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Kathy P
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Talking BFC and Constipation

Hi all
I recently started the Belly Fat Cure (almost a week into it) and I am finding myself bloated and constipated. Anyone else experience this and if so, how can I remedy it? Up until now, it has never been a problem. Thanks for all the support and encouragement.
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Good morning Kathy.
I too started BFC this week and so far so good.
I have not read Jorge's book yet but have been following Amber at She takes Benefiber every morning with her coffee and that is what I have been doing too. Plus I have salad every day at lunch and veggies every night at dinner. Basically making sure I get enough fiber. That is the key to staying regular.
Plus I have been drinking water all day. I know that also help a lot with being regular.
Have a great Sunday.
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I am doing low-carb and it sounds like BFC might be a lower carb thing, any whoo what I'm trying to say is that I get constipated too. I have added more water and that helps a bit, but I have also used laxatives. Bennefiber rocks, but I bought the pills that seem to do nothing for me and have been too lazy to return them. I've also noticed that broccoli and spinach seem to help. Excuse my scattered post. lol
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Target brand psyllium husk capsules are great for this! Also, drinking enough water is key.

Also, when I started this plan (March 2010) I tried a bunch of the sugar free candies with maltitol which Jorge says are ok, but maltitol makes me really bloated and uncomfortable so I stopped eating those.

Hope this helps!
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