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Talking Crispy Pepperoni

My favorite treat!

17 Turkey Pepperoni Slices
1 Paper Towel

Lay the slices in a single layer across the paper towel. Place in the microwave for 45 seconds. Turn over, try for another 30 seconds.

You can continue heating, or shorten the heating time according to your tastes. I really don't care for pepperoni, except when it's like this!

DF claims it tastes just like it does on really greasy pizza, without the grease!
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Default yum

i found this in Stella's cookbook, and let me tell you when you are craving something crunchy like a chip, work great!
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These are way to good.....I am addicted!! Even my 9 year old daughter cant stay out of them
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mary anne
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Default pepperoni nachos

Here is another pepperoni snack option. Get large pepperoni slices, broil for a miniute and flip over and broil other side til crisp. Top each with cheese and a japaleno slice the broil again til cheese is bubbly....walls SB Moch Nachos
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These are great. I tried to make it with regular pepperoni's for dh, turned out too greasy and he said they weren't good. I caught him making these with my turkey pepperoni LOL

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I am eating these as we speak. They are SO good. Totally fixes a cracker craving! They would proably be really cood crumbled ona salad for extra zing and crunch. Great recipe!
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I just made these and they are soooo good!
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Where do you find turkey pepperoni? I've never seen this!
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these might be good with the microwaved "cheese crisps!" I have both so I am going to make it as a snack manana!

Wonderlin --- I find it either with the sliced deli meats or in the Hormel stnad that every grocery store seems to have with all the Regular pepperoni. It's sooooo yummy and 17 slices is a serving! I eat it with my mozzarella sticks as a snack every so often.
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These are so good! Thanks so much for posting!
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Thank you - this is the best SBD snack I've found yet! I'm in love!! In Phase 1, should I limit myself to 17 per day?? I don't know if I can do it - these are better than almonds!
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We made these for the first time today and had them with salsa. DH and I agreed that it is a good substitute for chips and salsa. The 'roni have just enough saltiness and crunch to make you think you are being naughty
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Something I really like to do with pepperoni is to make "pizza"

First I grab a couple of slices of Canadian Bacon and put them on a baking sheet. Then I put some cheese on them, and then some pepperonis. Bake them until they are cooked to your liking!

So good!
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thanks, they were great. I love salty sancks and as someone mentioned, they are great with salsa
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I like them with a tiny bit of sf low cal ranch dressing
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