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Default Sleepy after lunch...

The solution to this could be as simple as eating something differently for lunch, but I thought I would ask anyway.

I am so sleepy after lunch! I have a desk job that keeps me busy, but after I eat lunch, I just want to lay my head down and go to sleep! This is normally when I would have downed a Mountain Dew or hit the vending machine for some chocolate. Any advice?
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How long has it been since you gave up the Dew and chocolate? If it is only in the last week or two your body may just need time to adjust to not having it. If that is the case, it should get better soon, and your body will be much happier when it gets used to running without depending on the caffeine and sugar.

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While I am not on WW, I saw your post and had a couple of ideas, so I'm chiming in...

What are you eating for lunch? My sister is very sensitive to gluton...she just figured out, at age 40, that this has been a problem for her most of her life, but she never linked it to gluton...because it is in A LOT of foods, and she just thought her lower energy in the afternoon was "normal" -- and to some extent it is kind of normal. Most people have a dip in energy in the afternoon...which is why so many countries incorporate siestas into their days. Here in the US, we often mask this natural "dip" with caffeine, sugar, etc -- but when you eat right, you may feel it a little more. However, "sleepiness" after eating is a really strong sign that gluton might be a problem for your system. It might be worth trying a low or no gluton diet for a couple of weeks and see if you feel better.

A second possibility is that you need to ramp up your protein a lot...and evaluate how many carbs are in your lunch. Even "eating right", if you are getting too many carbs and not enough protein, lower energy is very likely shortly after eating. Protein will help regulate your energy level by keeping your blood sugar up -- small high protein snacks will also help with this. There are days that I include two of these in the afternoon to keep my engine primed.

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I am ALWAYS sleepy after lunch no matter what I eat. I remember reading a study somewhere saying that for the majority of people, after lunch is their least productive time of day.

I usually try to get some form of exercise at lunch time and that helps, even if it is a short walk around the building.
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I'm always sleepy after lunch too, even if I don't have any carbs. After dinner, no problem. But lunch kills me sometimes.
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I find it definately depends on what I eat. If I eat something heavy, fried or lots of carbs, I might as well just go home. I'm useless for the rest of the day.

My best days are when I hit the salad bar & eat lots of fresh fruits & veggies for lunch. Also be sure to get a good protein source. Chicken or hard boiled eggs do it for me.

Good luck!
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Maybe your job is boring? Sorry, everyone already took my good advice. I know my job tends to seem boring after lunch so that is when I get sleepy too!
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