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Default I Worry Sometimes...

I worry sometimes that my PCOS belly will never go away.

Even at 15 years old, most of my body was pretty normal-sized...but I had a HUGE belly/midsection. This was long before I gave up and started eating everything in sight. So even when I was eating semi-healthy (but not low carb, which was probably a large part of it, I admit), my PCOS belly was there.

A few years back, I went down to 240 pounds. My lowest weight since the end of high school. I lost 40 pounds...and during that weightloss, I never lost a single inch from my belly. My legs, arms, bust, waist, everything else, got smaller. But nothing for my big belly/hips.

Am I the only one afraid of never losing the belly? Has anyone else here with PCOS reached their goal, or are close to their goal, and have gotten rid of most or all of the belly? Just curious.
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I had to do something about my PCOS a few years ago because I was gaining weight and it was all in my belly...

It's gotten a lot flatter since then... but it required a low-carb diet and watching my calories.
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Me but then regained so I try again.

It is possible. It just takes WORK.

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I'm at my lowest weight ever at my current height, barely still in the "overweight" category, and my belly's still there. Everything else has shrunk considerably, but it's still there :/ I've been doing ab workouts a lot even though I know that it's impossible to spot reduce just because it makes me so self-conscious. It's nice to see that others have had success though...I guess that I just have to keep on chugging along.
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