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Unhappy What do I do??

Here lately, I'm starting to really feel like I have an eating disorder, but the opposite since I'm actually eating more than I should.

I am trying very hard to eat mostly Paleo, but I just can't cut all the processed crap out. I have cut my dairy intake down a lot (mostly cheese; I don't really like dairy milk), though I recently discovered that I really like greek yogurt, but the calories on that stuff isn't bad at all, and it ends up making a good substitute for other things that have higher calories, so I may make an exception for that. I've also almost entirely cut gluten out (with the rare exception of a sandwich once in a while, which I am discovering I'm not liking them as much anymore).

My problem is this:

Sometimes I get bad cravings for processed junk. My old diet was almost completely processed, and it's hard not to just pop a pizza or frozen burritos or chicken strips into the oven when I'm hungry. I have the habit of waiting until I'm starving to start looking for something, or snacking on sweets or chips until it's time to eat a meal.

Here lately, I've been doing pretty good. I haven't bought a lot of processed junk this month. I have bought some, but not as much as usual.

My other problem:

Even if I don't buy the junk, my parents' do, and they live in walking distance from me, and will gladly give me some if I ask for it.

My cravings can get so bad, and it's just so easy to get. I don't know what to do. (I know, I know. It sounds so pathetic), but no matter how much healthy food I eat, I also feel the cravings, and that fact that I could always make room for it if it is presented to me.

I just don't feel as good as I do when I eat processed food. Well, I don't FEEL good afterward. I can get heartburn or indigestion or an upset or cramping stomach, but I get this rush of "I'm happy!" emotions when I'm eating sweets or pizza or lots of cheese.

I get a slight euphoric feeling after eating healthy food, but it can't compare with that. Also, my stomach never feels as stuffed or full as it does when I eat unhealthy stuff. I guess I'm not used to feeling light. I associate light with feeling empty, I guess.

Also, I guess the tastes and textures of healthy food aren't as appetizing to me either.

Does anyone else ever feel this way? How can I fix it?

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What if I tell you that you could cook a lot of things in advance and put in the freezer in serving size, this way when you have the feeling to grab something convenient from the freezer that is unhealty for you, you could grab the healty version instead.

Pizza can be made on whole grain tortilla with fresh tomate sauce, vegetavle and low fat cheese and lots of garlic and oregano, you can make a stack and wrap them individually ready to pop in the oven.

Burritos, again whole grain tortilla with refried beans, salsa and low fat cheese. All prepared in the freezer ready to go.

Chili grounds turkey fat free, with pinto beans, onions, garlic, cumin, Chili ,tomates, again ready to eat.

You have alternatives and tasty one, lower in fat and sodium, beside you know what is inside, no funky chemical. If you need recipes you can send me a mp I would gladly help you get ides.

As far as your parents are concerned, forgot where they live, just kidding.

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Those ideas sound good, but the problem is that the Paleo diet omits ALL grain. I've been using spaghetti squash as a substitute for noodles, and riced cauliflower as a substitute for pizza crust. I still haven't fully given up cheese (another thing Paleos omit).

I notice that when I eat grains, I end up eating more than I should.
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I find that the best way to give something to replace it with something BETTER!

Try making some replacement goodies that are both low calorie and healthy. I make such things as Homemade Chili, authentic Jamaican curried chicken, black eyed peas, delishous seafood dishes, and to satisfy my urge for cake/sweets, I make a wonderful batch of pumpkin raisin muffins each week (they are truly OUTRAGEOUSLY delishous). With all the GREAT TASTING, nutritious and calorie portioned foods, its NO WORK at all to resist the FATTIER counterparts!

Don't deny...REPLACE! That's the key!
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Sorry did not know that, can I ask you a question since I know nothing about paleo, why no grain and thank you for your answer
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Originally Posted by Serval87 View Post
Here lately, I'm starting to really feel like I have an eating disorder, but the opposite since I'm actually eating more than I should.
That is an eating disorder. It's not just NOT eating, overeating or binging are eating disorders.

It's disordered eating. Not eating the way you should.

Like any disorder or addiction, it's tough to quit cold turkey. think of it as you would think of any other many of us, you ARE addicted to food.

Like a smoker, for example. some can quit cold turkey, most can't. soooo, what do they do? They replace it with something, they keep busy.

so keep yourself busy, first of all. Exercise, paint, find new hobbies and activities, put yourself into old ones, whatever. nicotine gum or the patch. I have a hard time with cold turkey. It sounds like you're already weaning yourself, and the other posters have had some very good suggestions.

