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Default A new Healthy lifestyle for a new year!!!

I been trying to lose the weight I gained for 2 years already and have not been successful. When I was 15 I went on LA weight loss and lost 65lbs in 3 1/2 months! Going from 240-175. I never felt better and I kept if off for 4 years. Then when I graduated form high school in 2005 i went through ALOT of stress and turmoil & gained all of it back. Now since i am finally in a position where I can focus on myself I cant seem to just get it right! I went on Ebay and I bought all the same stuff and tools that I used when I was 15. The thing is I just haven't been able to stick to it. One of the problems i beleive is about the same time I started really wanting to lose the weight I gained, my best friend who was struggling with her weight, told me about this bead diet & she lost 50lbs in 2 months. But its extremely hard!! Ever since then I been trying to do it and yes the weight comes flying off but as soon as I have a little cheat it comes flying back on! I been starting & stopping this dang diet for 2 years now. You would've thought I would have got the hint that I cant do it the 2 or 3rd time around huh?? But I didn't and I beleive it has been alot of time wasted where if i would've just stuck to what originally worked for me, I would've have been successful a LONG TIME ago.

So I finally said GOODBYE FOR GOOD to that diet. While it does work & iv seen the results with my own eyes (they are amazing) I realized it is just too hard for me & i cant do it. And thats ok. I think the problem I was having to is I felt like I was a failure bc I couldn't stick to it. But my boyfriend reminded me Your not a failure just bc you cant do a certain thing that others may be able to do that doesn't make you a failure, that just means your different from them & something else will work for you. He pointed out You can do makeup & nails really well but my sister cant, does that make her a failure? NO just makes her different from you & theres things she may be able to do that you or someone else cant. So you get the point

So FAREWELL BEAD DIET & any other crazy diet and HELLO to HEALTHY PORTION CONTROLLED,, CALORIE CONTROLLED NEW LIFESTYLE. I still have all the tools & info for LA Weight Loss & I will be following that again. I also have all the biggest loser books and recipes & there diet plan is extremely similar to LAWL. SO I'll be getting my info from both.

So I started Yesterday at 253 and today Im 250, already down 3 lbs so Im happy. I also joined the gym today and will start going tomorrow to the spin classes, which Im very excited about.

Well thanks to everyone who read this LOOONG post. I feel lot better now that I talked about everything an I KNOW I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

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