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Default Pregnant

Hi All;

If u were pregnant would u be able to breath right in?
Also when does a pregnant woman whos having her FIRST child start showing?
Also if it was a short woman of about 5ft and weighs 7 stone.

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Yes, you can breath in. Every woman is different, some show at 6 weeks, some show at 30 weeks. It's impossible to say. Can you clarify? Are you wondering if you are pregnant or something?
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I had shortness of breath early on with my pregnancies, my doctor told me that that can happen because of hormones. Also, you can have some bloating early on in pregnancy that may look like "showing" but really isn't. Some people show really early but that's generally with people who have had several babies, but it is different for everyone.
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Breathing is generally ok until your 3rd trimester when your little one is all up in your ribs, LOL. I have asthma anyway, so maybe I just didn't notice if I was more short of breath in the beginning.

I had to start wearing maternity clothes because I was showing around 16 weeks with my first and pretty much as soon as the stick turned pink with my second. LOL!! Ok, it was closer to 12 weeks, but still...

I'm just over 5'2" tall, fyi.
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With my first I didn't show until ~21 weeks (5'3" 135 lb at the time), but as a PP said, bloating can be pretty severe in the first trimester and can look like you're showing but really aren't. With my second I was in maternity clothes pretty quickly, this one I'm not even 8 weeks and considering the maternity pants already!
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I didn't show until around 20 weeks with my first.
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Everyone is different.
For me breathing was never an issue.
I started showing around 20 (five months) weeks with my first but gained weight pretty quickly.
The second I never showed till I was 24 weeks and never gained any weight till I was about four months.
I'm only 5ft so I am really short.
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near the end it depends on how you're body is holding the baby. I think my uterus is lopsided because they all seem to keep their butts up in the upper LEFT hand side for me. Either that, or I think my oldest sat that way and the rest all kinda kept falling into the groove like the way your foot fits into an old shoe?

Anyways, even though they all hang out on the left, my daughter was REALLY HIGH and smashed my diaphragm (I think thats what it's called? The 'breather muscle' ?) to the point of me NOT being able to breath at all the last month I was pregnant!

But I don't usually have breathing related to early pregnancy. I'm not pregnant right now, but I've had HUGE breathing problems which are not asthma (I've been tested). I had this same problem in high school and I went and got tested for a bunch of stuff and they told me it was "Stress Related". I haven't had a problem for years until this fall again, I wonder if its some kind of allergy? Or maybe I'm just not handling the stress well in my life right now?

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