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Woo Hoo! I'm so excited to find this Community and especially this Forum! I have been a pagan since I was 19 - that makes 30 years this March. I have most recently been calling myself a green witch. I look forward to meeting you all and getting and giving assistance.

I have had some losses in my family in the last few years that have given me the scare. I really think I need to start to lose weight to save my health.

I posted a bio on the Alternachicks bios sticky so I won't repeat it here but I hope to lose 100 pounds by March 14th next year - my 50th birthday!

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Great to find some fellow Pagans here! This makes me very happy. I am a follower of the Goddess following a more Dianic Path and I am very akin to Egyptian Goddesses (Isis, etc.) Being Pagan has only helped me on my weight loss journey, being aware of the moon cycles and its affect on more hunger/food cravings (full moon=more chocolate cravings! new moon=more subsided cravings) and also integrating in specific meditations in helping with weight loss along with channeling goddess energy during workouts. My goal is to lose 100 pounds by this time next year.

blessed be everyone!!!
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Default hi !

I posted a big long intro in the main intro section of the 3FC forums but I wanted to pop over here and say "hi" too! I'm so psyched to find a pagan section and I am looking deeply into my spirituality to bring me to the point of health and happiness! I've been a pagan for 23 years, practicing mostly solitary but with groups on occaision. I'm a celtic/faerie/green witch and I also attend my local UU church. Nice to meet everyone!
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I've been a proud practicing pagan basically my entire life ... since early teens. Nice to see the acceptance of 'other' faiths here.
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Merry Meet !!

I am a 46 year old eclectic hereditary solitary witch - but witch is simple enough. My mother and both sisters are witches. Growing up we knew our mother was a witch and my Daddy was Protestant. I searched for something that made sense to me (abusive home) and didn't really "find" wicca until I was out of the house in my late teens. Oddly enough - after my mother died my sisters and I all found out we had been practicing - although different paths. Guess it is genetic in my family.

I love love love the old traditional wicca - Doreen Valiente in particular. I also blend in more feminist witchcraft from Starhawk and Z while adding Celtic influences. I have never practiced with a group but because I live near Salem MA I have attended some large wiccan gatherings. The most memorable for me was the Tercentary of the Salem Witch Trials. Hundred of witches came from all over the country (the world I believe) and it was THE most powerful experience I've ever had. Amazing energy with that many people.

I have a 12 year old son that has been with me since he was small and I am finally in the process of adopting !!!

I love piercings - started with my eyebrow after I had lost 100 pounds. I enjoy hiking at local state parks, reading (historical fiction, biographies, romance, cookbooks, wicca/pagan related etc). My musical tatses are all over the place but I mostly enjoy old punk (Clash, The Cult, The Cure etc) older grunge/alternative (Garbage, Veruca Salt etc) and hard rock (Disturbed etc). I also love goth rock and Celtic influenced music. And - don't be a hater - but I can sometimes listen to Rascal Flatts or Keith Urban.

Bright Blessings !!

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wow i was so excited when i saw they had an area for people like me.
my name is sandy. im ecletic wicca, and dabble in a little pagan areas.
im 28 , attempting to drop from 170-120, calorie counting and exercising. just been doing this for about 12 days (the weight watching , the wicca since i was 14).
exercising part is hard, i gotta buy sports bras that are expensive (h size cups needed) so it hard to do sit ups and run without hurting myself. luckily we got me an ab lounger..dont know how great it is for everyone but i can finaly do a sit up without getting stuck on the ground!!!
anyway hope to be a big part of this group!
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Bright Blessings everyone!!!! I never thought I'd find a pagan weight loss support!!!! This is fantastic...

A little bit about me...
I'm 33... I've been a practicing solitary eclectic for 17 years... I was diagnosed 10 years ago with a disabling heart condition which severly limited my ability to do just about any activity. Since that time I gained a drastic amount of weight. And for a long time it was really hard for me to accept myself...

And as I'm sure we've all experienced... It's pretty difficult to see the Goddess in other people when we can't see Her in ourselves... Eventually I got to the point where I was comfortable in my own skin... And I am... I know that I am safe, loved and protected by HER no matter what I look like on the outside... I know I'm that I am beautiful no matter the scale may say...

My goals are to be more healthy... I'd like to lose 100 pounds, I don't have a goal date... Thus far I am trying to limit my calorie intake and just strongly visualize myself as my ideal...

Love that ..."Weight Release"
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Wow, how awesome that there is a pagan weight loss support board!

I answer to Sue, Xirene and Amber :P Aside from a year with a coven back in PA, I've been a solitary eclectic witch for the past 22 yrs.

Over the years, I've gone from an Aphrodite body type to a Willendorf, and while all goddess forms are beautiful, I'm not happy with how I look and feel at this weight.

