Share A Link To Your Diet Blog If you are a dieter and are blogging your way to success, please share a link to your diet blog here for others to visit! This is not a place for blogging, just for posting links to your personal blog outside of 3FC.

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Default About this forum - please read before posting

A lot of our members have blogs or personal websites where they track their weight loss journeys. If you have one and would like to share it with the rest of us, please post the link here.

Note: This is NOT an area to post blog entries, just a place to share a link to your blog that is hosted outside of 3FC.


Please post your diet blog or personal website URL as a new thread, and not as a reply to an existing thread. You are unique and deserve your own thread

Please limit this to personal sites or blogs that you use to chart your diet progress, not sites that deal primarily with unrelated topics.

What's not allowed - commercial websites, diet forums, sites where you sell products such as Avon, any site that publishes controversial matter that would usually get you booted from most sites. We also will not link websites that attempt to promote potentially unsafe dieting practices, including the promotion of diet supplement products, or pro-ana websites.

Because this type of forum may encourage spammers, each post will have to be approved before it actually shows up here. If you post and don't see it right away, check back the next day.

Any questions? Send me a PM

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Thank you very much for the opportunity to share there any specific place of this forum to share content such as blog besides this thread?
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