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traditional PCOS -- anovulatory, increased androgens, no insulin resistance 61 19.49%
syndrome X -- anovulatory, increased androgens, insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes 83 26.52%
non-traditional PCOS --anovulatory, normal androgens, obese, insulin resistant or type 2 diabetes 45 14.38%
non-traditional PCOS -- ovulatory, increased androgens, mild insulin resistance 59 18.85%
idiopathic hirsutism -- ovulatory, increased androgens, no insulin resistance 11 3.51%
Not sure -- but think I have PCOS or IR 32 10.22%
Don't have PCOS. I am Insulin Resistance (pre-diabetes) 8 2.56%
Other (What is it?) 14 4.47%
Voters: 313. You may not vote on this poll

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I have had pros for 10 yrs
I didn't know there were types
all I know is my sugar is high but not diabetic I'm losing my hair on my head and growing it everywhere else
I'm curious to know which type I have now
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I'm curious how to know which type I am, since I have no clue what the symptoms mean exactly. Without birth control, I have 3 or 4 periods a year, about 2 weeks each - no cramps if that's relevant. High testosterone, not diabetic. So traditional?
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Wow! I had no idea there were so many types of PCOS. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 14 or 15 years ago. I was told by my OBGYN at the time that I had a 'classic case of PCOS' and I never knew it could take on so many forms until I started to do my own research, but even this is something I've never read.

I would classify myself as non-traditional PCOS or quite possibly Syndrome X.
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Gotta Lose to Win
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Not sure what I am but my blood work always comes back within normal range but I have weight gain problems and cysts on my ovaries and dont ovulate for 6 months at a time now....
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I'm semi-ovulatory with poly-cystic ovaries, high androgens and borderline diabetes. I have regular(ish) cycles but I don't always ovulate. I also have hypothyroidism and some kind of adrenal gland issue. woot

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I am traditional PCOS. Anovulatory, obese, excess body hair and increased androgens.
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Non traditional and just plain weird. I'm ovulatory and menstruate like clockwork, but I never got a luteinizing hormone surge when we first tried until I started on Metformin. Also struggle with hirsuitism, increased androgens, and mild insulin resistance.
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Battling pcos daily
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Non traditional here....
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Default Mixture

I have syndrome X and non- traditional PCOS>

obese, insulin resistant, pre-diabetic, definitely increased androgens...can't say about anovulatory since I had a hysterectomy several years ago, but kept my ovaries, which apparently don't work anyways ! Severe weight gain.
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I wasn't told a type, but to guess based on the symptoms that my MD told me, non-traditional PCOS -- ovulatory, increased androgens, mild insulin resistance. I guess that I'm fortunate. No excess hair growth in weird areas or acne. My eye brows are a little thick, but I chalk that up to genetics. I was diagnosed because most of my weight is concentrated around my mid-section. My doc ran a bunch of blood work and ordered an ultrasound. He saw a lot of cysts around my ovaries and my blood work was abnormal. I have hypothyroidism and a vitamin B12 deficiency as well. So, that may keep the hair growth in check.
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I put nontraditional pcos but I also fall under syndrome X.
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I think I have the traditional PCOS - one of my Drs in the past seemed to think I have PCOS others where I know live fob it off especially since I have had children!
I have weight issues - being obese but not diabetic and loosing weight is hard work - very hard work
I have excess facial hair and when I get my monthly (that terms a joke) it increases more
I have acne problems - around that time of the month - And I don't just mean a few pimples or just on the face
I get skin tags quite badly in the arm pits (eww ok To much Info I suppose it is)
& have higher then normal blood pressure
One symptom I am grateful for not having which might be one of the other types is hair thinning / hair loss!
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