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I plan on doing the at home WW wioth out meeting or official WW online, only because of cost reasons. I was on WW with meetings before and got close to my goal weight (was loosing the 60 +pounds I gained with baby #1) then found out I was pregnant. I'm due in 2 weeks and have gain back all my weight. I plan on joining WW in the fall when we have a little more money, but until then, just the books and points calculator. I think this website provides plenty of support (I was here before) and it doesn't drain my wallet!!

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sounds like I have found my support group as well, I have gone on and off ww several times. Like most of you I don't have the time to go t the meetings, so I am doing on my own, I have the books and point calculator. Has anyone checked out Dotti's weight loss zone, she did ww and has points calculated for restaurants, recipes, and many foods.

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Originally Posted by jillfiredup View Post
I lost most of my weight with the method you are using. I initially went to meetings, hated them, and went the online route. I realized after a few months that I really didn't need what I was paying $18 a month for.

I have a few sites that are hugely helpful to me and a wealth of resource. I know we can't post links here, but you can PM me if you need them.

There are even free points calculators online. Say if you have nutritional information for a recipe and need to know the points, you can plug into one of the calculators and it will spit out the points. Of course, you have to be sure the nutritional information is correct to begin with. Just google free weight loss calculator.
I will PM you for the links. Thanks.

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Pardon me if this already exists, but I think those of us who are doing WW at home without meetings should get a weekly chat thread going so we can support each other and get to know each other. I know it helped me a great deal to get support from 3FC when I was losing all that weight a few years ago. I was always in the 100 lb club threads back then, but I don't have that much to lose this time (more like 65) and I really want to get to know other people who are doing WW as well. What do you think?

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I too am doing this at home and need all the support I can get! Yesterday was my first day and I already dipped into my 35 allowance points. UGH!
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I started WW at home yesterday! My mom did WW many years ago and I learned the program from her. I would love to go to the weekly meetings but being a SAHM I am on a tight budget. My husband is doing it with me so that makes it easier. I am doing pretty good so far but I like to snack so I need to go get some rice cakes today to help with the sweet crunch I always seem to crave after dinner!
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Would you guys like to start a weekly weigh-in thread just for those of us who don't go to meetings? That could be our form of accountability since we don't go and weigh in at WW. When I was losing all that weight a few years ago, posting in the weekly weigh-in thread in the 100 lb club was a motivator for me. I'm weighing in on Fridays, and I lost 4 pounds in my first week back on the plan. I was surprised, since I only worked out twice (hard to find time with my toddler clinging to me all day long) and I ate a LOT of points. I decided to start slowly and give myself 35 points a day AND 35 flex points. I don't know how many points I'm technically supposed to get (I'm still nursing, so I know that adds a few), but I don't really care. I'm starting with this many and then reducing when I get the hang of counting again. If I don't lose anything next week, I'll take it down a notch. That's how I did it before -- I just played with my points levels to get the results I wanted.

Anyway, what do you say to a weekly weigh-in thread for us no-meeting chicks? Or should we be in the WW at Home forum?

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. -- St. Francis of Assisi
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wow...i would love to join your wt in group....ive been doing ww at home since feb 14. ive lost 20 pounds but have been at a plateau the last 4 weeks...i haven been following as well as i was....20 points is hard to grasp....
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I'd like to join the group for WW at home too. I'm not doing the meetings or online. So far so good tho!
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i'd like to join the group. i go to weigh in but i don't have time for the meetings and i don't use the etools
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I originally got to goal/lifetime through meetings but after regaining over several years, I decided to lose weight again at home using my old points information which I'd kept. I didn't do the online membership. I went back to a meeting tonight just to check what my weight was on their scales (it was slightly lower than the home scales). I've just started raising points for maintenance in the last week and will continue to track my weigh in weekly at home.
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Here's another "me too", LisaMarie!

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Hey! Me Too! Me Too!

I've been doing WW without meetings for 3 weeks now. I would love to be part of your group. I already love coming here for support and this would be even better. Hi to all!
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Hi, can anyone tell me how to find out how many weight watchers pro points I'm allowed without joining?
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No we can't. We paid for the information. Points change as you lose. There is no longer a formula for it. You can attend just one meeting and get all the information you will need.

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