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Default Tuesday Chick Chat

Good morning! Grab your cup and come and sit a spell before the craziness of the day begins.

I think Monica and the girls are coming out today. She was a bit annoyed with me last week, so they never did come out Friday night. I guess all's forgiven now. I want to run over to the fabric store for some buttons and browse around the crafts department this morning, and I need to plan tonight's supper. It's supposed to be a nice sunny day today, and not too hot, but a heat wave is on it's way by the weekend.
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Good Morning Cottage! I just made myself an afternoon cuppa, and thought I'd pop in and say Hi. I'm just having a semi quiet day at home for the most part.(with 7 dogs here , quiet is a relative term!

I finished my 1st week of my weightlifting routine. (thus my avatar change!) It's been years since I've lifted regularly. I'm amazed how well my body remembers!
I've also been doing the initial set up a homeopathic pharmacy. It's a little room, I dyed new curtains, coconut oiled the slate floors today. Tommorrow I'll get some cabinets and furnishings moved in there. The homeopath I work with gets back from the States later in the week. Then I'll be REALLY busy.

Good Morning everybody!
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Good morning Chicks!

Well we have a change of plans. It's supposed to get really hot the end of the week and Julie needs to check in with her dr. about something so we decided to leave tomorrow or even Thurs. instead. Since we are going without reservations to a place that doesn't take reservations we should still be in good shape. It also gives me a relaxing, cool day to get a few thigns done here and ride my bike

Cottage - Have fun at the craft store.

Indigal - I so want to start weight lifting! Did you work with someone or just figure it out yourself?

Ruth - I know you're out there somewhere!

I'm going to enjoy my relaxing morning now, drink a little more coffee and figure out the day

*almost forgot my NSV yesterday. I finally had a new license pic taken. VT lets you keep your old one so now I have the perfect reminder in my wallet. Even I did a double take at the difference

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Morning all!!

Cottage, have fun button shopping!!! I have a huge basket of buttons and just love looking through them...never use them anymore, but they are fun to look through.

Indie...sounds like for a quiet day, it was a busy one! Slate floors!! I would give anything for slate floors in my kitchen and in this sun room!

Cyndi, have fun on your trip. I missed where you are going...

Me: Nothing much, just working around here. My husband has jury duty today, so not sure when he will be home or if he will get picked etc. I was on the jury for a murder trial years ago and hope he doesn't get picked. It's strange to say, but the whole trial was just hilarious...long story.

I got a letter the other day from a guy I went to high school with. I have not seen or heard from him since then. Keep in mind I graduated from high school in '73. I was really surprised to get this letter. He and his wife and whole family have been in Houston since the storm. I wrote back and he called last night and said they were going to be in N.O. on Friday night to see a band we all love, so we are meeting them for dinner and the band. His wife lived across the street from me when we were little and also went to high school with me, but they didn't know each other then and met at the 12th high school reunion. Should be a lot of fun. We are going to a party on Sat. night and Sun my MIL is coming to town so I have to go to N.O. and pick her up at the airport...I'm tired just thinking about the weekend!!!

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Cyndi, Years ago I had an instructor at a gym, I learned the basics that way. I don't have access to a full gym. I use only dumbells. About 8 years ago I came across a few books by Joyce L. Vedral. She's a great instructor... The books are really easy to follow with pics and detailed instructions, taking you through various levels over time. The one I'm using is "Weight Training Made Easy" She's got videos too, though I've never seen them.

Femme, Slate is one of the most common flooring in India, my whole house has slate flooring. I love it!
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Good Morning! I have been holding off posting too much as I've been mostly reading and "getting to know you." I've looked at other SBD forums and this one is the best, IMO. So I hope to be here to stay.

Today it will be HHH (hazy hot humid) again here in my part of the world. My intention is to work on my book most of the day, and tend to my 8 month old puppy, Nikki. With DH on a business trip, it is quieter than usual around here.

Cottage: I've always wanted to be "crafty" and learn how to sew and make things. It's fascinating to me. But I never got around to it. Hope you have fun browsing.

Indigal: Sounds like you are having fun getting all set up. I use a few Homeopathic remedies, and I'm into Holistic. 7 dogs, huh? How great!!

Cyndi: Have a fun trip! I love Vermont.

FemmeCreole: Hope you have a great time at your reunion! Sounds like fun, and what a nice surprise.

Well, I'd better finish my coffee and get the day started. I have menu planning to do, and I'm going to give my SBD exercise video a shot today.
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Good morning chicks!

Nothing exciting here. Work. Cook. Discipline children.

Work is busy enough that I probably can't get a work out in (I hate doing it after supper, but you never know). I actually enjoy it now, so that's a shame.

Hope y'all have a good day!
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ONEderland here I come!
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morning ladies... enjoy your day!
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Good morning Chickies,

Cottage: Have a great day today

Indigal: I need to start up the weight training routine again, I stopped for a few weeks and upped cardio to see if that helped move the scale some.

Cyndi: Have a great trip!

FemmeCreole: Sounds like you have a super busy weekend.