I've been lucky to have good genes, so despite carrying more than 100# than I should be around, I've not had any major health issues. I realize though that as I get older, I am playing with fire and now is the time to do something about it.

Looking forward to getting to know you! May the hand of the Lady be on you.
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Well, I'm Amanda, age 22 from Central Wisconsin. I don't subscribe to any one tradition, so I guess I'd be something of an eclectic spiritualist. I have two ferrets and a saint bernard. I enjoy reading, tending my herb garden (which consist of several potted plants, since we live on a lot of sand), sewing, and tabel top gaming.
I'm a bit of a nerdy pagan, I guess.
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I don't know how I COMPLETELY missed seeing this section! Gah, I'm blind!!

I found the religion over ten years ago, but was unable to let go of my stern Christian upbringing until just over a year ago. So I'm still very new to paganism. I've been reading and trying to educate myself, and have celebrated 4 Sabbats, but for the most part I'm concentrating on learning and absorbing the principles and philosophies that make up paganism. It's been a rather liberating experience in some respects, and I hope it continues!

Oh, and trying to lose 100 lbs, then play it by ear from there.
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Default Merry Meet!

My name is Nicki, 24, 1st Gen. American and in the past few years I've made some pretty drastic changes to my belief systems. I grew up with a Rastafarian father and a Christian Mother both from until pretty recently I spent a lot of time bouncing around, trying to figure out who the **** I was. I read the book 'Conversations with God' and I haven't been the same sense. The most empowering idea the book gave me was that there is nothing that I have to do; no big test that needs to be passed. I'm here to love, and help, and enjoy in whatever way that suits me. My journey into paganism has been completely delightful and new and it's so empowering to find Pagan women on the same journey as me.

I'm from a town in Arkansas, and it's been challenging finding people around here to learn from and grow I've been doing a lot of reading, and I'm still searching to find out what suits me. But I love the fact that no matter what...if it feels right to you, it works. There's no stringent rules about how things absolutely have to be. It's just wonderful!

So glad I found this group. Me= Greatest mood ever.
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Hi there RndmCandle! Isn't it great to feel that kind of liberation! I think I sometimes get too caught up in "doing it right", that I forget it's about what feels right to you. I think because I'm taking part in the Halloween Challenge I'm really thinking about and looking forward to Samhain! Here's a good luck to both of us!
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Default Greetings and Questions Re: Exercise

I am in the younger half of my mid-thirties, a mother of two, and of course Pagan. specifically I follow an Irish tradition. Due to a series of various events which occurred over the last ten years I gained a lot of weight - about 100lbs or so. Due to physical limitations, it became increasingly difficult to attempt to do anything about it as such actions seemed to cause only more harm. Then, a couple of months ago I suddenly started losing weight unexpectedly and completed unplanned. within about two weeks time I lost approximately 30 lbs. In order to keep the ball rolling, I went ahead and began medical weight loss and have now taken on about 50 lbs in total since this all began two months ago.

But, I have a few problems that I am trying to sort out. For example, I my skin is becoming very loose and floppy - especially in the lower abdomen and under the arms. I was doing alot of swimming and stair climbing, but the results were limited. Therefore I have (as of last night) also implemented a yoga twice a day, a one hour walk, and small amounts of upper arm weight lifting using cans of soup. I am very sore but want to do more and want to find better ways to tone. Like many within the magical community, I am afflicted with asthma (which has always been a problem even when I was extremely athletic) and do not smoke etc. so its entirely just my body.

This week, I didn't take off any weight but lost about 4 inches around. so, I am doing fairly well, but would like to do more. On my diet I am eating lean protein and am limited to 10 oz. of food per day and then drink about 0.5 to 1 gallon of water each day. Classes are not really an option for me right now - otherwise I would be either roller or ice skating again (used to be figure skater) or even taking kung fu. This are not options - so whatever I come up with needs to be able to be done at home and work well. As many of you already have experience with these sorts of things - what do you suggest? How many hours do you put in per day? I am thinking about 3 hours (one in the early morning, one in the evening, and intermittent exercise breaks through out the day) plus an hour or so of walking?
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Hello!! I am back!! I took a brief hiatus from 3FC in general, but now I am back. I have missed 3FC and the paganchicks section.

I'm Martina, I'm 33 and live in Pembroke, NC. Thats about an hours south of Fayetteville. I am a follower of Wicca and have been for a few years now. I'm in the bible belt, in an area where other religions have sort of been "run off" so to speak, so I'm solitary. (I moved up here in 2007, I lived in Atlanta before).

When I was on 3fc before I had lost ten pounds, and now I'm going to try to start losing more and work towards getting back in shape.
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