!

I'm having a hard time sticking with it today, day 6 on phase 1. I've eaten well, haven't given in to the cravings, but the desire to just keep eating has really been attacking me, and I know I'm not hungry. I have sleep issues and I'm incredibly exhausted right now. I think I'm quite accustomed to grabbing sweet foods for a pick-me-up when I get this way, and right now I'm just suffering through Some shortbread that my son made last night is really calling my name though, so I thought I'd post this in an attempt to keep from inhaling the whole box! Hope everyone is having a good day!


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I can relate Jenny when I am tired I really crave sweet carbs. Lack of sleep can be extremely hard on your diet. Taking a 30 minute nap if you can sometimes helps.
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This time change really seems to stink this time too. Why is everyone having such a hard time sleeping? Messes up the whole day!

You can do it !!
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Try to stay strong and hang in there, Jenny. Have some SF jello with FF Cool Whip or a no sugar added popsicle to help curb those sugar cravings! I found that chewing a stick of SF gum helps a bit, too, as does a hot cup of tea with splenda.

I suffer from insomnia, so I can sympathize with you on the sleep issues. A cup of Sleepytime Extra tea or Tension Tamer tea helps immensely.
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When I feel like that, I usually try to grab a quick nap during my lunchbreak at work, which helps a lot.

I'm hoping you've stepped away from the shortbread and had a fudgesicle instead.
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I agree about the hot tea and milk -- decaf, of course. You know, sometimes you just have to go to bed. If I'm asleep, I'm not eating!
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