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Let me know if a new thread is started as well. Who started this one? Janette?
At any rate, we went away for a few days over the weekend and I "cheated".... think I've gone over my 35 FP by about 4 or 5.... tomorrow is weigh in day so who knows if I did irreperable damage or not.
But, I had a nice time, I didn't go totally wild as I would have in the past. I didn't have French Fries, had a baked potato, didn't have cole slaw, had steamed veggies, but I didn't have sour cream and butter on my baked potato - it was such a luxury.
Won't go into more detail about the rest of the weekend, but I did finish off those points quite nicely.
Today, another challenge, I have a quilt guild meeting and there is always tons of food there, very tempting stuff. I hope to resist and see what I can do!
I didn't do well using "the force" like I was talking about, myself, but I think made some better dining out choices than I would have in the past. This is a constant battle for me, as with you all.
When I hit lifetime, Sprying (sp?) I still lost weight for a few weeks and had to be "told" to stop by ww..... then I tried very hard to find a balance and it was hard.
I stopped going to meetings, thinking I would be able to handle it and graudally all the weight came back on. I tried at leaast 4 or 5 other times to go back to ww and lose the rest and then bailed out, last time was right after 9/11 - couldn't cope with the weight loss and all the emotional stuff. I think I went on a three year comfort food binge after that.... honest! At any rate, I'm back and much more serious this time and am trying to learn to seperate my emotional side from the food side, which is my biggest challenge.
I think having Core foods has helped me to be able to stay on track a bit better?
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A new thread has been started - Support Board #2
See everyone there!
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Thanks, Sunny. I do think they did start a new board. It is Core Board # 2. The link is Each time you log on, on the first page in the upper left side is a link that appears if there are new messages since the last time you visited. It says "view first unread message" or something like that. All you do is click on that and it will take you to the first new message since the last time you visited the board. It is very cool and keeps you from having to flip through all the pages!

See you all there!
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