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Cool cheat a bit

I hve fallen off once or twice but only on a small item. I was very hungry, driving, and we got chick fila. I got the grilled ciicken, but before I knew it I had taken 3 bites with bun! Boy was that good, but then I peeled the chicken off the bun. On atkins, had I done that, Montezuma's revenge would have been swift in coming. I also had gotten my sister some net carb candy from Russell Stover, and one just happened to find it's way to me. Darn chocolate, it hunts me down sometimes. It is very hard not to cheat, but I visualize myself or find a reflection somewhere, and that snaps me back to reality, and I just tell myself..I have come this far and I am not going to blow it for a piece of cake.

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Default it's a struggle

I've done 3 days, but tonight had carrots in with the cauliflower and brocolli and one small piece of chocolate - I made hubby eat the rest himself! I'm finding it difficult to give up coffee and I'm not too keen on drinking the de-cafe stuff with all the chemicals that go into it. I find I'm drinking more as I'm getting thirsty and prior to tonight's dinner was a lot less bloated. Can a portion of carrots really mess it all up? I'm eating more protien than I would normally and had a bit of a headache today but nothing a couple of painkillers couldn't sort out. I've discovered a low fat swiss cheese that has a wonderful nutty taste - but will have to be careful I don't over indulge on it I guess. Incidentally, where do fruit teas stand on SBD - like hibiscus or apple and cinamon etc (no tea in them). I like them without any added sweetner and find they make a good change from water - 0 calories and 0 fat so wonder if they are ok.

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