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Default Meet _____ (Insert Your Pet's Name)

I thought it would be fun to meet each others pets. I think that pets are big part of many of our lives. So let's share the love of our fuzzy/furry/feathered/slithering...or however they can be members.

So I'll start.

Meet Agatha Noel. She is a 11 yr old feral kitty that we adopted back at Christmas 2001, that is how we came up with her name. Agatha is Greek for good. Noel is for Christmas.

She loves to sleep at the foot of the bed, being brushed, playing with mylar crinkle balls & catnip. At night her favorite thing for her to do is rub up against my leg when I'm at the computer to tell me, "Come to bed, Mom." When I head to bed she gets a little extra petting & attention.

Here's her pic. She's sleeping at the foot of the bed, as usual!
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This is Gypsy, she is 13 years old.

This is Lucy, she is now 1.5 years old.

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Daisy Mae is our sweet yellow lab. She's just three and she's lived with us for only a few months. She's a rescued lab. She has a steel plate in one of her knees, but you can't tell because our girl loves to run!

I love how she wakes up at 6 a.m. and barks at the boys until they get out of bed. Makes my life easier on school days.

The picture is of Daisy Mae and her favorite boy. And they're on my bed, where they love to wrestle.
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Here we've got Brody, the 1.5 year old crested gecko that is so adorable we're not sure how she's a living thing. Then there's Misha, the 3 year old cat who is a weirdo and always alarmed about everything. And Ellie, the 5ish year old ragdoll? mix who thinks she owns everything and loves it. Last but not least is my 9 year old (Her birthday is today!) amelanistic corn snake, Sage.
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Meet Asha (the dark tortie) and Yami (the tabby). They're biological sisters. Asha is the older sister of Yami, and sadly, they're the last remaining cats from their mother's two litters last year.

BUT... these two are such a blessing! We got Asha first, obviously; she is four months older than Yami. After Yami was two months old, we brought her home. Asha was not pleased, to say the least. I had to keep Yami in my room for three weeks, and all their play time together after the first week was supervised (Asha liked to bite Yami's kitten butt for some reason; still does, actually lol). During the last week, they were allowed to play freely as long as someone was home, but when no one was, Yami stayed in my room while Asha kept the rest of the apartment.

But as time went on, Asha start to warm up to the little tabby. She'd let Yami cuddle with her, play tag (Asha loves having Yami chase her), and let Yami chew on her ears and wrestle with her. It didn't take lone before everyone noticed that they were inseparable. They're the best of friends now.

Asha is going to be 2 years old in May 2013, and Yami will be 2 in September 2013.

As far as personality, Asha was a real rascal when she was little. She loved to play fight with our hands (which hurt a lot), but as she's reached her first year of life, she's mellowed out immensely. Now, she's become the sweetest, most docile cat I've ever known so far. She loves to give kisses, is very affectionate, and loves to cuddle. She takes good care of her little sis and gives her tongue baths every day. ♥

Yami is the tomboy. She never grew out of being a kitten, and she's also a bit of a runt. She's not grown past the size of an adolescent cat, is skinny (but man, she is strong), and has a heart murmur. But, you'd never know by the amount of energy she has throughout the day. She can act pretty insane, and is so silly. She's a bit of a lover like her sister, too.

So those are my cats. lol I'm such a cat lady sometimes.
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This is Ares. He's almost a year old now (This picture is from his first night home at almost months). Hes a boxer/lab mix and my total soul twin <3

[IMG] [/IMG]

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Love meeting and seeing people's pets!!

Here are mine (though they technically were my replacements when I left for University, we all love them)

2 Papillons - retired breeding dogs so we got them as adults.

Matilda - Larger, about 12-14 lbs and almost 15 years old... absolute sweetheart and loves people hates loud noises, and when my dad moves stuff around the house. Also hates hockey games and UFC fights.

Beenie (full name Beenie Baby) she is more of a toy, about 7lbs at the most. She is a tough little thing and has a mean streak. She will steal cookies and hide/bury them under blankets. She also picks the 'good' kibble from the bowls and growls when the other one comes near sometimes. She is a funny little thing with a big attitude.
about 14.5 years old

and here's a pic that's a few years old of the two of them, their Christmas Portrait...

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Oooooh!! Pets my fav subject! lol!
Here are my bunch, have not included the fish
All of them were rescued from one situation or another.
Couldnt add pics as i havent been a member for long enough

The dogs:

Molly (1yrs), she came to me (to be fostered) as she was skin and bones and trying to raise puppies, owner decided he didnt want her anymore so she stayed - she is wild and always getting up to mischief!

Maya (6yrs), she is a very nervous dog, was taken out of an absuive home along with her mother, who died last year. Maya still doesnt trust people and goes into panic mode when meeting new people.

Hera (age unknown), my sister found her on a busy road, she had been thrown off a bridge and she had 2 broken legs, she is very lovable when you earn her trust and chases anything that moves.

Karma (13yrs), my old lady - my mom brought her for R10 outside a fast food resturant. She loves to eat and will stop at nothing to get food.

The cockatiels:

Tempest (age unknown) he sings and talks (calls "Wakey wakey") when he decides its time to wake up - usually 5am.

Willow (age unknown) was brought to be a friend for a cockatiel i rescued from a neglectful home - he died of kindey failure a while back. she is not at all tame.
Flicker (over 10yrs) - he has a cheese and bread addiction

Torrent (1yrs) (everyone calls her Tori) I hand raised her from 4 days old, she is Tempest and Willows baby, but they were bad parents.

