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Default New, can point me in right direction?

Hey everyone,
I'm new here. Googled "over eating forum support" and hoping this place will be what I need.

So in a nutshell: I am 23 years old, I have 2 kids: 4 and 2. I was 115 lbs before getting pregnant with my first child. And leveled out to 130 once she was 1 year old. Now my 2nd daughter is 2 and I am stuck at 160. I am 5'1.

The problem is that I can not stop eating. Sugar and carbs is my poison. I have a unresolved back injury so I cannot work out until I have money to get that fixed.
I am hoping to lose 30-40 lbs by dieting/changing my eating lifestyle. I think i just have a real problem- I love food so much and I just can't stop eating. I feel so disgusting and fat that I don't ever want to have sex with my husband.. I don't feel pretty or healthy or happy- I feel so gross and am hating myself that I keep eating even though I know I need to stop!
Please no bashing but I have tried hcg twice and the first time it did work. that was 3 years ago. Last year I did it and it did not help and I gained it all back.

I'm wondering if this is the right forum for me or if anyone can tell me which forum would be best for me to try? I need support to stop eating excessively, To fight my cravings, and to feel not so alone.
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Hi Em160!

It sounds like you are in the right place. Although this board is pretty quiet, OA is active and vibrant. We can help you.

I used to be almost three hundred pounds. But worse than the extra weight was the constant torment of obsessing over food. I was always focused on what I could eat next, how I could get alone so that I could eat it, how much I could eat without getting sick, eating more that anyways, promising that I would start again the next day, and frequently failing before noon.

Today, I am comfortable with my food. I eat a healthy balanced diet. I don't obsess with food. I wake up in the morning feeling slightly hungry, not hung over from last night's binge. My blood sugar is more even. I'm kinder and less likely to erupt in anger.

The first step is to get yourself to a meeting. There are two webpages that can be of help in getting you the help you need to recover from this. The first is OA's national webpage. From this webpage, you can click the links to search for face-to-face meetings near you. The second suggestion is to go to This page will provide you with a phone number to access their daily phone meetings, 7-9 am, eastern time, every weekday morning. You can also listen to their archived meetings online.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them for you. I'll try to come back here in the next few days. But if I don't answer your response immediately, its because my email is sending 3fatchicks emails to my spam folder again.

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Welcome Em160,

Although it's strongly recommended that you attend face to face meetings, there are also online meetings that you can find if you search "OA online meetings"
For me certain foods are like drugs for me. When I put them in my body I can't stop myself from eating (sugar and flour for me). It's a physical compulsion.

And if I do manage to stop eating them, I obsess over food and eventually bingeing looks like a good idea and I go right back to overeating all over again.

It was a vicious cycle that I couldn't stop on my own.

OA and the 12 Steps offers recovery from that.

Hopefully you have meetings in your area. You'll find them welcoming, accepting and supportive.

Good luck
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Reading your post was like reading my life. I mean there are some differences, like I am older and have more children then you ... but the struggle and the feeling of self-hate ... that is what I deal with. It's hard because with a food addiction it isn't taken as serious as any other addiction and food is so easy to turn to. But like you I just feel so fat and disgusting and it has hurt my marriage. I am new here too so I hope we both can overcome this so we can live a full and happy life!
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