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Count me also as one who found the book discouraging regarding losing weight permanently.
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Haven't read the book, but have been keeping my eye on quotes from it. Over 4 years ago, I shed 80+ pounds and I have kept it off. It isn't rocket science, but it IS a refusal to return to my old food habits. So I don't buy into the "you can't keep the weight off" message. I can. I have. I will continue to do so. (have I mentioned I'm stubborn and opinionated and those are my GOOD qualities? )
Most of us drift back into bad old food habits for one reason or another and BLAM! The weight comes back. This shouldn't be a surprise - those bad old food habits contributed to most of our weight gain in the first place - but all too often, it is. I'm thinking mindless eating, caving into "just one bite won't hurt" and that most specious of reasoning, "I've been so good, I DESERVE <insert junk food here>" and an increase in stress are common factors in the "here I am again-obese"
Well, for far too many of us, just one bite WILL hurt! AND we need to stop using food as anesthesia when we are emotionally upset. Most of all, if we have been good, we DESERVE to continue to eat a healthy, balanced diet which does not include fast food, transfats, and packaged low carb dinners. When we are the MOST stressed is precisely when we need to stick to our healthy eating because eating cr** will make us feel WORSE, not better
Buy fresh
Buy local
Make the food choices that are best for you
Laugh every day. Life is short.
PS. Don't you think the best revenge is to show the author it IS possible to shed weight and keep it off?
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My DH comes from a family in which all but he are morbidly obese and he is "just" obese. Was normal weight as an adult until he hit 40.

He has, at 46, finally started to take charge of his weight and health. He is not doing this by dieting so far but by changing bad habits he's had for the last 5 or so years. He's lost 12 lbs. in 7 weeks.

If I had bought this book before he started changing his life I don't think he would have even tried. I am not going to show it to him as I think it would depress and demoralize him instantly.

Yes, there is a genetic component to overweight IMHO and the author makes a reasonable case for a biological cause as well. But I think cultural/environmental factors largely outweigh (pardon me) these. And we can control those.

I think a lot of people regain their lost weight not because of thier biology but because they change only their weight, not the factors that caused them to gain the weight. I believe you have to do both to sucessfully keep the weight off.


He's lost 12 lbs. in
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