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Question low fat dressing

I used a low fat raz that bad? do I need to bust out the points? I am thinking yes??

The only fat free dressing they had at my work cafe was FF ranch. But I did not use it because it was creamy...I thought we could not have creamy?

any advise?

Also, is balsamic vinger ff? or does that count as points
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yes you can have creamy dressings, not cream based soups. and yes count the pts on any LF items you use.
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Hi all!
I use all of the walden farms dressings. They are normally near teh locarb stuff and i have picke dup in past for hubby.They are ff.carb free & sugar free..they are sure yummy!!they have a rasp one! not all store scarry all teh diffrent kinds may hav eto dig. They also have a price of almost $4 a bottle..but I buy one every time shopping so i have a bunch in stock pile!lol
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thanks for the dressing info. I am glad, because I like the ff ranch sometimes, although I am an oil and vinger know us Italians!

what about Balsamic? I like to mix good seasons and the balsamic?

What would be the points in that? if I use the "good" oils.

How would I figure that out?

any suggestions would be appreciated, as that is my favorite
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Default As to the fats necessary daily

Kelly, I noticed that on many boards this & other items of the new CORE foods list, are being debated. Hotly...& maybe to hotly?

I am a believer in that one should follow what their choices are until they, themselves feel it is detrimental to their goal. As to the oils..many are having more, & some less. All seem to be losing. & all, so far are healthy. Each diet program has it's up's & down's. I found that answering in general is a good practice, but not to keep reiterating on it, for it will do no good. Each body is different in needs & essentials. No one program, nor one persons ideas or interpretations, are correct. Let each of us just do what we do, & then be happy. If we gain or whatever, then we will change our habits. Many ..or MOST, (from what I see) of CORE dieters, are "tweaking" the foods. Seeing if they can push the limits. Well, they are & doing it most of the time, successfully. So live & let live. Most important is to keep the peace & harmony on boards & between us all.
Have a good one. We all deserve that.
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I live in PA and we have a grocery store chain called "Weis Market". They have a FF French dressing and FF Thousand Island that kick butt. I also got the FF Raspberry Vinagrette which is very good!!
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I like the Kraft "Lite Done Right" dressings. They are only 1 pt. per Tablespoon and they give you the full fat taste and feel without all the calories.

I'm curious. Someone mentioned that a dressing they liked was near the "low carb" section in the grocery store. I started to pick up a low carb/fat free coffee creamer yesterday but compared it with the "regular" fat free creamer (same brand) and the low carb was twice the number of calories. I have noticed that in a lot of foods. I start to get the low carb only to find that the calories are higher (a habit that is hard to break . Why is that? I would have thought that low carb would be lower in sugar and thus lower in calories. I guess some of the stuff could be higher in fat (for Atkins for example) but this particular creamer was susposed to be fat free also. I just found that kinda wierd, if not misleading to someone trying to lose weight on a low carb diet. I am NOT comparing the different diet plans, just curious as to why low carb advertised on nearly every food item in the store now is not always the best choice calorie-wise.

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