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Morning chicks!

We were getting ready for church this morning when Abigail threw up. I thought it was just allergy drainage, but she has done it two more times. So we are home and just chilling. We never miss church, but I really think these poor girls need a day to rest and chill.

Barb You know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

So, I have mounds lof laundry to get through and a house that is so cluttered I could scream!! My goal today is to get through all of the laundry and at least get the house picked up. Our house is small as it is, so when the girls have their stuff strewn from one end of it to the other, it looks awful!

I am making stuffed peppers for dinner.... yum! I think I am going to make them this morning, then all I will have to do is bake them later.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!
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Hello, everyone! Just a quick check-in to let you all know I'm still here! I didn't get much internet time at my conference and I'm trying to set a better example at work and limit my internet time there. Also, DH and I have been very busy lately! I will try and check in at least once a week to see how everyone is doing.

Here's my week so far:

1. Quit smoking on Wednesday morning (again), but am doing a lot better this time. DH is being a big help - he's quit as well.
2. Got back into working out and have done it 4 days this week. (Pretty good since I got back home Tuesday night.) My goal for the upcoming week is six times.
3. Decided to talk to doc and she is letting me go back on P1 the Monday after Thanksgiving as long as I check in with her every other day.
4. I am registered for 9 hours at the university. My degree plan is to quit at the Appraisal District in Aug 2011 and do my student teaching that semester. If there isn't a teaching position open Spring 2012, I'll substitute teach until there is. (DH and I have looked at the budget and projected that we will be able to live on his income indefinitely after that point. (I'm still going back to work, though!!)

Well, that's me! Just want to send a to Barb and Jenne! I'm thinking about you both! Hope everyone else is having a great weekend and HAPPY THANKSGIVING if I don't "see" you until then!

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Hi chicks, we had a lovely dinner last night at our friends' house and the kids spent the evening running around and yelling with their kids. I stayed on plan except for a small piece of cheesecake. We got home late so we are all a little lazy today. My friend had an early birthday present for me, two sweaters and a bracelet. The sweaters are 1X. She was very worried about whether I'd be able to wear them or not. Actually, they are loose, but I think I can wear them over some stuff and they will look okay. I'll have to make sure she sees me in one of them. We have been very close since middle school, roomed together in college, and wore each others clothes. We've always been the same size, even got fat together. I so wish I could take her along on this journey, but everyone has to do it in their own way and time. I try not to talk about it much when I'm around her but it feels funny to have to hold back on anything with her. It's the only thing about my weight loss that makes me kind of sad...

I got all my Thanksgiving shopping done this morning. I hard boiled a dozen eggs, cut up raw veggies for snacking, and made a 3 bean salad for lunches this week. Tonight I'm going to try the LCLC-stuffed chicken and zucchinni and stewed tomatoes. It always feels great to have all the stuff on hand I need to stay on plan and to have my plan for the week.

Things are pretty quiet on DD's ex-boyfriend front. It kind of makes me uneasy hoping it's not the calm before the storm. Who knows how he'll react when he finds out she called the police and his parole officer and got him expelled from school? I'm trying to find out if the police have picked him up, but no luck so far. DH has been very on edge too. He wouldn't go out back and rake leaves with the kids in the house this morning until I got back from the store.

Hi Kim, we've missed you! Sounds like you've accomplished a lot.
Ruth, did you take Harry his beer?
Barb, I had a feeling it would be harder for you to tell Brian than to tell DH. I'm sure you're glad that part is over. I know you'll bring him through this just fine.
weezle, what are bosco sticks?
Kiko, hope you make it to the other side of laundry mountain.
RNmom, welcome back to Ph2! Better make sure to leave some butter for Paula Deen! Hope you've got lots of helping hands to get your Thanksgiving dinner on the table.
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All my running is done for the day, and now I'm looking forward to a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Kiko, I had to gulp when you mentioned Stuffed Peppers! Did you read Jenne's post? I love them, though, and we just had them earlier this past week. Poor little Abigail, I hope she's feeling much better now. Hope you get through your mountain of laundry quickly today!

Schmoodle, I had cheesecake yesterday, too. My darling son brought me back a piece from their dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, and it was my favorite, Praline Pumpkin Pecan. How could I refuse? I'm glad you're all being cautious regarding your DD's ex-boyfriend. Very scary!

Kim, I hope you have success with giving up smoking this time! That's great that your DH is quitting, too, to support you in this. I'll bet you're excited about starting back to school. Do you plan a career in teaching?

Barb, that must have been so hard, telling Brian the news. He does seem to be coping well, though. It's a big change in his world, but I know with all the support you are providing for him, he'll get through this just fine and you'll all be happier in the end.

Lisa I'm glad you're so content with your new life.

Ruth, I hope that soak in the tub took away your achiness. Have a nice peaceful day.
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Happy Sunday Everyone

Today is going well so far. Seems like the scale is trying to make up for the last couple of weeks. I got up this morning and another pound gone. Came home from work last night to an empty house for the first time since September. It was very strange and while I am glad to have my house back to myself I already miss the kids. Needless to say I am cleaning all day today and unless I find time to go grocery shopping it will be tuna, egg beaters and vegetable juice until Thanksgiving.

Schmoodle I'm glad to hear all has been quiet so far on the ex-boyfriend front but I think your DH has the right idea. Better safe than sorry. My best friend has always been VERY thin and now that I have lost weight she tells me I am too thin and buys me plus size clothes for gifts even though they don't fit. It's hard when you can't talk to the people you always have about something so important.
Barb Stay strong. I am thinking of you.
Kiko I feel your pain. I am having much more of a relationship with my laundry room today than I care to.
Kim Are you using a plan to quit smoking or just going it alone? That is still the one lifestyle change I have not been able to accomplish yet.
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Schmoodle, bosco sticks are made by Satan. Big, fat garlic breadsticks with mozz. cheese inside. HEAVEN!!!
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Why is it all the good stuff is made by Satan? I thought if they were called bosco sticks, they'd have something to do with chocolate!
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Just a quickie before I head back to bed. Went shopping in Calais yesterday and had a good time except that I woke up sick with a head cold.... Grr. Went to bed as soon as I got home and have been there off and on since. I feel rotten. Mostly a head cold but now have that icky stomach feeling. I hate being sick.... Have a good night.
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