Belle Mer- Have a good day writing your book.

As for me, it was a quiet evening last night with half the household gone. Got a couple of little projects done and then actually finished a book. Today I had to go into work not sure my plans for the evening yet, have a couple of errands I need to fit in before everyone comes back home. Have a great day
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Good morning Nessa and TwynnB as well
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Cottage, thats the nice thing about family, we often hurt one another, but we heal fast! Of course, think about it, if it's a stranger we tend not to be able to hurt!

Indi.... nice going with the room!

Welcome Belle to the best south beach support group available! (to my knowledge).

Cyndi!!! Congrats! That must make all the hard work and dedication to pay off!!!!!! I bet you look terrific! When can we see???

Femme... must be something in the air? Just this week an old school chum emailed me, part of the "classmates" online! Hard to believe this year was the 20th year from graduation! YIKES!!!!! (I swear those few hairs hiding in front are highlights, not gray!)

Me: Well, dear son came yesterday for the furniture, and I did get it vacuumed and shampooed. Today's mission, to set up the den! FINALLY!
I heard back from one of the places I interviewed at ... They chose another candidate, but thats alright because I had already determined it was too far... an hour and 20 mins one way... thanks, but no thanks. Especially for the hours they wanted and the pay they were offering! I'm hoping to hear back from the other three, two of which I wouldn't mind working for! OK, the third one I'd take, but leary of because of HIGH turn over rates! After a few months they tend to let ppl go or ppl leave! It's due to the demanding position! But they pay well! hhmmm, scratching head... am i up to the challenge hahahaha!
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OH, BTW... this living alone? I thought I was gonna enjoy it. I do, but then, I get awful lonely!!!!! My friends are all west, over hour drive one way, with their busy schedules we don't get to visit often. My sis and I are planning that hiking trip this sunday, and my son says he thinks he'll go! So that will help! But without working, I'm already going nuts! Restless needless to say!
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Good morning chicks!

Cottage Our heat wave starts today, ick!

Indi I've debated on venturing into some weights, yoga has given me some shape to my arms and now I want more!

Cyndi have fun!

Cat my grandmother had such a collection of buttons, boy did you bring back memories with your button stash! I too served on a murder trial (double) and was sequestered for 2 weeks! Boy do I have stories from that!

Belle Welcome!

Twynn, Nessa, Loriann and Pearl Morning, have a great day!

Me we survived the race Saturday, the grand marshall was Brendan Fraser! He was signing autographs at one of the drivers merchandise trailers, I nearly fainted LOL! He is even cuter in person! Had a great time until the race was over and then sat in traffic (without moving) for 3 hours! Finally reached the hotel at 2:45 am!

Need to get my behind to work, so much to do! Have a great day!
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Good morning everyone!

I got up bright & early this morning and got in a 33minute walk/jog on the treadmil had a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and now I am ready for whatever the day will bring.

Hope you chicks have a great day!
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Good morning!

So I went to the dr's office yesterday to see the nurse practitioner. She diagnosed me with Pityriasis Rosea, which is not caused by anything, is often confused with ringworm, is not a fungus, is just a skin rash that starts with one big one that looks like ringworm and has lots of little guys that branch off it, often looking like a Christmas tree. No creams, no drugs, nothing they can do about it. It doesn't itch so I don't need a steroid. So I said "Basically I'm just spotted and ugly until it goes away?" The answer was "yes, for 1-3 months."


So then, I, being the responsible individual that I am, decided that it's time to get back on blood pressure medication. Mine's getting super high (it was high when I was younger and I was on medication, but as I lost weight, my BP kept dropping, so they kept lowering the dosage until I stopped taking it.) So the NP and I talked about it some, and she just HAD to figure out WHY someone as young as I would have high blood pressure.

Mind you, she sees in my chart that I'd previously been tested for kidney disorders, previously been medicated for it, have a family history of it (both parents needed medication, Mom at 19, Dad in early 20's,) and all the other factors contributing to it, like the fact that I've been on the pill for 10 years.

So she sets up all these tests to be done on my kidneys at the hospital next week, 24 hr urine test, and I get stuck and have to come back in a week to be stuck again. The blood tests I understand. The other tests have already been done 10 years ago, and she even said that when I had a CT Scan 2 months ago, it showed nothing wrong with my kidneys (and they were LOOKING at my kidneys trying to figure out if I had a kidney stone.)

So.... I'm taking the medicine, getting my blood drawn, and cancelling the other tests. This all coming from the woman who had the first nurse make me lie down with the lights off for 30 minutes before she came in so she could re-take my blood pressure to see if it came down, then came in, chit-chatted for a minute, and gave me the stroke lecture. THEN she re-took my blood pressure and said "Well, it's gone up. The lights out didn't help at all."

Are you nuts? I was completely relaxed with visions of Tom and me in Tahiti, rolling waves, etc. Then I got the stroke lecture and THEN she took my blood pressure.


I miss my doctor.

So anyhoo that's all. Gonna start getting ready for work. Hope you all have a good day!

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