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Question points count for real bacon?

nutrition facts for 2 slices
calories 210 raw cooked* 45 calories
fat 20
fiber 0
*data based on frying bacon in electric skillet at 325 degrees for 10 minutes and draining on paper towel.

my question: do I use the raw or cooked to fighure out my points?
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i know what the points counts are, just want to know do i use raw or cooked count to journal
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if you're cooking it, then use cooked
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The reason the cooked points/calories are lower is because of the fat left behind, the point value depends on how much fat you're leaving behind.

If you cook it crisp, and drain it/pat it dry - and are not eating the fat left behind, then use the points for cooked.

However, if you're going to eat the fat too, then even though it's cooked, you'd count the raw calories - or points. (say you're dicing the raw bacon and browning it in a pan and then adding beaten egg to make an omelett or scrambled egg - you'd add the egg calories and the raw bacon calories - or points).

If you like you're bacon less cooked and still "chewy," then you probably should make a guesstimate somewhere between the cooked crisp - and the raw point values.

When I was in WW a few years ago, I asked the leader for the point value for a whole slice of raw bacon because at that time it wasn't in the book, and she said 1 point (because that was what 1 piece of crisp bacon was). She argued with me for several minutes that the point value would be the same as for cooked, and I tried to explain why this couldn't be true. I finally looked up the calorie count and figured it out with my point calculator.

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