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let me first disclose: i am in relapse, so consider this 'with a grain of salt'...
last year, when my higher power and i really closed in on my disease, i wrote at the end of each night (after dinner or at bedtime)
HIGHER POWER , (mine has a name but i will leave it blank for you to fill in yours)
There was more to the prayer, but this is the part relevant to your post.......sort of a letter to my higher power.
it worked exceptionally well.....i am in relaps cuz i dont want to stop overeating, i just want to not have the 'fat' consequences...i understand that, and i am prayerfully begging for the strength to 'jump ship' away from the food, and cling on to my HP
keep up the good fight, and bless youi
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Kim, I too believe that it is the power of the mind that will set us free. The power meaning for me, My Lord and Saviour Jesus. I do notice that when I try to be in charge I fail, but when I give it up to God, great things happen. But we all know that its not that easy, at least for me its not. I tend to want to do things all the time MY way and in my rush, rat race of a life I forget to slow down and pray.

Thank for the reminder once again and congrats on your progress.

Hugs, Leenie
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Thanks for posting this issue. I have always been a night time eater. At times, I would bring food up to my bedroom and wake up in the middle of the night and eat it.
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Sabreek, thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear you have trouble with this.

While I wouldn't advocate taking medication unless it's essential, I wonder if taking something for a little while would break the cycle. I mean, the practice of waking in the night must be a formed "habit", right?
While I don't get up in the night to eat (I sure do like taking food up to bed with me, though!), I have had times when I'll wake in the night, and it'll become a habit. You know... an anxious sort of sleep. And that will become a habit that's difficult to break.
I have a prescription for an anti-anxiety med (1/2 pill knocks me out nicely), and I'll take that on occasion (once or twice a month) if I need to "get back on track" with my sleep patterns. It really does help.
Again, I'm not recommending meds... just speculating on their possible usefulness...
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Me toooooo!

I do OA & WW and nighttime eating is the bane of my existance. I just hate it and I hate myself when I do it.

What makes it better for me is that I keep a bag of Pirate Booty in the bedroom with a quart of water that I allow my self on the nights I'm jammed. That is at least a little less dangerous. Because I am not doing absinance from flour, I also allow a few points for a WW dessert after dinner.

It's so hard, I know. The book that was recommended on this thread sounds good. I am going to look into that, as well.

Hang in there with me!

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Radiodoll, that's a great idea! You've reminded me that I made a pact with a friend awhile ago to keep some fruit by our beds... I'm going to do that...
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Default I relate

Gosh do I relate... I wish I had an answer. For me, like another in here, I pray, ask God for strength to not eat... also, I try to watch interesting tv to keep my mind off the chips and crackers... and too, I think about tomorrow, thinking back to tonight, and being thankful I didn't eat and seeing the scale move downwards. I always have to remind myself of the scale moving, and also seeing myself in an image of the future, thin, trim, happy, glowing..
God bless you
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someone once recommended Crest Whitestrips after dinner. then you can't eat or drink.
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That's a great idea, Bella.
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I discovered the crest white strips also. You can do the bottom and top 2X a day. So if you do them separetly at 30 min each that is 2 hours that you are not eating. I don't do them for 2 weeks as recommended but pull them out to keep from eating when needed!! I also use them when I'm preparing food for my children and all I want to do is nibble.

Fruit also is great!! Recently I've been eating Asian pears. They are huge and very juicey. The other night I ate 2 of them and was actually full...& did not feel guily unlike the guilt that plagues me when I pig out on chocolate, chips, cheese, nuts, ice cream etc...

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Default My downfall is nighteating

I was reading all the posts and my downfall is nighteating too! I did not know it was a syndrome. I consider it my worst that I gave up smoking. I am going to pick up that book. Lately I go to bed, and wake up and eat . It's not easy getting over that feeling like you just blew it anyway mine as well go for it!

Hang in there you are not alone
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I eat at night, that's my weakness when I am watching TV!
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Default I have this problem...

I'm new to this site, so I saw this thread a few days after it was posted. But if anyone reads this, I would appreciate some help. Late night (or in my case, early morning) hunger is the bane of my existence. I wake up every morning at 4 am pretty much on the dot CRAVING something..usually something sweet. I have tried a lot of things like trying to ignore or putting a water bottle by my bed so I can drink a little water instead of getting up and going to the kitchen. But that usually doesn't work. If I try to ignore, I won't go back to sleep and H2O doesn't seem to cut it. I have quit buying sweets when I grocery shop, but that sometimes leads to s 4 am trip to Krispy Kreme. What else can I do?
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I'm a late night binger as well. I find that I do it alot more when I don't go to bed the same time as my boyfriend. That's when I "sneak" food One thing that works for me is bringing a tall glass of ice water with me to drink while I read in bed before I go to sleep. It does the trick 95% of the time, and I like crunching on the ice, I still get to "eat" something but I don't feel any guilt for it
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I'm another late nite binger. I will get up anywhere from once to 3 or 4 times a night. If I get up only once I consider the night a success. About the only thing that helps me is to constantly tell myself not to eat in the evening and when I wake up I tell myself, just don't go into the kitchen and then I have to listen to myself. I was part of a nite eating study. taking an antidepressant but it didn't help me. I have been doing this for years. and writing that makes me feel very sad.
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