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Default Calcium Pills

It says on the bottle not to take within 2-3 hours of other medication. Wish I had of known that before....

Does Apple Cider Vinegar pills and birth control pills count?

I was thinking the best time to take the calcium pills would be with dinner - since I take my multi vitiam and stuff in the morning. But I take my birth control before bed. I also sometimes take Apple Cider Vinegar pills with my meals simply because I found a big bottle of them (still good) in my cubboard.

I am know it is probably not the end all if I take them with other stuff... but I want to take them right, for me the calcium I take the most seriously (both my grandma's have/had bone problems).
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Check the information on your birth control pills. Calcium and some other minerals interfere with absorption of certain medications. You could also check the website www . drugs . com (type it in without the spaces) and select the "drug interactions" tab. When in doubt, call your pharmacist, and let him/her know about everything you're taking, including the vinegar.
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