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I generally weigh in every morning. It helps me to stay on track!
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while on maternity leave i was weighing anytime i went to the bathroom. i just like to see how eating / drinking water / excercising affects my body .
i get weighed on every thursday at SFL (weight loss company) and that is what i actually keep in mind for the rest of the week . plus it gives me an idea of what is going on with my body.
i know it seems a little obsessive but that is what i do
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I go from one extreme to the other, I am either hopping on it everyday or I don't step on it for weeks. Yesterday was the first time I jumped on it since I stopped working at the store, which was the end of march and I am down 10 pounds, and that was with starting TOM. I am going to try to stay off them for awhile, I think I do better when I am not jumping on everday.
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Every Morning But I only count Mondays as my official to keep me on track thru the weekend
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Daily but I know weight fluctuates. It does keep me on track. At teh moment I'm weighing in metric and am only 91 which is much better than 201!
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I'm on my third day of SB and I told myself that I wouldn't get on the scale again until next Monday. But every morning after I use the restroom that scale starts to whisper miaaaaaa miaaaaaa so I get on. Can't help it.
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Default How often do you weigh yourself?

I am weighing myself every Sunday morning as I get out of bed. I refuse to do it more often, even though it gets hard as the end of the week rolls around. I think it would be detrimental to my progress, since there is no way I won't see fluctuations that could be misinterpreted. I am trying not to focus on my weight as much as on my overall health and how I look. I always think weight is a deceiving measurement.

How often do you weigh yourself?
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Oft discussed topic!

I was weighing weekly but then was wondering if fluctuations in my weight were showing up as the higher numbers on the day I was weighing, so I went to weighing daily to try to "catch" the low number. I thought it would keep me accountable but what really happened was that I could never get past that there isn't a direct correlation between what I eat and what the scale says. I felt like I "deserved" a little loss (or a big loss) for "being good" and when it didn't happen, that made me feel like staying on plan wasn't worth it at all. So then I decided to only weigh once a month, on the same day of my cycle so that the hormonal things would be taken out of the equation, but I couldn't wait that long so I'm pretty much back to weekly weighing, which is good because I really do have to keep myself on track since we're back home now and there are temptations EVERYwhere.

So I weigh once a week.

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I use to weigh every sunday but I wasn't liking the #'s so about 3 or 4 months ago I moved my weigh in to Fridays.

I weigh every Friday
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I weigh every day, but I don't get bothered by fluctuations. When I see a new low number, it just encourages me to strive to KEEP that number for my "official" weigh in, which is Monday mornings.
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Only1, if you search the forum for "weigh" or "scale," I think you'll find many, many threads on this subject. It's a pretty popular one!

I usually weigh in every morning. I think it helps keep me on track. However, my nutritionist and psychi have other ideas. They think I'm fixating too much on the number, so they asked me to stop weighing altogether. I weigh in at the nutritionist's each week, but I can't see the number and he won't tell me. He says my body composition "looks good." I don't know if they're right, but I'm willing to try it. In the meantime, not weighing certainly does bring up a lot of my emotions about eating and weight, so for that alone, it seems worth it.
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When I started again in January, I was weighing every Wednesday and Saturday because I knew I would be losing at least a pound at each weigh-in. I like to see a loss. This is the first week I skipped the Wednesday weigh-in, so my official one is now Saturday and I'm going to try to stay off the scale other than that.

I also write my weight down in my planner, which goes everywhere with me. When I feel down about not losing as much as I'd like, I can flip through the weeks and say to myself, "see how much you've lost in two weeks? four? six? You're doing great!"
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Rarely. I go by how I feel and how my clothes fit. The numbers are just numbers on a machine. I know I'm still losing because my "new (goal size 8)" clothes are now getting baggy.

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Originally Posted by beachgal View Post
Only1, if you search the forum for "weigh" or "scale," I think you'll find many, many threads on this subject. It's a pretty popular one!
Yeah, I did Laurie. But like anything else here (crappy forum software, by the way), the search returns SO MANY results that you can spend an hour sifting through them to find what you are looking for. In addition, I don't care how often people who no longer post here weigh themselves. I am more interested in active posters. Also, just because someone previously weighed herself/himself weekly, does not mean that person still does with the same frequency.

So sorry to bog down the forum with repetitive posts. However, there don't seem to be many posts of any other type here, so might as well get something going, eh?
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I weigh myself EVERYDAY! I don't know why I do, but I do. I lose about a pound a week pretty consistently so it keeps me motivated to see the numbers. It's so weird how weight fluctuates. I will see a low number one day and then be two or three pounds heavier the next. Usually, by the end of the week I am at the low number again, and I use that as my official weekly weigh in number.
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