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Default so close but so far...

So i am about 15 lbs from being in a "normal" weight range. however, i am at a point now where i am happy that i am wearing a size 12 when i was in a 20! I have an apt amount of excess skin on almost every part of my body but i decided a few weeks ago that i am not going to pressure myself so much about hitting any specific number. i simply want to feel good about myself. But..at the same time i am finding myself eating basically whatever when want...exercising very little...and being okay with myself. i made myself sick last night due to eating alot of junk food. i feel like i am so close to my goal yet sooooo very far from being able to maintain. Any helpful words of advice from anyone would be awesome!
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First of all, CONGRATS!! You've come a long way!!! Don't give up now!!!

I did the exact same thing but please use me as an example. I got to where I was living an active lifestyle, I had lost a ton of weight and was feeling wonderful about myself... and I got too comfy. I gained every pound back, plus some because I had slowly stopped exercising and eating what I wanted because I felt so "skinny". It's all a mind game, I'm convinced, and getting your head back in the game will save you a ton of heartache months down the road!
Good luck to you!
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mhill0823 took the words right out of my mouth. I had the same experience, lost a bunch of weight, got to comfortable, gained it all back plus more.

I know for me I have to remind myself that this is my lifestyle now. I now understand there isn't a magical number I can hit on the scale where I can let myself relax and indulge a little bit. For me personally I have to stay vigilant because one or two days of eating excess calories or skipping exercise can easily snowball. I can be on plan for 3 weeks, but sometimes one bad day can mentally derail me.

Congratulations on getting to this point! You should feel good about yourself!! Maybe you just need a new point of view. Show your new body how much you appreciate it by eating healthy foods and being active.

Something that really works for me is giving myself fitness goals. I started signing up for 5Ks and doing things out of my comfort zone like going white water rafting. I find that pushing myself to meet new goals gives me a high and a confidence that I don't want to ruin with junk food. I want my body to run at it's most efficient so I can do absolutely everything I want to do.

You also might just be tired of weight-loss. It's okay to take a break and go into maintenance. You said your happy with your body. There's nothing wrong with staying where you are now if you're happy. I know some will disagree with me, but I think it's less about the number on the scale and more about how you feel.

You've taken the biggest step so far by realizing what you are doing and coming on to 3FC for support. You've got this! Stay strong and you'll get through this!
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Thank you both so much..i appreciate knowing its not just me. I have been doing 5ks most of the summer and planned to done this Sept but am getting shin splints and needed a break from the intense running. i just need to get back on thwarting wagon and log my calories again...i.stopped that too lol...i did go for a 2 mile run today..yay! i have been looking for more events to do and i agree that signing up for those things keeps me focused. i am trying to not even look at the scale and refocus my energy on toting with some light cardio during the week. i can tell my new clothes are getting a little tighter and its time to get myself in check! I go more by how i feel in my own clothes and not so much the scale anymore.

i guess though..i shouldn't be too hard on myself. Im no where near where i was when i started this journey. i was sting fast food 4-6 times a week...lying around on my couch doing nothing. Even though Im in a mental block...i am still better off where i am now. i have not had fast food in a year :-) and the idea of eating mcds actually makes me a little nauseous! i do have subway once in a while but that's it.

thank you both so much for your own experiences and suggestions. I am looking for a new fitness/event goal now. *on my phone...sorry if there are typos!!**
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Oh my goodness!!! Congrats! That is such an accomplishment! I haven't been that low in almost 10 years. Keep us updated
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