Like me, I love cheese and pasta and carbs. I haven't been able to give up pasta completely yet, but I've drastically reduced my portions. Instead of regular cheese, I put cottage cheese on things instead. It's really good!!! For starts with portion reduction and small substitutions. Substitute things slowly, and soon most of those bad foods will be out of your life, and you'll hardly miss them. Not saying you won't crave or miss them at all, but it'll pass.

Cravings, pass! You don't have to give into them!!!

I haven't kicked the habit yet, but I'm working on it! You can do it.
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I like all the replies so far! I would add this: How long have you been working at this? I'm guessing not that long. It takes time (lots of it) to make permanent changes in your habits! You are going to occasionally screwup, but you have to be aware of it and own it. Chalk it up to experience. It doesn't mean you've failed the whole process, just get back on track. You might also consider that the Paleo diet isn't exactly right for you. Tweak it with some other healthy items (like whole grains) and see if it helps. You'll find that those cravings will eventually decrease, but it takes time. And you'll find that the junk food doesn't really even taste that good anymore. Plus, I believe that an occasional small indulgence is good for you, just be sure you savor it and don't go all crazy afterwards! Be patient with yourself and keep at it -- it will get easier!!

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Just curious, but why did you choose to eat Paleo style? If it isn't working, then it isn't working. And even if it is great for someone else, it may be awful for you. If you can't stick with it, you need to at least please consider a different way of eating that you can actually stick with and have a chance of success. It sounds to me like you might be better counting calories and eating whole foods and protein and veg and fruit and dairy, just eating lower fat or lower calorie versions and staying away from porcessed food and junk. I hope you don't think Im suggesting any one way is better than any other. The best way of all is what works for YOU.

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My first thought was perhaps your diet is too restrictive? I only say this because you said you had cut down dairy, mainly cheese, but pizza generally has lots of this.

I have gone through a lot of different unhealthy eating patterns, when I found binging to be a problem, and just not being able to stick to my diets even though I loved the foods I was eating-I found what worked for me was to stop saying "I'll do better tomorrow". Why wait until tomorrow?

If I realised I was messing up my diet and I was stuffed but still eating for whatever reason or simply could, I'd walk away from the binge (Instead of thinking I've blown it now I may as well go all out). Or go for a walk or run afterwards, make the rest of the day or night count for something. That way you wake up knowing you did some good things the previous day.

I also found knowing the day was always going to get back on track after a binge to make it easier to not binge. For me, the escapism in them is a massive factor,when I knew that was only going to be for an hour or so, and not a whole day or more, it really helped to make me see there was no point.

I hope this helps a little
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Thanks, everyone. I guess I am being too hard on myself. I just researched (online) a lot of diets, and have found that Paleo appeals to me the most, and appears to be the healthiest diet.

Michou, Paleo diets remove grains because "supposedly" they were not around in the paleolithic period. (I'm Christian, so not sure about that part, but the idea of the diet sounds good to me). The diet is supposed to go back to the very first diet, because they believe that that diet was the healthiest, and that it doesn't lead to diseases like the more modern diet. It's usually just meat, fat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

I also found when I stuck to the diet, the scale would drop, because I would lose all the bloat that I was carrying around, and I would feel lighter.

But, I realize now, I mostly need to get rid of the processed junk. I need to work on that the most, because it's my weakest point. It's just SO hard. Food is everywhere. I can't even watch Television without seeing a stupid fast food advertisement (not that fast food is a problem for me. It's not, because I can't drive, so I carpool, and I only get food with foodstamps, so that helps too, but it gives me bad cravings).

I do have some hobbies, but they aren't things I can do all the time (like writing and singing). I guess, though, that I could focus more time on exercising, being with my husband, playing with my cat, cleaning, and playing some of my video games. I guess I also eat a lot, because I have a hard time managing stress. Sometimes I believe I was born stressed, because I get worked up so easily, and it stays with me for a LONG time. I also have really bad depression episodes, and usually console myself with a food treat after I've worked myself through most of the crying or yelling. I also do that when my husband and I have a fight. We apologize to each other and then share a fatty meal. lol. We are kind of like binge-buddies, I guess ... except he doesn't gain as much as I do.

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I was also doing the whole meat and vegetables, no potatoes though, but have recently added back in the whole grains. Not white bread and flour or anything. Only WHOLE GRAIN noodles, breads, things like that. They have fiber that helps push them through your system. If those are the only ones you eat in addition to the paleo, you should do very well. Just don't overeat and no added salt or sugars. That is what I am doing, and I have lost 3 pounds this week.
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