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Question Dr. Bernsteins diet

I just discovered this site...I have over 100 lbs to lose,and want to lose some as quickly as possible. I have heard that DR. Bernsteins is a good way to do it,as well as a very expensive way to go But ....I AM DESPERATE!!!
Do any of you gracious ladies have any ideas on the Bernstein diet....I need all the help I can get.....THANKS
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I work with an old nurse who worked many years at a Dr. Bernstein centre, she says it works for instant weight loss, but like 90% of people gain every single last pound back and some, when they stop.
I was once thinking about doing it, she said not to.
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If you're interested, someone died once while under so-called supervised weight loss. It's an extremely low calorie diet (about 500 calories a day) where they pump you full of vitamins so you don't realise that your body is likely eating up all your muscle. Honestly, there are no quick fixes that won't simply have you gaining weight back. Like Sherri, I've seen people on it who (mainly) just gain it all back.
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Please reconsider this particular diet....I have had several friends go on it and yes you do get rapid results but anyone who eats 500-600 calories per day will lose don't need a doctor to watch you do it for mega bucks.....and just a foot note....every one of my friends who tried all gained it back just as rapidly and then added on a few extra pounds.....once they tasted good yummy food again they were hooked like a drug addict and they all went down hill from there.......I also have alot of weight to lose and so far doing a low carb with higher fat has been working for me (lost 5 lbs this week) but i like it because i can still have the cream sauce or butter or bacon...and my cravings have gone away.....i just went through a highly stressful event and normally i would have binged my way through it...but not once did i feel that carb calling me.......there is taste and texture and i can live with that....not that all i eat is fat lol.....i just limit my carb servings and for me that works but mabey you like a different approach.....but i would recommend nutri system over dr.bernstein if money isn't the issue....good luck to you ....
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Dr. B is an amazing quick fix but very restrictive. Yes, it's real food but VERY limited quantities and like most of the posts on here, I have yet to meet someone who has kept off the weight....myself included. It's kinda like all those diet add you see where it says in the tiny print "results not typical" well, keeping the weigt off of this diet is not typical. I ended up extremely sick and having to have surgery to have my gallbladder removed. (A very real and common risk on these virtually no fat diets)I like most poeple know that htere is no real quick fix to weight loss. Taking it off isn't so hard as keeping it off is. Dr. B is very expensive. I have just started the Ideal Protein diet....simular to the Bernstein in that it is very restricted but you get lots of protein to prevent muscle loss, costs about half the cost with the same results and I get to have chocolate I would recommend this over Bernstien anyday. Maybe discuss the options with your doctor and take a good look at both programs before making a decision. I completely understand the desire for instant results. I'm back to needing to lose about 90lbs so I really do get it. All the best to you
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Hey! Everyone already seems to have covered all the basis but I just wanted to say I seriously wouldn't even consider this one! It's just a really expensive con to get your money! My aunt did it and barely ate anything and as soon as she stopped she gained it all back. I am doing the 5 factor diet and personally know 2 people who have lost a lot of weight on it and most important KEPT IT OFF!!! (no one of them isn't me - I just started and am not trying to loose all that much) That's with the cheat day. If you want to loose more and faster, just skip the cheat day?

Or consider some of the other diets here like counting calories or something. Just try to find something healthy with results that will LAST!!! Not a quick fix!
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Like Harlee Girl, I am doing Ideal Protein. I love it! I have been on it three weeks and have lost 16 pounds and lot's of inches. I personally can't speak to the 'keeping it off' part, yet... but several people on the IP thread are, and have been, maintaining. I go to a center to get weighed once a week (many on our thread do not) and there are soooo many people I have met that look awesome and are maintaining after losing a LOT of weight. Just wanted to share
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Well, after plenty of considerations and the advice on this forum, I have quit the Dr. Bernstein Diet and I begin Ideal Protein today. Looking forward to having chocolate pudding Thanks for listening.
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