My bearded Dragon:

Dylan (5yrs), he is missing a front leg - was attacked as a baby, he is an extremly fussy eater and usually only eats strawberry flavoured foods.
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My family has always had dogs since I was a baby & I can't imagine life without them. Right now we have 6, which is a lot, but I love them all!

First, is Izzie. She's a 5 yr old Yorkie, & she's my buddy. We almost lost her about a year ago to a terrible bout of pancreatitis, but she made a miraculous recovery & I thank God every day for her! My nickname for her is Fluffy (or Fluffypants, Fluffington, etc.)

The next Yorkie is Chloe, she'll be 2 this month. She's completely neurotic, but she's sweet enough to make up for it! I call her Chlo-Chlo. (Her hair is much shorter now).

The littlest Yorkie, @ 3 lbs, is Honey. She's adorable & she knows it. I usually call her Honeybun, HoneyBunny, Bunny Foo Foo, HoneyBooboo, etc.

Next is my Rat Terrier, Sheena. At nearly 17 years old, she's ancient, but still in pretty decent shape. I refer to her, affectionately, as "Grandma" because she's old The pic is from 3-ish years ago.

Then there's my Lilly, a 2 yr old Border Collie who loooooves herding cattle. She's my baby, I usually refer to her as "Baby girl," or "Lillian" if she's being bad (Lillian isn't her name, it just sounds good).

Our sixth dog is Hyde, a 2 yr old Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix. He's VERY energetic, a little crazy & my Dad's only male companion among the dogs. He works cattle, & is Lilly's best dog friend.

Then there's Shelby, the first cat I have ever owned. I've never cared much for cats, so it was a surprise to me when I met Shelby and liked her! She's sweet, & she cracks me up with her kitty ways.

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Meet Neko (knee-co). She is 8 years old and she loves to stalk me and run around the house! I originally wanted to name her Camaro, after the car, but my mum told me it was a silly name. So, stuck for ideas, I decided to pull out my then knowledge of Japanese and named her Neko (neigh-ko), which is the Japanese word for cat! She's travelled from Invercargill in the South Island up to Tauranga in the centre-ish of the North Island, and soon she'll be headed to Australia! She loves to sleep on the bed against me at night and sit on my lap when I'm available
I love my Neko!

P.S. I'm sure she's sick of me taking photo's of her all the time!
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We have a 3 year old shitzu that was given as a gift. We love her so much! She likes to eat hot dog and cakes. I am not allowed yet to post images or links, so i can't attach her pictures.
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Meet Sasha the Dawg.

I am not on a PC, so no photos for now. She is one year old (i'm assuming), I found her and her sister (named Carmen by her adopters) when she was 3 to 4 months old. I am not rich enough to handle two dogs at the same time, so I put up "Did you lose them?" posters on Facebook and showed them to friends around me. Nobody called to take them, so I put Sasha's sister for adoption. A good family came along and named her Carmen. She has been living in a nice villa for a while, with human and dog friends, that's the end of her story.

So, there I was, with Sasha looking at me. I turned to mom for some financial help amd soon, we became like a lesbian couple. we had an adoptee "kid", we had to provide for her. I even started training her (sit, stay, lie down, stand up, come, heel, paw. all taught in a week. She even does simple math now.)

Our vet tells us that she does look like a Labrador, she is black with white and brown parts here and there. She's not purebreed apparently. I don't care though, we're already besties. We even have doggy friends in our neighborhood (stray dogs AND dogs walked by humans).

She was a stray dog but we don't have health concerns, as we take her to vet check-ups at least monthly.
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Here's my Finnegan AKA Finn and Finnie - and Finnie Foo Foo if you count what my niece calls him lol. Finn will be 2-years-old this fall. I adopted him at the county no-kill shelter, when he was 4 months old. He thinks of himself as the "great hunter" - he can guarantee to hunt down and kill any moth or fly in the house. He also thinks he's a parrot
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Can't post pics/links yet because I'm not old enough per forum standards (I just started 3FC) but I wanted to post anyway! Pics are always on my instagram account: jaimrlx_

I have 5 pets, I'm also a pet sitter - I'm around animals everyday and absolutely love it!

I have Gus, a miniature Dachshund. He's my rock! Turns 3 tomorrow He's red with a black overlay, I rescued him from a horrible woman who actually bought him from a 'puppy mill'. It was a bad situation, he fathered 6 litters by 2.5, and I've had him since February. <3

I also have a beautiful tiger striped cat with stark white chin, chest, stomach, mittens and boots! He is hyper and such a little meatball, but he is mine and I love him.

I also have 3 geckos - 2 cresteds that are awesome! I have a chocolate harlequin named Seismo, and a bright orange tiger named Dex! Both around 20g. Super adorable! 1 leopard gecko named Digit, she's a High Yellow and she's stunning to look at. Not a single line on her body, completely symmetrical spotting and the best lavendar tail (at 2 years old) that I've ever seen!

As for client's.. you name it, I've got it. I'll have to come back and post pics when I have been on the forums long enough!
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Your pets are adorable.

Shadow adopted me and my family about 7 years ago. She is 8 1/2 year old lab mix with incredible physique. She walked 1000 miles with me last year, and will do the same this year.

I love her to pieces.
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