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Originally Posted by SAnativegirl View Post
Cottagebythesea- I just saw your recipe for Pizza Casserole-looks good. Do I put the ground turkey or beef in the casserole cooked or raw? I think I saw a couple versions of it but wasnt sure if its for one cooked and the other not?? Has anyone else tried it?
I hope you like the Pizza Casserole, SAnativegirl. Use raw ground turkey, bake it like a crust, and drain it before adding the filling.
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femmecreole I can't imagine why you didn't want a yard full of free pumpkins. I suppose I should check my lawn in the spring, I carved a pumpkin there in the fall.

I made sure everyone had a hammer tonight. No injuries to report, which is good. Of course, I think the parents did more work than the kids. How are the Bear points different? I've never actually taken my leader specific training.
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Neko - In the Bear program you have 24 achievements and the boys have to complete 12 out of the 24. There are requirements to complete so many from each group. You can earn arrow points from electives just like in the Wolf program but you can also earn arrow points from unused parts of achievements but it can be tricky to understand. Let's say that achievement three has 5 parts that the boy completes and you do not use that towards his Bear. Then those 5 are half of an arrow point. However if you do use the achievement toward his Bear you cannot count any extra pieces toward Arrow points. So if you have to do x parts to complete the achievement and the boy does x +2, if you are using it toward the Bear badge, the extra 2 do not count. I hope that makes sense. If not, PM me and I'll try to clarify more. I really find the leadership training to be helpful. Especially for the Webelos program since you really need to plan for the two years but you want to do as much as possible early so there is time for a lot of troop visit in their Webelos II year.
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SOMEBODY TELL THE BAD FOOD TO SHUT UP AND STOP CALLING MY NAME! It's driving me bananas today. Who gets the munchies the week after her period?! What is wrong with me?!?!?!?!?!

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My food confessions for Thursday:
breakfast - leftover chicken salad & diet dp
lunch - the rest of the chicken salad, grapes, water,
dinner - steak and large salad
dessert - sf jello cup
Went to Groove exercise today! Cross your fingers the scale fairy shows up in the morning! I'm in a rut after starting phase 2!
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Gonna, so glad to hear the new meds are working!

Cajun, glad to hear you found some things that are working for you! Keep up the great work!

Yay, Tammie! Have fun cleaning house!

Zoerba, don't worry. I'm still here!!! You're about half way between our time zone and the rest of the States, so we should keep good company.

Hi Tina! Do you know where you'll be student teaching? I loved my student teaching classroom!

Thanks for the dust, Laurie! I need it today!!! Hope the pup feels better soon!

Neko, they were clearly men. Men who weren't in charge of a group of kids. I think men write some silly rules down sometimes. Good luck with the troop!

Kim! Hope your day calmed down a bit!

Barbara, I'm sure Brian will make the perfect decision. When's his deadline?

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